Thursday, May 15, 2008

This and That

My life these days seems to be a little of this and a little of that. I am generally a person who is on top of things and know just where I am suppose to be at any point in time. I seldom need to refer to my calendar as I tend to remember my schedules. The last few weeks have completely thrown me off of my game. I long for the day when I am back to what I consider normal.

Each spring we have a big business convention that we attend. Our daughter and SIL will stay at our home while we are gone to tend to the house and animals. Knowing it was coming up soon, I was talking about it with my husband over the weekend. He informed me that it was the week of the 25th. I merrily went along and passed the dates onto my daughter. Low and behold, I looked at the calendar and we leave on this Sunday, the 18th. Oops! Change of plans. Thank heavens we noticed it before we showed up a week late. I must say that this is so UNLIKE us.

I have also been feeling like I am living in a fog. My laryngitis went into a chest cold and then into a sinus infection. I hate the feeling that I experience when I am on antibiotics and it certainly doesn't help to have no energy. But.....I am well on the road to recovery now. Thank heavens.

Onto some catch-up things on my blog.

I attended our local quilt guild meeting on Tuesday and met a fellow blogger. Pattie had seen my blog on the fabric postcards. She contacted me and we discovered that we only lived a few miles from each other. We both decided to meet up at the guild meeting. It was so much fun to meet her and, hopefully, we will be able to spend some time together in the future. As you know, you cannot get a lot of talking done during a meeting. As her blog reflects, she has a wonderful attitude toward life.

Kelli did a wonderful tutorial for May Day tussie mussies. I took her idea and made some by fusing two pieces of fabrics together, placing flowers in a water tube and inserting them into the tussie mussies. You should check out her tutorial for next year. We placed one on each of our children's doors for May Day. No one around here celebrates the date, but as a child growing up in the Midwest, we loved making May baskets for our friends.

Another incredibly talented blogger is Artsy . She is always so generous with great art that she makes available for anyone to use. I took her up on her Mother's Day pieces and did a fabric postcard for my mother for her special day.

Spring has arrived in the garden this week. Our momma tortoise dug her hole and laid her eggs. She will generally dig different holes for about a week and then return to the first hole to lay the eggs. Once the eggs are layed, she is finished with them. We then dig them out of the ground and will incubate them in the house in a controlled environment. They have to be maintained in the same position that she has deposited them so all are marked with an "X" on the top when they are removed. The sex of the babies is thought to be determined by the temperature that the eggs are incubated. Cooler temperatures tend to produce males. I find that very interesting. Hatching will start in about 90 days.
Since we will be gone next week, I will be looking forward to getting back and catching up on every one's blogs. Have a great week.


  1. I kind of keep my calendar in my head too, although it is written down as well. I can see myself being off a week! Good thing you caught it in time. Loved seeing all your crafts. So sorry to hear you're still not feeling 100%. Perhaps this warm weather we're supposed to have will help heal you.
    The tortoise egg incubation information was very interesting. I'm sure you'll post progress pictures.
    Have a good time while away..

  2. Spring is such a busy time of year, I hope things slow down for you in the summer! I hope you feel better soon too. The tortoise eggs are so neat, I hope you will share pictures of when they hatch! I also love the beautiful tussie mussies you made!

  3. I do hope you are feeling much better. There is nothing worse than running to catch up with a calender. Lately it seems that's all my life has been about. lol You have my curiosity regarding momma tortoise. Is this a family pet? Why do you imcubate the eggs? Just curious! I do hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I hope your little get away helps you feel better.
    I love the pics of the little tortoise and her eggs,my daughter had a red neck slider turtle, most of her teen years,I had the very lovely job of cleaning and feeding when she left for college,I am anxious to see how the eggs progress.
    Have a nice get away!

  5. I'm glad your feeling a little better. I must say that I love your postcard for your mother. You create such wonderful cards that I get frustrated at myself for not trying to make one yet. Perhaps once I get settled again, these next few weeks will be busy packing and moving.

  6. Your tussie mussie and postcard are the turtle eggs. Have a great trip!! Laurie

  7. Thanks for visiting my little blog.I did post some of my pysanky in my very first blog with full intentions of making more during the year but this was not a good year for me personally, my hubby had a heart attack and my Mom passed away ,too many distractions to even think of eggs,but if you go to my first post you will see a display I once made for Easter.I need to freshen my dyes then I will get back into the swing of it.

