Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Happy Weekend

Although our temperatures were way below normal for this time of the year, we made the best of our wonderful weekend. The kids and their kids all came over on Sunday for a BBQ. The kids never seem to mind the temperatures and were all out in the yard playing games and getting their exercise. All nineteen of the grandchildren were here and it is truly amazing how well they all get along together. Other than a small argument over whose turn it was for the tractor, I do not think we heard one cross word all day. It is wonderful that they all live close enough to be growing up with a great relationship with their cousins.

Baggo is always a hit with the kids (and adults).

See how big the baby has grown. Too bad they grow up so quickly.

Of course one big thrill for all the little ones is when Grandpa fires up the John De*ere and gives rides on the tractor. He always lets the kids take turns sitting on his lap and "steering."

The kids know that they can go into the orchard and pick any fruit that they want. We always have oranges, lemons and grapefruit that they help themselves to. This week the boysenberries were also in so the kids had their fill with those. However, some darling little guys decided the peaches were also ready and filled the small tractor trailer with very green peaches. Grandpa was not too thrilled with that idea. Oh well, what can you do?

I was lucky enough to know my first cousins when we were growing up in the Midwest. We still keep in touch and enjoy spending time together. In fact, my background is from an area very close to Parkersburg, Iowa. I had an e-mail from one of my cousins today who said they spent many hours in their basement over the weekend. Fortunately, they escaped any damage as the tornado stayed just north of them. Some of their neighbors were not so fortunate as they sustained damage to grain bins and structures on their farms. From the photos on the news, it looks like it was just devastating to the lovely town. Our hearts go out to all of those who were affected by the tornado.

On Sunday one of our granddaughters made her First Communion. It is always such a thrill to be present for such significant moments in their lives. The priest who bestowed the sacrament upon her has been a good friend of our family for many years. He has married our children, baptized many grandchildren and buried our parents.

This is Miss H surrounded by her parents and siblings.

In Saturday's mail I received my small spring quilt from the Four Season's Quilt Swap. It came all the way from Romania. Smaranda did a wonderful job on it. I thought the butterfly was so appropriate for the spring theme and it is just exquisite. It looks almost ethereal in its delicate design on a hand painted gauze type material. I wish you could all see it in person. I know that I will enjoy it for many years. This week we were given our summer partner's name. I have to figure out what I will do along that theme. I'm thinking of a Neapolitan ice cream idea.

I trust that everyone is enjoying their week and, hopefully, enjoying some warmer weather.


  1. What a beautiful weekend you had with family! To think you have an orchard with all those fruits! and the granddaughter with First Communion! How beautiful! You are fortunate to have so many of your family members near.

  2. Your weekend sounds wonderful! And congratulations to Miss H on her first communion!
    Everyone seems to have had slightly cooler days over the weekend, and that certainly happened here too, but it is lovely to have the opportunity to spend time with our families, no matter what the weather does.

  3. What a privilege to have all of your kids and grandkids close enough to get together - what a blessing for them!

    The quilt is so interesting and lovely! What a nice gift.

    We had a cold holiday as well, but Sunday was very nice, and we "happened" to be having our family get-together that day. My brother and SIL come from Oklahoma every year for the Bolder Boulder race, and they could only be with us for a few hours or Sunday this year, so that's what we did. Turned out for the best.

    Please pray at 9:30 MST Wednesday for Kristen - this is huge! Thank you so much!

  4. pretty quilt! Nice gift!!!

    Wow! You have taken beautiful photos again! The grass and everything looks so beautiful there! Funny how the kids love to go for this John Deere Tractor ride, I suppose I would too, looks like a blast! Pretty coool they can pick their own fruit and oops with the peaches;)

    The 1st communion is a special Time, she looks so sweet!

  5. Sounds like you had a great weekend with family, that's always wonderful!!...and your flowers are beautiful.

  6. What a nice family you have,I also have a big family there is not a nicer feeling nothing like it.
    I really love the picture of Grampa with the children on the tractor its priceless , what wonderful memories you are giving the children.

  7. Omigosh, 19 grandchildren...I'm waiting for my 1st one to arrive in October! lol I think it's so wonderful that you were all able to get together for the weekend and from the pictures, I can see how much the kids love visiting:-) Being able to pick their own fresh fruit would also be an added bonus...I'd be in my glory eating in the orchard! lol

    Congratulations to your granddaughter who made her First Communion, she looked beautiful! Made me remember my own First Communion complete with frilly white dress, veil and gloves:-)

    Such a gorgeous quilt you received from your swap partner...I noticed the butterfly right away and thought how delicate it looked. Just beautiful!!

    I'm off to another estate auction tonight so watch for a post in the morning about what I bought! lol xoxo

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family. Wow, 19 grandkids! Must make events like this full of wonderful memories.

  9. What a beautiful family you have, Mary! 19 grandkids - wow! That's got to be way too much fun. :-) I bet they all love coming to your house, to spend time playing together. Think of the memories you're creating for them!

    You'll have to explain quilt swaps to me, next time we see each other. How about lunch one day soon?

  10. What great photos! Your weekend looks like a great time. Our weather was cooler too..we've enjoyed it!

    What pretty gardens!

  11. What a wonderful post!!! It looks like the perfect weekend! Your new grandbaby is a DOLL!!! The communion pictures are beautfiul, she looks gorgeous!

    My son screamed when he saw the tractor pictures! He loves riding on daddy's tractor!!


  12. Looks like a fun weekend was had by all! You have such a beautiful family. How fun for all your grandkids to be able to get to play together with all their cousins. Both my hubby and I have lots of cousins and we have great memories as kids spending time with ours. Having family close by is such a blessing.

  13. Oh, Nineteen grandchildren.. How Wonderful! I know you had a blessed weekend!
    And congratulations to Miss H on her communion. Beautiful photos..

  14. I'm happy you like my vision on spring .
    CONGRATULATIONS for your granddaughter's First Communion!
    You have a wonderful family and I enjoy reading about it.
    Hugs, Smaranda

  15. Congratulations to your beautiful granddaughter on her first communion. She looks so lovely all in white. Your priest has been through many different occasions with your family. He must seem just like part of the family too.

    So they picked the green peaches eh? Poor Grampa! heehee! Is there anything such as green peach jam?????

    Looks like the kids are having such a great time at your house. Isn't it wonderful to have such a large yard for them to play in? Bet you don't have the black flies to contend with either! grrrrrrrr!

    I just think it is so wonderful that all 19 of your grandkids can get together and have fun making memories. I can't get over how much the baby has grown! You are right, they grow up too fast!

    So glad your cousins weren't affected badly by the tornado!! That must have been frightening being in the basement wondering what was going to happen next! I just can't imagine.

    The quilt is beautiful and I love the butterfly! I just can't seem to get any sewing done right now as I am so busy outside. Still have to get my bedding plants put in and my veggie garden but it's been so cold at night I have held off.

    Well I'm off to the dentist in a few minutes, not my most favorite thing. I think something is going on under my gold crown as it is tender. Hope I don't have to have it taken off and replaced!!!

    We're supposed to get rain tomorrow and we sure need it. I'm moving two more of the boys home too. It's been so easy with just two here and they get along so well. I ride every day, usually after supper. Things will be a bit more exciting with four here!

  16. You are so blessed to have your children and grandchildren so near! I also grew up with a lot of my cousins (we have such a big family that we couldn't get around to playing with them all!) and I wish my grands could. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt! I'm so not crafty and so I appreciate those things even more.

  17. oh, and P.S. here in Florida summer has arrived!