Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And Hatching Continues

The hatching continues. At this time in posting, we now have two completely out of the shell and another one who just pipped this afternoon.

This is the progress after forty eight hours. We can now see the darling face, one forward arm and one hind leg. Notice the yellow yolk sac is still visible.

Next twenty four hours - yolk is now mostly absorbed and the baby walks away from the shell. Remains of the yolk sac can be seen on the lower plastron. The shell has been folded in two while inside the egg so it will take several days for it to become completely straightened out. Don't they look as though they are made out of porcelain?

Next day.....sampling some food for the first time.

This whole process will be repeated for each one and it never ceases to amaze me. As you can see, each shell has some distinct features so it is possible to tell them apart.

We have adoptive homes for each one of the babies. The one thing that people interested in them must realize is that these tortoises will live to be over 100 years old. It is certainly not a small commitment.

On the non-tortoise side of living......

Pattie and I went to the county fair today. It is such a wonderful fair and this one did not disappoint. The quilts and other displays were fabulous. It is completely inspiring to see what others are working on. I came home with a million ideas for my "next" quilts.

It is incredible to think that Pattie and I actually met through blogging. I really enjoy getting together with her and getting to know her better. She is an incredible gal who does a ton of volunteering in our community. Be sure to check out her inspiring blog when you get a chance.

I have been able to spend a little time in my sewing room working on a mini quilt this week. I have always had the desire to do a black and white quilt. This is what I came up. It is a little subtle but then has a shock of color in the poppy. I was thinking of naming it "Clarity Through the Fog." Any other ideas?

The garden continues to show off it's colors. This is my tuberous begonia. The color is just striking and it is huge as well.

This is a pot of streptocarpus that I have grown for many years. The original belonged to my father and it is always a very showy plant in my pot. It has been divided many times and continues to be just a fabulous plant.

Friday we leave for our annual family camping trip. We camp and fish up in the Sierras at an elevation of 9,000 feet. I am always amazed at how winded I get just trying to do anything up where the air is so thin. It is always a good time, but I dread the sleeping on the ground in a tent. After doing it for forty years, the bones are not what they used to be. Plus, and this is a "biggy," it is cold up there. I really do not like being cold. But, we will all go and we will have many laughs and make great memories.

I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend and I will fill you in on baby count when I get back.


  1. OOOH! Babies! How sweet they are! I am so glad you posted more photos. How quickly do they grow? When are they ready to go out doors? So many questions!

    The quilt you made is perfect. Absolutely gorgeous. And I love your name for it. Now I feel guilty for not spending more time sewing....

  2. I forgot - have a great time camping! I sincerely hope you do not get too cold, and I also hope you have the featherbed equivalent of a blow up mattress to sleep on!

  3. I wish everyone could see your mini-quilt in person. Folks, the photo does not do it justice: it's stunning! Mary's quilting on the flower is amazing.

    Ahhhh - those babies are so cute! I didn’t realize their shells were unique. They remind me of old-fashioned buttons.

    Thanks for the shout out for my blog, Mary. Aren't we incredibly lucky that we met and can have so much fun laughing together? Life is good - and I'm blessed to have met you!

  4. T and I just looked at all the pictures of the babies and I told her all about it. She was very interested and thought they were sooooooo cute!! She and I went to her riding lesson today in the rain! We lucked out though as it didn't really pour until she finished. We came home and put Buddy in out of the rain, the rest of them can come and go as they please. Now she is painting and we may do some cooking.
    Your mini quilt is gorgeous! I REALLY need to finish up some projects!!!!
    Have fun camping!! xoxox

  5. Those babies are great! Think of having something you will have to leave to someone else's care because it will live longer than you!

    The camping......I know you will have fun, fun, fun! I don't do tent camping, just can't do it....of course here in Florida, it is the heat and humidity you are battling, not the cold.

    I love that quilt! I don't sew or quilt, but I love it that some do and I can buy them!

  6. Well my goodness, how awesome to be able to see these baby tortoises being born! I've never seen that before and I can imagine you never get tired of seeing it:-) Gosh, a pet that lasts longer than its owner! lol

    How wonderful that you and Pattie can get together often...she's a sweetheart and I love her to bits as well:-) Going to the fair must have been so much fun, I love going to those.

    Your quilt is just gorgeous!!! I so love the effect of the poppy amidst the darker colours, beautiful!

    Have fun on your camping trip and make sure to take lots of photos:-) xoxo

  7. They are so cute! How many eggs do you have? What an amazing process God designed for each of his creations.

    What a gorgeous quilt - how did you do the flower?

    So - camping - as I said in a comment just a few minutes ago to NancyGrace, camping in a motor home is the only way I could go. I cannot fathom getting off the ground in the morning if I slept down there! And being cold in a tent - the WORST!

    But I know you'll have fun because your incredible family will be there --

  8. What a fascinating process, and such cute babies! Thanks for sharing the details and photos. I wondered if you kept all the babies. Glad to hear they have homes to go to.
    Your quilt is very pretty, with the poppy adding just the right touch of color. I like the name you've chosen.
    Aren't tuberous begonias gorgeous? Mine are slow growing this year. I also have a streptocarpus (I call it cape primrose. Do you?) coming along. A friend gave me 2 little cuttings and they've grown well.
    I'm sure you'll have a wonderful camping trip with the family, but I do hope you have a good air mattress and that the temps don't get too cold!

  9. Oh, how cute! I love the babies! And I love love love your mini-quilt! You are so creative!
    Hope your trip is great!

  10. They are so cute!! I *love* the mini quilt that you made...the poppy is the perfect touch. Have a fun time camping!

  11. Wow, gorgeous quilt, beautiful flowers and such interesting tortoise babies! Glad I stopped by.

  12. Aww, they are so cute and very beautiful! What an awesome experience to watch.

  13. The babies are so cute!!!
    I love that little quilt with the spash of color. The first thing that came to my mind was the word "focus". In life we see what we focus on.

  14. How fascinating these baby pictures are! Your mini-quilt is gorgeous and I love the name! Have a wonderful camping trip!

  15. Loved seeing the babies! 100 years is a big commitment!
    I've enjoyed getting to know Patti through her blog and I'm sure she's great fun in real life.
    Hope you have fun camping in the Sierras. I don't do sleeping on the ground anymore!
    See you when you return..

  16. Re the raspberry crash - the grand girls thought it was hilarious!

  17. I thought hatching chickens was special, but that is brilliant!! Thanks, Tracey