Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fishing and Tortoises

One final photo of the new hatchlings as they are sunning themselves in the morning. All are now hatched and eating on their own so they will be going to their new homes this week.

Our fishing trip to the Sierras was wonderful. The children (and adults) made some wonderful memories that will carry them through the years.

First fish!!

We started going up to the same campground in the early 1970s. It is a spectacular place to visit with incredible mountains, pristine lakes and a nice campground. When we first started going up it was a first come system. Nowadays one can make the reservations online and be guaranteed of getting a spot to camp. This is a nice change because the location is six hours away and rather difficult to make a change with so many people going.

We always went up with another couple, Ken and Barb, whom we knew from our Navy days. There were many laughs and great memories made. They brought their daughter who was the age of our sons and she was a champ. She would gladly clean all of the fish while the boys happily observed. We keep trying to arrange for them to join us for one of our trips so we can make more memories with this next generation.

It was wonderful this year as the children are now old enough to go down and fish on their own. It is soooooo nice when you do not have to spend your fishing hours untangling fishing line. The older children now help the younger ones.

Nightime stories and sm*ores around the campfire are always a highlight of the trip.

Heating rocks to warm the sleeping bags before we crawl into them. Does it look familiar, Barb?

All were ready for bed early and some even fell asleep before dark.

Who could tell that the new parents were missing their little guy the first time they were separated from him?

Our sons left a few days early and backpacked into the campground. Starting at an elevation of 7000 feet, they ascended to 9700 feet and had many tales to tell once they arrived. Their first night was spent at the trailhead near their vehicle. During the middle of the night they were awakened to a bear attempting to break into their vehicle -- less than ten feet from their tent. I know they must have been a bit more apprehensive about the remainder of their journey after that. Again, many memories were made. Here they share pictures with Dad.

Some of the best things about the trip are returning home, climbing into a warm shower and sleeping in your own bed. The tent sleeping in the cold is getting harder each year. Perhaps it is just because I am getting too comfortable in my life. Each year I say that it will be my last of sleeping on the ground, but I surely would hate to miss the great times.

In other news this correct tub has been delivered and installed!!!! So, thirteen months, many battles, wasted time and $$$ passed, we appear to have a functioning tub once more. I know for a fact that I would never buy an Aqua*tic appliance again and will now work at putting the bad memories behind and enjoy my relaxing baths.

And now I must go and check out what everyone else has been up to this week. Thank you for visiting.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place to camp! I admire you for sleeping on the ground in that cold. I imagine that tub felt good for a nice soak when you got home :)
    How scary for your guys to have such a close encounter with a bear. Glad it didn't cause any serious problems.


  2. Wonderful fun post! The tortoises are so big all of a sudden!

    The camping trip sounds perfect, and the happy smiles say ti all, don't they! What a beautiful; place to visit, and how super that it is a tradition now for the whole family to go there together. Bears should keep their distance!

  3. Hi Mary -

    Oh, I'm so envious! It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family. What a beautiful setting!

    Your tub arrived - and is installed?? How did that happen?? Something was supposed to go wrong, wasn't it? LOL! I'm praying the ordeal is truly, completely, 100% over - and you can now enjoy a good soak. Heaven knows, you've earned it!

    Welcome home, my friend!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time with family.

  5. Oh how I'd love to go camping in such a spot...the scenery is spectacular! When I was growing up, dad had bought a tent trailer and we would go camping almost every weekend during the summer and sometimes for a week if he had vacation time. I loved sitting around the campfire at night and snuggling into my sleeping bag:-) Love all your pictures, what fun it must have been to be all together! As you say, beautiful memories were made once again:-) xoxo

  6. Thanks for stopping by. Your tortoises are so cute! That is amazing how they hatch and all. I am a city it is all new to me!

  7. Well, even though I don't do tent camping, it looks like you had a good time! The hatchlings are so pretty!

  8. I have to give you credit - I could no more go camping and sleep on the ground than I could fly! Good for you - sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    As for sewing for the grands - I always thought I would. But I can't even thread a needle any more! Maybe if I get Lasik, that will improve.

    Have a good week-end!

  9. Sounds like your trip was great. I like being outdoors but give me a good bed at night!!

    Loved your posts about the tortoises. How much do they grow in a years time?

  10. What beautiful country to camp in! It made me think of the many camping trips we went on when my children were small. Those were the good old days for me. It was wonderful, the food tastes much better cooked outside on the campfire! Glad you finally got that tub like you want it!

  11. What a wonderful time!!!

    The tortoises are so neat! Thanks for sharing all about them!

    the mountain pic looks like a postcard! Actually that place is just amazing! Great memories indeed!

    Hope you will enjoy your tub!;)

  12. RE your comment to me - it would definitely be fun to see the girlies wearing something I made them instead of something I bought them! We'll see how it goes.

  13. Hi, my name is Cathy and I am the sister of Nancygrace. I saw your comment to her that you lived in Pensacola for Camille. I live in Pensacola now and have for 22years. I was not here for Camille, but we have been through Erin and Opal in '95 and then Ivan, Dennis and Katrina 9 years later. If I never see another storm, it will be okay with me.

  14. Wow, what a brood. I guess that they are an endangered speices over there as they are here with licence needed to keep them.

    How wonderful for the children to be able to catch their own suppers.

    Will you have time for blog visiting with the new tub an all.

  15. I think you should buy one of those big luxury RV's to take camping! They are the best thing next to being home! lol! We used to rent one every weekend that we had a horse show to go to and it was wonderful! What fun you all must have on that trip and such beautiful memories! The kids look like they are having such a good time fishing and of course eating smores. The scenery is just absolutely gorgeous, I would love to see it. Maybe some day....
    So your babies are eating on their own and ready to go to their new homes. They are so cute and did you say that they live very long lives? They probably wouldn't like the snow we have here?!!! How many have your raised over the years?
    R is in Charleston SC but should be home tonight. He had to sit on a panel and answer questions. That sort of thing doesn't bother him a bit. I would be a mess. He says it's VERY hot there. It's very cool here right now, more like September then August but I like it better then the heat.
    Haven't heard any more about Oce*an Re*ef. Don't know what to think.
    Glad your men didn't get any closer to those bear! Yikes!

  16. What a beautiful place to camp and it looks like everyone had fun. I can't wait to go in October!

  17. That camping trip looks fabulous! You are so right about the memories!
    The turtles are amazing, how I wish we lived in any vicinity of you, one of those would soothe my DD's aching heart about her water based one-we don't discuss it! Tracey

  18. I love your turtles! I have a huge desert turtle as a pet so I really have a place in my heart for turtles.

  19. What a lovely trip! It's so beautiful and peaceful! Thanks for sharing!