Saturday, May 31, 2008

39 and Counting

It was thirty nine years ago today that my husband and I were married. Where have the years gone? It certainly doesn't seem as though it has been that long.

We had met in high school as he was one of my older brother's friends. Since I attended an all girl school and my brother was at the all boy school, we were the primary source of each other's dates. House rules did not allow dating until we were 16 years old. My husband called me on my 16th birthday to ask for a date and I was thrilled. I always thought he was the cutest and nicest of my brothers friends. Of course at 16, aren't all boys cute? Little did I know that I would end up marrying this fine young man.

We dated for several years and then broke up for 18 months when we were both away at school. He eventually went to the Naval flight school in Pensacola. It was his first leave home at Halloween in 1968 when he came trick-or-treating to my parents home. By then we were both over 21 and he asked me to go out for a drink with him. Me?...I didn't drink...but you know that those "flyboys" knew how to toss a few beers back. As we visited and reminisced over the next couple of hours we had so much fun. Before the night was over he had said that he thought we should get married. I didn't disagree. He left after the weekend to head back to Pensacola. Many letters and phone calls were exchanged over the next few months. When he returned at Christmas we became officially engaged (after he asked my father's permission) and set a date. The rest is history.

Four sons followed in the next seven years and then we were surprised seven years later to be blessed with a daughter. Together they have continued to bless us with eleven grandsons and eight granddaughters. Number twenty is on its way with our daughter and SIL.

It has been a wonderful life and I would make the same decision all over again if given the chance. He has been a fervent religious head of our family, a loving husband, a man of great honor, a terrific father to our children, a fabulous grandfather and a caring and wonderful son to our parents. And....he's still "cute" in my eyes.

We do look young in this picture!!!! And now for the "after" shot.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Wow, to be married 39 years. I really admire you and your obvious love and respect for your husband.

palmtreefanatic said...

WOW! Happy Anniversary! You 2 are a couple of "hotties" What a wonderful post! And to be still in love after all those years! Happy 39th! Heres to another 39**** Blessings!

Penless Thoughts said...

Congratulations!!!! I love the way you've put it here:

"He has been a fervent religious head of our family, a loving husband, a man of great honor, a terrific father to our children, a fabulous grandfather and a caring and wonderful son to our parents. And....he's still "cute" in my eyes."

I wish you both many more years. We will celebrate 50 soon!!!

Niki said...

I have a new quilter's list blog if you'd like to join, we'd love to have you join us.
Quilty hugs!

Susie said...

What a wonderful post! Happy anniversary to both of you. I'm so delighted to be able to put a face to your comments. Loved seeing your wedding photo too.
Our 41st is coming up in a couple of weeks. Long and happy marriages are one of the sweetest blessings.

Suzy said...

Happy "39th" to you both!!
Enjoyed reading your love story!

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary! And you are BOTH still cute. :o)

Linds said...

Congratulations to both of you, and you BOTH look cute after 39 years! What a lovely happy post!

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversay ! We had our 20th last August and that felt like forever! I cant wait to celebrate 39 years!!
May you have many many more happy years to come!

Obe's said...

Congratulations !!
You do look like you belong together!!

Kindra said...

What a great wedding photo! You both are still a cute couple!!

Thanks so much for entering my giveaway!! Your comments mean so much!

Kelli said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many more wonderful years together!

Muum said...

congrats! I enjoyed hearing your courtship story !

verobirdie said...

What a beautiful story! And you are both still as "cute" as then!
happy Anniversary!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Happy wedding anniversary, my parents are exactly a year ahead of you, they are presently off enjoying the accommodation we gave them for their Ruby celebrations.
LOVE both photos...and you are right, both still cute! Tracey

Pattie said...

Ah Mary, you two are just so cute - both then AND now! What a blessing you've been to each other. Here's to many more years to come!

I loved spending time with you yesterday over lunch, and look forward to doing it again very soon. See you at the Guild meeting on Tuesday.

SMA said...

Congratulation for such a wonderful event and for all these years of love!
Your story reminds me those beautiful movies from "The free world over the Ocean". But I think that life was even more beautiful , with all the joy and happiness and a house full of children.
God bless you both and bless your beautiful family!

P.S. All the best for your mother who is a model of power and wisdom . I often think of her.
Hugs, Sma

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Happy Anniversary!!! How wonderful! What beautiful pictures! You two make the perfect couple! Your cake was gorgeous :)

Here's to many more happy years together!!!!!


Artsy Etc. said...

Happy Anniversary to you! What a good looking couple you are! Here's to 39 more years!

Dawn said...

YOu both still look cute! Happy Anniversary! We never think when we start out that we will get this old, do we? What a wonderful journey, though.

Midlife Mom said...

What a lovely story! I'm so glad that you did a post on your courtship and marriage. I guess I only knew bits and pieces before so now I know the whole story! Your wedding picture is just gorgeous and you two look so wonderful now all these years later! :o) We are so blessed to have long marriages!!! xoxox

amandajean said...

congrats on your anniversary!!!

Sue said...

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your lovely story. I just love your photos!

Em said...

Congratulations! What nice pictures, and what a wonderful story about your marriage! I wish you another 39 years together!

Carole said...

What a love story! Happy anniversary! Cheers!

Kerri said...

Sincere congratulations for a very happy anniversary, albiet a tad late. Well, actually, very late (sorry)! I really haven't been getting around to visit my blog friends often enough lately...not nearly as often as I'd like to!
We had our 37th anniversary in April. The years go by so fast, don't they?
Thanks so much for sharing this lovely story. You're both very lucky to have found each other, and yes, your husband is still very cute...and so are you :)
I'm envious of your almost 20 grandchildren. Lucky you!!
And they all look adorable.
Our 2 little boys are coming (with their parents) tomorrow to visit for a couple of days. That's something to look forward to :)