Monday, February 22, 2010

...........Snow Vacation

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers for Holland and her husband.  Things have definitely improved for them.  Holland is now home from the hospital and doing pretty well.  She does have a large brace that she must wear for eight weeks which severely limits her movements, but there appears to be no permanent damage.

They also now have some help at home which is something that Holland badly needed even before the terrible fall.  She is such an incredibly strong woman and was so hesitant to acknowledge that she needed any help at all.  Hospice has been called in and has proven invaluable in assiting her in the needs of her husband, both physically and emotionally.

Meanwhile, I looked at my blog and realized it has been awhile since I last posted.  Trust me, I have not been lounging on the sofa eating chocolates all this time.  However, that does sound like a great idea since the Olympics are on so much of the day.

The sewing room has seen a lot of activity which always makes me happy.  Most of the work has been filling embroidery logo orders for the local pony club, but I did manage to assemble two quilting projects.  One is for this month's Schnibble project (which I haven't photographed yet) and the other was for a Valentine's table topper.  The hand embroidered heart blocks were from a design at Kviltstina earlier this month.

Last Thursday we took off with our whole family for our annual trip to the snow.  We love the area that we visit as it is quite family oriented with skiing as well as sledding for the younger ones.  The weather was perfect and there was lots of snow for everyone to enjoy.  We rent three condominiums in the same building and everyone shares the meals so the workload is light.  Evenings are filled with games and just "hanging out" with the family.  Memories are made each year and it is always so much fun to have everyone together for four days.

We've experienced some not so good memories over the years as well.  There was one year when one son broke both ankles on a ski jump.  Another year there was a split chin from sledding and then there was the year that our son broke his back and was transported by plane back to Santa Barbara for back surgery.  The good memories far outweigh the bad which is a blessing. 

I know that many of you would probably prefer to NOT see any snow pictures, but we enjoy being able to "visit" the snow and then return home to our warmer temperatures.  You can just pass through the photos if you have had your fill of the white stuff.

The sledders!!

The chair lift up to join the skiers for lunch at the lodge.

The skiers!!!

The view from the top of the lift.  The large flat white area is a frozen lake and our condos are right behind the lake.

The guys played poker in the evenings.

A little Pictureka game.

Popcorn and a movie for some.

Mah Jongg for the gals.

I thought I'd like to buy this house that was for sale.  Let's see....if I win ten lotteries I may be able to do it as it is up for sale for $20 million.  It is right next door to the condos that we rent so I figured it would be the perfect location.  We should all fit in the 16,000 square feet.  What do you think?  Maybe I can turn it into a B&B.

It is hard to imagine that it will soon be March..  I am sure that the onset of spring is good news to so many of you.  I just hope that all of this snow will not now cause flooding issues across the country.  I am looking forward to the orioles returning and the emergence of the spring bulbs.  How about you?


  1. Looks like a fun annual event and I didn't mind seeing the snow photos in that context. LOL And....ummmmm...when you win the lottery (a few times) and buy that $20 million house, are you going to have a big quilting retreat once a year, too? (I'm sure you ARE, right? And all your blogging friends will be invited!!!)

  2. The snow is always pretty to look at... I'm glad you had a nice time. I agree about the flooding, I fear ND is going to get hit again and elsewhere too.

  3. Now that looked like a fun time!!
    I love family holidays, we do it every year too.
    Enjoyed your pictures,but that house..... a tad over my budget ! LOL!
    Glad your back,

  4. I'm looking forward to almost anything that isn't snow! Your gathering looks like so much fun, and full of wonderful memories.

  5. I Love the snow pictures. I would not mind a litte more even though I also look forward to spring too. Looks like you all had a great family time. Love your heart table topper. It is beautiful. I am so glad that Holland and her husband are home and doing better and have some help. I am still praying for them.

  6. What a fun time you have each year - I would enjoy being in the condo by the fire, reading a good book or three!

    Hospice is such a wonderful organization. I'm thankful they are there for your friends.

    As for spring - I am ready now.

  7. Good heavens - is that one house? I thought it was a village!I agree that a quilting retreat would be a wonderful idea, so let's hope the lottery does its bit. Have you read Jennifer Chiaverini's books?
    It is great to see the photos of all the family having fun together, and great too that there were no disasters this time!

    I love the Valentine table topper you made - it is beautiful. I ahve nio idea where you find the time to be so creative!

  8. so good to see you back in blogland. and how did you get that picture of my $20 million dollar house? I really only have it for sale to get some attention on it. lol Your trip looks lovely. Have you been to Lake Tahoe? My husband's family lives about an hour south of Lake Tahoe, everytime we visit them we plan a day for Tahoe. I love it there.

  9. Love the Valentine quilt! Glad you had a break - it sounds well deserved. I mutter and complain about the snow, but I'd miss it if it wasn't there!

  10. Thank you for the visit! What lovely pictures! I am so ready for Spring! My husband is a hospice nurse and I think they can offer wonderful assistance in such stressful and trying times. I am glad help was obtained for your friends.

  11. Wow that is quite the house! :-o I like Pt's idea. LOL Cute table topper!

  12. So wonderful to hear that Holland is now home and doing much better. I don't envy her the brace but at least it's only for 8 weeks!!

