Monday, March 29, 2010

Winner of the Bunny Hop

Using the random number generator, Sara is the winner of my journal cover.  Don't ever let people tell you that the first commentor never wins!!!!!!!!  Thanks again to Sandi who got the bunny hopping down the trail.

There are also a couple of other giveaways going on out in Blogland that people should check out.  The first one is the daily giveaway at IHAN.  They are giving away some fabulous prizes for a whole month to celebrate their one year anniversary.

Another one to check out is here.


  1. Congratulations to the winner.
    and big hugs for you Mary
    greetings Dorine

  2. Congrats to sara and thank you for the link to ryan!!

  3. Congratulations to Sara and a big thanks to Sandy for such a clever giveaway!

  4. Congratulations to Sara:-) It's so funny how most people think that being the first commenter lessens the chance of winning a've just proven that wrong!! hehe xoxo