Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Little Getaway

When I look at the date for my last blog entry I am amazed at how quickly the time has passed.  It's not like I haven't been doing anything, but it still surprises me.

For all of you who have been buried under feet of snow and bitter cold weather, my heart goes out to you.  The only advantage I can see to it is that it has allowed many of you time locked up inside with time to sew or be productive.  Let's hope you have kept your power!

In California, we have had productive rains which is very good for us.  We are currently at 124% of our average rainfall which is just what we needed after our years long drought.  A few more really good storms would be a welcome sight, but we are in for a stretch of drying out right now.

I always love the rainbows after the storms.


So.....what have I been up to the last few weeks? 

A little gardening.....mostly weeding after the rains, but some fun picking too.  The Birds of Paradise and Lavendar always make a pretty arrangement.

A couple of days of babysitting grandsons.  They loved a trip to the park to play and feed the ever hungry ducks. 


Jury duty, of which I have no photos.  I did not get selected, thankfully!

A nice trip to Florida - pleasure for me and business for my DH.  I always enjoy meeting up with fellow blogger, Midlife Mom, during this yearly trip.  We find ourselves chatting away for several days and catching up on everything under the sun.  Unfortunately, MM caught some sort of bug the second day and we did not get our yearly fix.  The poor thing was feeling just terrible and missed out on all of the fun things there are to do where we stay.  Her very sweet hubby brought me a PIF gift from her sickbed.  It was a Moda Butterfly Garden Jelly Roll.  I signed up for the Jelly Roll Quilt Along and am looking forward to having a grand time creating a wonderful autumn colored quilt with it.

These are some of the pictures from the resort.  Hopefully, it will make some of you "feel" a little warmer.

The partial view from our room.

The fishing village where everyone shops.

The marina.

There were some REALLY nice vessels docked.

We did not see any of these for real!!!

I loved the cute mailboxes.......

This is the local Humane Society mailbox.

The flowers are always gorgeous growing on trees and out of rocks.

Sunrise on the last morning.   This is for you, L, since you left the hotel looooong before sunrise.  I loved watching the sun come up each morning on our patio.  Watching the sun rise over the Atlantic and set over the Pacific on the same day----what a world we live in!!!!!!

Lastly, another Siggy arrived in my mailbox this week.  I love the hand stitched little doll in the center.


Anonymous said...

I did enjoy the photos of your time in Florida. Love it there. Went to Clearwater for years then switched to Destin since it is shorter distance from our home. Only been on the Atlantic side at North Carolina and Mass. I love your quilts. Blessings

G'G'ma said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Florida. And here we are back in snowy MI after our trip to AZ! Twelve inches of the white stuff fell yesterday and last night. Sure do feel for all the folks east of us though.

Pat said...

Thanks for the warm-weather photos......we have had one of the worst winters in nearly 100 years here...and I hope not to see another one like it. We even lost power at one point for 18 hours and some buildings have had roofs collapse (luckily, NOBODY hurt).

call me crazy said...

What great Florida photo's!~ love the mailboxes too! :-) Welcome home! :-)

Mindyleigh said...

Remind me why I live in Alaska again? Sigh. :)

I have a new blog, by the way! Check my profile. Love you!

Dawn said...

I am so sad that you and MM missed your good times - the poor thing - there's nothing worse than being sick away from home.

Beautiful pictures!

Tania said...

There's a wild storm brewing after a forever of hot hot weather and all I can think is that a 124% of average rainfall would be the absolute cat's pyjamas!

Maria said...

Lovely photos of your HOLS. The letter boxes are just gorgeous.

What a lovely PIF. Will look at your button re the Jellyroll Quilt.

You are right Mary ducks are ALWAYS hungery but the boys enjoyed feeding them.

tango's trash & treasures said...

So glad you enjoyed your pleasure trip, but bummer your friend got sick.
Cute grandsons!! Love all the pictures!!

Midlife Mom said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I forgot to put in the one of you and me! Maybe I will go back and edit and put it in. We watched the sunrise a few of the mornings too and it was just beautiful. We had a pretty good view but not as nice as your building has. I could watch the boat races on Sunday morning though! ha! That intrigues R and he could get right into it. I'd like to throw that Blackberry right into the ocean at times but it kept him busy the six hours we were in Philly airport.

Your flowers are just GORGEOUS! They look like the ones I sent my Mom from Hawaii when we were there.

Miss T spent the night last night, she is my little sidekick. We were going to do some cooking but I had eaten most of the peanut butter chips that we needed for the recipe we wanted to make...........I will never learn will I?

Well I'm glad we got what time we did in OR but it's never enough. I wanted to take you down to the cat rescue as you would love how it is all set up inside. The cats have the run of the place and aren't in cages.

Still queasy today. Maybe the housekeeper was right...............

Take care dear friend, it sure was good seeing you!!! xoxoxox

Midlife Mom said...

PS I went back and put it in!

Sharon said...

I truly enjoyed the photos and it did make me feel warmer. LOL
I sure hope that MM is ok now.
Your sunsets are just gorgeous as we have not had any in these parts for weeks now.
I can not wait for warm weather.

Regena@QuiltnQuiltthings said...

Love the pic of the flowers and nice warmer California. Soon it will be spring here yea.
Thanks for coming by my blog.

Micki said...

What gorgeous pics..Florida is wonderful!

Notjustnat said...

Glad you had lovely break in FL. Nice pics to shar with us. We have been there and was that Key West you mentioned sunrise and sunset? What handsome DGSs you've got. They would for use love the out door - Have a great Valentine's weekend - Hugs Nat

Valerie said...

Oh I just loved seeing all your pictures. That sunrise is unreal. Welcome home!!!

Zlaty said...

Thank you for posting the warm sunny pictures of CA and FL. You had a great get away! Send some sun our way to melt the snow faster!
I love your flowers and especially the birds of Paradise! I haven't seen the fresh flowers.
The hand stitched block is pretty!

Happy sewing!

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Looks like you had a great week !
Cute boys you have there !!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures. I "feel" the warmth!
Love the mailboxes and the flowers in the rocks. Glad you had a nice time but sorry your friend could not join.

Beth said...

These illustrations are absolutely amazing! It was nice going through your blog.

Alice Grace said...

I agree with everyone else, the pictures are great, especially your flowers! I am so glad you and MM had a getaway together, sorry about her being sick tho.
It seems our cold weather here is lasting forever! I can't wait for spring!

palmtreefanatic said...

love love love the pics! definitely better to look at these then to look out my window! ha!
supposedly another snow storm could be headed our way? it is crazy here!

So happy you at least got a little visit in with Midlife mom! Sad she caught a bug of something!

The flowers are gorgeous!

PEA said...

I'm so glad that you and Midlife Mom got to get together again but what a shame she fell ill. So wish I could have joined you!! I loved seeing your pictures and that sunrise is just gorgeous. My mom spent all her winters in Sebring, FL for 16 years, is that anywhere near where you were? Those mailboxes are so delightful!!

It's no wonder your grandsons love going to the park, look at all those ducks! We always buy a bag of wild bird seeds when we go feed them in Niagara Falls:-) I can sit there for hours just watching them.

Glad you're home safe and sound:-) xoxo