Sunday, February 28, 2010

............................February Schnibbles

Today is the last day of February.  Do you know what that means?  Tomorrow is the Parade of Schnibbles.  Yeah!!!!  I always love seeing all of the different looks that can be acquired from quilters using the same pattern, but different fabrics.  My choice for this month's Schnibble is Nature's Notebook, an April Cornell fabric.  I haven't done the quilting yet as I am thinking that those open areas are calling for some special design.  I will have to decide what I am going to do with it before I tackle it.

Sunday Best Schnibble pattern.

Friday was my dear mother's 87th birthday.  We celebrated by going out for dinner and then back to her house for birthday cake.  My siblings and their spouses all went as well so it was a fabulous evening of laughter and good times.  This was a much better birthday for her than last years when she was in and out of the hospital with a septic hip.  We keep calling her our "Energiz*er Bunny" with the way she keeps on going with never a complaint.  What an inspiration she has been to all of us.   Unfortunately, I left my camera at her house with the pictures on it so will just share her birthday postcard I made her.

We have enjoyed yet more beneficial rain in our area and everything is really starting to pop out in the garden.  We are able to enjoy fresh citrus most of the year, but this time of the year sees some of my favorite - the blood oranges and the tangerines.  Even the tortoises have made an appearance this past week, out from their winter hibernation.

Please join me for a little stroll around the yard.

Moisture ladden spider webs everywhere.

In the Red Maple....

On the ground.

Citrus trees covered with fruit.

Stone fruit bursting with blossoms.

Blood oranges ready to be picked.

Valencia oranges - full of juice.

Blood oranges - so red and juicy too.

California Iris


Raphiolepsis, ready to pop.

Lavender blooming in the pots.

Enjoy your week ahead.


  1. That is a very pretty top in blues and yellows.
    A very Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!
    Hope she continues in good health!
    Oh my I do want to be in your garden!!!
    They have the S in out Wed forecast yet again!

  2. I'm glad your mom had such a happy birthday celebration this year. I can recall last year when she was so seriously ill. Love the photos from your yard....and the fruit is making me drool. Can you believe I have never had a blood orange? (I have heard they are wonderful.)

  3. What a cute Schnibble! Love the fresh look to it! And happy b-day to your Mom too! I love your yard and all the fruit trees!~ yum! :-)

  4. Beautiful work and I love the spider web pictures. The tour was nice since we are under many feet of snow.

  5. First a very happy birthday to you Mom. You are so lucky she is still with you.
    I love your quilt, it is so soft and pretty. Also, love your pictures, the spider web is amazing and the fruit. I live in the wrong state!

  6. hey, we did do our schnibbles in the same color! yours is darling. i like your white background color!!!

  7. Beautiful quilt! Love the colors!
    Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    Wow all that blooming already!

  8. Okay, that does it - I'm coming for a visit!

    The oranges look glorious - but I have to admit I don't like the name of the red ones!

    It snowed a bit again last night, but I know that spring will arrive - March is typically our wetting month, and I don't mean March showers!

  9. The schnibble looks great. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it. Your garden is fabulous. I would so love some of that fresh citris.

  10. Lovely Schnibbles and the nature pictures are so pretty! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Happy birthday to your mom.
    I sure did enjoy the tour of your yard. The tour in my yard would only be one color LOTS OF WHITE and more added today. BLAH>

  12. I love your Schnibbles! Beautiful colors!

  13. Wonderful garden scenes! Thank you for sharing - I don't think I've ever tasted a blood orange before.

  14. wow! never seen such colored oranges! they look yummy!

    Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

    beautiful quilt!
    the spider web looks amazing! looks warm there...

  15. Great job on your Schnibbles! I love your lavender. I think it's my all-time favorite plant. Kind of picky about growing conditions though.

  16. oranges and flowers and a quilt too! beautiful stuff!!!!

  17. Happy Birthday to your Mom !!
    Your Schnibble is just gorgeous!
    I enjoyed all the photo's esp the oranges on the tree ,I have never seen that !!!

