Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun and Old Friends

It was a perfect weekend for a spontaneous, fun pizza party with "old" friends. Yes, we may all be considered old as far as age goes, but these are old friends in that we go back many years in our friendships.

We met through raising children together and have remained friends throughout the years. It is seldom that you find yourself in a situation these days where between the four couples we have been married over 163 years. In fact, my husband and I have the fewest years with only thirty nine. There have been children and health issues through the years and yet the strength of the marriages has held up well.

We made it a very easy dinner with bruschetta, homemade pizzas, salad and cheesecake. The pizza parties are always fun because everyone gets involved in making them. The choices for toppings vary tremendously from one person to the next and there are always many laughs and bragging on whose pizza tastes the best.

Preparation is crucial and fun. There is definitely a technique to getting the dough to slide off the peel into the wood burning oven.

Hubby tending the fire.

Whose is best???

Enjoying the food.

I have also been working a bit in my "playroom" this week. I have been making burp cloths for a baby shower for my daughter. These are made out of flannel with embroidered sayings on the back side. I am sure they will be put to good use in another month and a half. Everyone is so excited for the big day and it is such fun not knowing what sex the baby will be.

#4 son, DIL and grandson were down for the weekend and we enjoyed their visit. The baby is getting so big and has definitely found his voice.

The only down side of the weekend was that the water heater went out. We are fortunate enough to have installed a tankless water heater in our new addition last year so we did have warm water for showers in one bathroom. It was just a little inconvenient to have laundry and dishes to do and no hot water. Amazingly, once I called for repairs, the young man was here within a half an hour. Yeah!

Since we will be having friends come in from England this week I will be away from the computer for a while. I may get a chance to check some blogs, but I do not anticipate a lot of time. We will be enjoying some more "old" friends.

I hope that everyone will enjoy the last days of summer and look forward to the upcoming fall season.


  1. Awww now that looks like a fun get together!!

  2. Old friends are indeed "gold" Your pizza party is a fabulous idea for a nice relaxed gathering. It all looks yummy :)
    Once again, you have showcased another of your talents! Those burp cloths are the cutest I've seen. I laughed at the cute little sayings on each one. This is a true labor of love for your daughter (and grandbaby)
    Enjoy your visit with friends. We're roasting here today. Hope it's not quite so hot in your area?

  3. Hi,

    I'm just visiting from Crafty Passions and liked your name, so I thought I'd pay a visit. I'll come again; you have an interesting blog.

    Come visit me.

  4. Hi Mary -

    Those burp clothes are too cute! What a clever friend I have, if I do say so myself! ;-)

    Your pizza party with "old" friends sounds like so much fun. 163 years of marriage between all of you? That has to be some kind of record! And what a great idea, to let everyone add what they like best.

    Enjoy your English friends, and I'll be in touch when we get back from Alaska.

    Be well and happy.

  5. The burp cloths are too cute! What a lovely idea to embroider things on them too.
    I am a great fan of so it yourself entertaining - that is why we have raclettes in winter! Great idea to make pizzas, and what a super oven!
    Have fun with your friends!

  6. Great pictures, great memories, old friends, life looks very good indeed.

  7. What a fun pizza party! What cool sayings on the burp rags! And what a sweet baby!

  8. How wonderful that you have such a lovely group of friends to do these types of things with:-) I used to get together with old friends like that but in the last few years some have passed away, some have moved away and some have divorced! The pizza looks so yummy and I just love your wood oven to bake them in!!

    Your burp cloths are just gorgeous, how wonderfully talented you are!! We're both expecting a new grandbaby and yes, it is fun knowing what the sex is!! Unfortunately, I'm not good at sewing or anything like that so I won't be making anything handmade for the baby! lol

    Your little grandson is so darling:-) I just love them at that age!!

    Enjoy your visit with your friends from England! xoxo

  9. I've made burp pads before,but yours are adorable!!
    Love the pizza oven!

  10. That sounds like so much fun!

    Adorable burp cloths! Did you embroider the sayings?

    Well, I learned from you that we are opposites in one way - I really detested any science class in school - avoided them like the plague! I loved Literature, writing, algebra, music the best.

  11. What a fun time you all had! The pizzas look great! Bruchetti one of my favorites, also! Your grandson is a doll.

  12. what a lovely time together!!!

    love the burp cloths!!!! totally cute!

  13. Friends are the best arent they ?!!

    Those burp cloths are so cute, you did a great job :)

  14. thanks for the post on my blog :-)
    i have decided for myself that i don't like hurricanes too, too much. :-) i have to say though: the days before the storm were much more stressful that the storm itself.
    ps: i love those little burp clothes. they are too cute! i love "2 a.m. party my crib"

  15. Hi Mary, This is my first time to come and visit you..we are both RN's with you taking care of moms in labor and I took care of the babies...I loved my babies and have met some wonderful families over the years.I have been retired for over four years.I plan on visiting you often and getting to know you better.

    Good friends are special to me.I treasure mine and we get together and do fun things.Thanks for sharing your family and friends with us.Your grandson is so cute and grands keep us young...

    I will be back later to visit ..
    Hugs, Baba

  16. Those burp cloths are so adorable! I too love the sayings on them, especially the one of being behind bars for 9 months!
    Your pizza oven is to die for. What fun! Son and DIL may put one out by their pool so I must show them a picture of yours.
    We are still reeling over the loss of Buddy. I haven't left the house since but am going to make myself go out today. We have so many wonderful memories of him and I'm glad I took so many pictures over the years.

  17. You have won an award! Go to my blog and pick it up!

  18. You have won an award! Go to my blog and pick it up!