    Oh how gorgeous your Valentine table topper is, I absolutely love it!! You, my friend, never cease to amaze me with your many talents:-)

    Now how fabulous was that snow trip you and your family went on? I love it when families can enjoy the winter sports like that. I've never skied but I sure would have enjoyed the sledding! lol Good to hear there were no broken bones or split chins this time around!!! Ouch! Breathtaking pictures of the view.

    Oh wow, it sure wouldn't be cheap to live there! Makes me wish I was a millionaire but since I'm not, I'll just envy the people who can afford it! lol

    It's 24F as I type this so as you can see, winter is still hanging on to us.

    As for your question regarding skating and biking, if it's something you never forget how to do it...well, I think I'd rather try biking than skating again after all these years! lol You're probably right, though, no doubt it wouldn't take long to remember how. xoxo

  13. Well yes I have had enugh snow but I still enjoyed your photo's especially those of your lovely family....what fun to be able to all stay together and as you say the good memories will out number the bad ones!

  14. I am really tired of looking at white,but your family photos are so much fun to look at.
    Prayers for Holland and her hubby. I am so glad that she got some help.
    Thanks for sharing your family trip with us.

  15. I am so glad to hear that Holland is doing better. The pics are great.

  16. Oh what fun!! So nice to be able to spend time with all the kids in that way!
    I have fond memories of ski trips with my babes too.
    Yeah nice the lotto!! Haha!
    Pretty table the colors!

  17. The good news regarding Holland is very welcome. So glad to hear she is improving. Love your Valentine's quilt! And I find your family gatherings in the snow and mountains very interesting. Here in the south we tend to gather on the lake or river banks and don't usually have the kind of difficulties you described with the skiing. Wherever they are held, family gatherings just can't be beaten!


  18. I know you all had a great time, and I am glad it all went well. It is so good to hear that Holland is doing better and is not permanently damaged by her fall. Prayers still going up for her and her husband.

  19. So nice to hear the report that Holland is doing better. Your quilt is beautiful. I welcome the snow pictures since we don't have snow where we are. We were actually in shorts the other day here in southeast Texas.

  20. Thanks so much for stopping by my little ole' blog.
    Yes, for some reason certain numbers Have affected me over the years...29 was a bad one for me, but now as I look back...I wonder why!! Smile.
    Hope your day is going great. Loved your snow pictures. Go ahead and buy that house..Bed and Breakfast is a great idea..Now where to get the money? Hm!!

  21. What fun family memories. I love winter so seeing your pictures is a happy thing. Your Valentine quilt is darling. I've wanted to make Stina's hearts.

  22. What a great post, Mary.
    Love the Valetine quilt. I downloaded the hearts but got no further.
    Snow pictures are lovely. We had 42deg Celcius today.
    You have such a wonderful family and looks like you all had so much fun this time. No accidents.
    I love to play Mah Jongg too but do not do the scoring.

  23. The pictures of your trip are so nice. That is such a wonderful family tradition and will make for many happy memeories. I wish my whole gang would go somewhere else other then Disney as there is no sitting around in the evening playing games or just chilling, they have to be on the go all the time.

    So glad that your friend is home and doing better. Also that she got some help with her husband and all. Sometimes we gals think we should be able to do it all don't we?

    It's raining here today. If this had been snow we would have been snowed under but it's darned ole rain. It has made things easier at the lake though so I should be thankful. Can you imagine trying to do all of that stuff in three feet of snow?!

    Just got back from JoAnn Fabric, all the gift cards were burning a hole in my pocket. I got T some scrapbooking stuff for her birthday, her own sewing box and then I bought things to go in it and some fabric for a couple of table toppers. Went through 5 gift cards! ha!

    Again, I am so glad you had such a good time on your trip!!!! xoxoxox

  24. Good Morning and thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked how I quilted my Sunday Best. I took it over to the long arm and just did a meander all over.
    Hope you have a great day.

  25. What a wonderful snow vaction you seem to have had... love it...::o)
    And wow... I am so in Love with what you did of the the Valentine hearts... The table topper is so fantastic.. Love how the hearts seem to be spread all over the quilt.. fantastic job!!! :o) Hope you let me show it on my blog!!!?

  26. Perhaps we could each go in half for that $$ purchase; it's only be $10 mil each!

  27. I loved seeing your pics and you all look snug and happy together. What a fun time you all are having!

  28. It seems I have been saying WOW! a lot lately, but those pictures brought that word to mind. Then the $20 million house just made me in gasping! Who can do that? So glad you had fun and glad you're back!

  29. Oh, that looks like great family fun. That is wonderful that you all could be together.

  30. I think the pictures are beautiful! I have to tell you too that I ADORE that Valentines table, so pretty......

  31. I love enlarging your pictures and seeing your family.

    I am assuming that the 'sledders' are your family. Amazing. Must take sometime gathering everyone together.

    Your Californian Iris we call Ceonothus (it's botanical name), or Californian Lilac.

    Brilliant card you made for your Mothers birthday. At 87 she must be very proud to look upon her large family.

    Thanks for the tour of your yard. I am sure oranges straight from the tree taste much better than the ones we get tht have travelled thousands of miles.