  18. Happy, happy birthday to your Mom! I so remember last year and all that she was going through, so glad this year has been better!

    Have never seen blood oranges before. Do they taste like the regular oranges? The juice would be pretty in punch. Aall your fruit trees look wonderful, makes me yearn for summer and fresh fruit! We don't have any snow to speak of but there is nary a bud peeking out anywhere yet.

    The spider web pictures are spectacular and all of the flowers. The sun did come out here this afternoon and it did us all good even though it's still fairly cold.

    Your quilt is beautiful! What size is it? Have you decided on a pattern yet to quilt it? I'm still hemming and hawwing over the Jan*ome embroidery machine......Wish it was closer, over an hour seems so far to go for the lessons especially when it's all secondary roads.

    DIL and I spent three hours today in the furniture store picking out things for the cottage. There is so much more to do as far as the paper work goes but at least that much is done and I have all of the prices to put in tomorrow to the adjuster.

    Glad to hear that your babies are out of hibernation! My little raccoon family is too, Mom and the four babies, coming to the back door each night for some supper!

    Can you believe we are going to Prague?! Have you been there? I wonder how long a flight it is from here??? Yikes! xoxoxoxo

  19. I had never seen blood oranges before you posted the pictures. Somehow I associate the word orange with the flavor orange so red would seem strange.

    I can't wait to see some blooms in my yard. First the rest of the snow has to melt, LOL.

  20. Good afternoon, your mom sounds like my mom who is 88 years mom never gets tired and never takes a nap during the daytime, even if she wakes up at 4 am...I have less energy than my mom..but she has never worked outside of the mom lives alone, drives her car and hand washes her clothes..she can outwork me in the house anytime..I don't enjoy housework like she does.. Thanks for your visit to my place today..
    Hugs, Baba

  21. Schnibbles...I'm going to learn yet all the quilting lingo! lol It looks beautiful but then everything you make is beautiful:-)

    Happy belated Birthday to your dear mom, I'm so glad she was able to celebrate it with all of you. I remember last year when she was having so many problems with her hip:-( She sounds like an amazing person and always being on the go is what probably keeps her young:-) Love the fabric birthday postcard you made for her.

    Eeeek, spider webs...just keep them away from me! lol I'm petrified of spiders so if I see a web I know a spider isn't very far. I can appreciate how beautiful the webs are, though:-) I love Valencia oranges, those are the ones I buy all the time. I have never seen or heard of Blood Oranges, how fascinating!! I can't get over all the flowers you have in bloom...I won't even see a Spring flower until at least May. Until then I'll just have to enjoy yours:-) xoxo

  22. Your Snibbles quilt is beautiful! And your spider webs, wow isn't it wonderful how the spider can make those beautiful designs! Love the oranges, too, of course! I will be so glad to see fresh oranges in the stores.
    Most of all, happy birthday to your darling Mom!

  23. Ooo, that garden... I love the spider webs and the California Iris.

  24. I have to say that i love your spiderwebs too, and all of your pics. Love your work!

  25. Hi! I changed the e-mail in my edit profile, is that what you meant? TEST

  26. Beautiful work. I love all the pictures.

  27. your uilt is amazing like always!
    and the spring pictures are beatiful!
    thanks for the nice comment on my blog- it feels good to have some nice blog friends around

    so take care and thanks for the comment


  28. What a beautiful walk through your garden. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like the colors you chose for your Schnibble. Very pretty.

  29. No, did the garden open day just the once.

  30. Wow. Am I this late in wishing your Mom a happy birthday? I absolutely love all of your pics. I have never saw Blood oranges. But your quilt is beautiful. I am trying to catch up reading blogs. I am way behind.



  32. Like you, life is busy here. Our daughter is visiting for the week and we've done lots of work and had plenty of fun :)
    I'm always in awe of all you fit in! Your creations are so beautiful. Always love to see your beautiful family and the fun activities.
    Yes, life is good!!
    We have a glorious 70º here today and marvelous sunshine. Spring has sprung!
    Happy spring to you :)

  33. Oh those peaches look so yummy! I wish i was there! :))