Monday, March 22, 2010


It feels sooooo good.  I am now organized.  I can find what I need .  Mind you, it took me four solid days of hard work to accomploish the task, but it was worth every minute of it. 

Two years ago we made some renovations to our home.  One thing we did was to make one of the bedrooms larger and more handicap friendly.  With my FIL in poor health and my own mom in a wheelchair we felt it was time to make some changes in case they needed to come and stay with us.  The rennovation included a large closet.  I did not want to finish the closet out until we decided what it would be used for when the time came.  To make a long story shorter, I have been using that room as my sewing studio.  The closet remained unfinished and I just kept throwing bags and bins in there and working from there.  Last week the time came to "do something" about the situation.  Cost*co had some great metal shelves on sale and I bought two and started the process of organization.  What a job!!!  However, I now know where my fabrics are located.  It is all color coordinated.  Yeah!    Below are the before (I can't believe I am going to show this) and after pictures.


Sewing is so much more enjoyable now and I am finding that I am spending much less time searching for what I need.  I can't imagine why. 

Adding to the Pinwheel Quiltalong.

A fun pincushion.

A few more siggiy blocks from this week.

We had four of our grandchildren over the weekend while our children got together in Las Vegas to celebrate our eldest son turning 40.  I don't know how we got a child THAT old.  He must have been born 10 or 15 years old.

It was opening day for baseball and the three players had an early roll call at the field.  Please pardon the blurry photo.

Trying to figure out how to solve Rub*iks Cube on the internet.

Some sad news here.  I am sure many of you recall me telling you about Holland breaking her neck.  Her husband, Bill, passed away last week and the funeral was on Saturday.  It is amazing how little you really know someone until you hear people who have known them throughout the years speak so fondly of them.  He was an inventor with several patents.  One was for Hot Stuff adhesive.  He was a hyperactive kid who hated school and went on to have a very successful life full of travel and friends.  As someone said, he could make friends with the sample handout people at Cost*co.  Bill went on many missionary trips with his church over the years working with the underprivledged.  He was simply one of the "good guys" as his line of bumper stickers suggests.

Yesterday brought the return of our orioles.  It is always such a thrill to see them return to the feeders.  I wish they were able to tell us about their winter journey as I am certain it would be fascinating.  I guess spring has really arrived now.

It's not that I need anymore fabric but you should  check out Judi's blog for a wonderful giveaway.  It's more fabric.  Where would I put it?????

Please be sure to check back on Thursday for the start of Good Eggs Giveaway  hosted by Sandi.


  1. WOW...what a transformation in your sewing space!!! I am trying to get mine tamed a bit before I leave for the Lancaster AQS quilt show on Wednesday.

  2. Wow! I'm impressed and I wish I would organize here!

    My oldest child will be 40 in August. It seems impossible since I still feel like a girl myself....well, a girl with achy joints!

  3. Oh my gosh your sewing room is's like a quilt shop. Can I go shopping for fabric in there?
    So sorry to hear about Holland's husband. Not sure how much more one family can bear. I'll keep them in my prayers.

  4. Your newly organized closet looks great! Sorry to hear about your friend.

  5. That is incredible!! Congratulations to you - a pat on the back for sure :)

    I'm sorry about your friend also - passing is such a difficult ordeal :(

  6. Love how you tackled that sewing closet. It is fantastic! I am praying for your friend.

  7. Wow!~ Love your organization! maybe I need some of those shelves. LOL ;-) Love your owl too! So sorry to read abt Holland's DH. Looks like fun times with the grands! :-)

  8. I'm so happy you shared the befores. It's makes me like you even more.

    I'm getting ready to share some before pictures that make me cringe too. I am almost done with a closet makeover myself.

    I love how the boys are really focused on solving that darn cube!! My 21yr old nephew can solve it in under a minute! We have it on video - it's amazing.

  9. It's amazing how quickly that fabric piles up, huh? You did a great job organizing and I bet you decided you have enough fabric! That's what happens when I try to organize my fabric!

  10. Oh my goodness...can I come over...I love love your closet....what a great job and I know you are sooo enjoying it.

    Love seeing your grandkids too and all your fun projects!!

  11. Your newly organised sewing room looks fab! The shelving system is great and so wonderful to a have a space for sewing. (My tiny spare bedroom looked just like your "before" photo but full of knitting wool - I couldn't see the bed for all the bags piled up on it! I made a start recently reorganising into another room but enthusiasm soon dwindled - I'm going to get back to it with renewed interest after seeing your pictures). Best regards Julia

  12. Woweee!!!
    Kudos to you! You must feel so accomplished is right!
    i love it! Nothing like a good tackle completed to give you that GREAT Feeling!
    so sorry to hear about your friend! I will be praying for them!

  13. Oh how wonderful your closet looks now! And colour co-ordinated too! My fabric is in one place, but I lost the will to live after packing the shelves,and didn't think re colour co-ordinating, so it ends up a huge mess all the time. Groan. It is on the "to do" list for some day.
    In the meantime, I am hand quilting David's 21st birthday quilt. I have a week and a half left. so I should get up and walk away from the computer, of course. That would help.
    So sad to hear re Holland's husband.

  14. What a great transformation of your fabrics and what a nice stash too.Well done Mary.

    Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend. Yes we do always learn something beautiful about folk at their funerals.

  15. First I am so sorry to hear of your friends death, how very sad.
    I bet it was great having the kids with you, it looks dark out as they eat their breakfast.
    NOW, what a wonderful job on your fabirc, you have enough to open a store!! and I bet it feels super to go and find what you want, of find things you forgot you bought! Great job!!

  16. Your organizational skills are impressive! That must feel so good.

    I am sorry to hear about Holland's husband - how is she doing? I play the organ for so many funerals and I always wish that the person who died could be there to hear all the wonderful things that people say about them. I always wish I'd known them better.

  17. So sorry to hear about Bill. Sounds like an amazing guy.
    You are a brave woman, brave to show your mess and brave to conquer it.

  18. wow, your storage looks fantastic!! I would love to work there too.

  19. Wow, how fantastic. I noticed that you had a pineapple log cabin at the back of the closet. It looks great, maybe because it is my favorite quilting block...
    Your owl pin cushion is really cute too.

  20. Wow... your organized closet looks great..this space looks about the size of a did a super job and have to be proud of yourself.I wish I had the talent to quilt and sew..I admire people who can do these tasks..

    Have a good week..sorry about your friend ... we do not spend enough time with our friends and life is too short..

    Hugs, Baba

  21. Great blog!!
    If you like, come back and visit mine:
    Pablo from Argentina

  22. What a great makeover, you did a wonderful job! I'm drooling over all the fabric. :0)

  23. Nice job on the organization!!
    When can you come do mine??
    Sorry to hear your friends DH passed away, sending prayers!

  24. Congratulations on getting organised...when shall I expect you here to tidy mine up now? lol I absolutely love that owl cute to hoot. Hugs Naomi

  25. Without the "before" picture we might have thought you were only kidding about the mess. The "after" pictures are great, just the way I like my fabric too.

  26. Mary, I have been away for awhile. It was good to come back to see what you have been doing. Organizing is my goal for this spring! You did wonderful! Love the grandchildren, they are so cute!

  27. You did an awesome job on the craft room! Now you can spend less time looking for things and more time sewing!!