  8. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Most of my movie selection are all oldies! Those ARE the good ones;) a few newer but many older from the 80's or so...

    Loved this info on the turtle eggs! we gave our turtles away before we could learn any more about them! I hope we get to see them hatch;) I am so excited! thanks for sharing!

    I pray you are Feeling Better! I pray Blessings over you too!

  9. I keep my calendar on my mobile phone, and it beeps to tell me where I should be when. Great help, and I swear my memory went south with the rest of me. Gravity, you know!

    I am fascinated by the tortoises. I can't wait to see them hatch!

    Have a great weekend, and enjoy the conference!

  10. First, I LOVE the tussie mussie and the postcard you made. Both are just darling!

    So the laryngitis turned into something worse? I'm so sorry! I was hoping you were on the mend when I saw you.

    As for the fog... I thought it was just me and my age (plus those hot flashes!) But you’ve had a lot on your plate lately, Mary, in addition to being sick. That's probably part of it. Be gentle with your forgetful self. :-)

    Maybe we can get together when you return? Have a safe trip.

  11. I loved your postcard, and the turtle eggs, and the tussie mussie, oh heck, I just enjoyed the whole post! Hope you are feeling better and have a great trip!

  12. Boy, I LOVE that tortoise!!! So Cool!!
    Honestly, I don't think this whole confusing the date thing is your fault at all! Memorial Day seems to have creeped up a bit early this year and I think that is throwing everyone off!!
    Feel better and enjoy your time away!

  13. I also used to be able to keep things in my head much better than I do now. I told my husband I need a new hard drive, or at least a new mother board for my brain! That is too funny!

    Thank you so much for your prayers. Only God can work it out.

  14. You must be on your trip as this is the 19th. Don't feel bad, I can't remember anything lately even when I write it down in my daytimer I forget to look at it! Sigh..... I supposed you are some place fabulous, warm and tropical. We don't go again until October except one here in Maine on the coast in August. That one is fun and only an hour from home.

    What fun to meet up with Patti, I will hop over to her site and have a looksey. This quilt business has brought a lot of us together hasn't it?

    I hope you are over your sinus infection as that's no fun when you have to fly. These colds have been just hanging on something fierce around here.

    We always hung May baskets when I was a kid, always! I had never heard them called tussie mussies before but how pretty! Got to hop over there and check that out too.

    Looks like you will be having some more babies this year. I hope all of the eggs hatch out. What a mother, lays her eggs and that's the end of it. lol!

    I have been riding every day and am waiting for it to stop raining so I can go out and ride tonight. So glad to have the boys home and T is just soooooooo excited to have them here. She is doing really well with her riding this year.

    Must go work on a wallhanging, it's the pumpkin one. I had to take the whole back off as I wasn't satisfied with how the backing fabric was working up. It just wasn't the right blend so I went to Jo-Ann's and got some 100% cotton and that will work fine.

    Hope you're having fun, want to hear all about it!!! xoxox

  15. Oh, Neat turtle eggs... Looking forward to baby turtle photos..
    Bunches of hugs...

  16. I'm glad you discovered the mixed-up date in time! I could tell you some funny stories of my friend, Chris and I when we used to work her booth together at craft shows. We showed up on the wrong weekend a couple of times. Oops! :)
    I loved seeing the tortoise eggs and reading about the incubation process. I'll look forward to watching the progression of events.

  17. Sorry you have been unwell and hope yu are recovering now.
    Wow - those Turtoise eggs. I expect they are a protected species there as they are here.
    Will be fun to see them hatch.
    Thanks for your visits and comments.

  18. How very interesting about the tortoise eggs. I've never had one that laid eggs before and we've had several. That's so neat. Enjoy your trip!

  19. Hope you are feeling better.

    Have the eggs hatched? Looking forward to seeing the babies.

    When I was a kid in MN, many years ago, we used to make May baskets to hang on a friends door. Usually an elderly neighbor. Your basket is beautiful. We didn't have too many flowers blooming in early May in MN. Think we also put some candy in the baskets. My memory is failing me on that!!