Thursday, May 19, 2022

May Happenings

Happy May!  May is always our crazy month.  We have seven birthdays, our anniversary (53), Mother’s Day and then First Communions (2), Confirmations (2), and graduations (3).  It seems like it is party after party for the entire month.  There’s never a dull moment with a large family.

Sewing seems to take a back seat for the month of May.  I did manage to get my selvedge quilt quilted and bound.  It was a love/hate relationship.  I quilted the entire quilt and was not happy with the quilting.  I spent two days ripping out EVERY STITCH and requilting it!!!  The backing is a great Kaffe wide back that picks up all the colors on the front.  

Our granddaughter made her husband a pair of fleece pants for Christmas.  She left the extra fabric in my sewing room!  Their son turns one this month so I used the leftover fabric to make him a matching pair of pants and a robe that matches the pants.

My niece (in-law) cross stitched a stocking for her mom for Mother’s Day.  She asked if I could sew it into a stocking for her.  This was her first cross stitch project and I think she did a great job on it.  That metallic thread is difficult to use and all of the music is done in metallic gold.

Our momma tortoise celebrated Mother’s Day in her own way.  She laid 12 eggs this year.  

Workmen have kept us on our toes this month as well.  A new a/c unit was needed and replaced.  Of course, it’s never a “simple” replacement.  Ducting had to be replaced so there have been people inside, outside and up in the attic.  As well, we are replacing our sand volleyball court with something more practical.  After 30 years, the softer sand has blown away, leaving the court feeling more like gravel.  It isn’t a lot of fun to play on that surface.  I'll be glad to have them finish.  It’ll be nice to get rid of everyone and get the house back to ourselves.

I had a "new to me" visitor this week.  This little guy was on my path to my car.  The photo is enlarged, but it was really only about 9" long.  I loved the red band around the neck so I had to come in and look it up.  It was a non venomous ring necked snake!  The underside is a brilliant orange.  I am NOT a snake person, but this little guy was kind of cute.  He was much less intimidating than our resident five foot gopher snake that keeps scaring me in the backyard.  Although, he too, is a "good" snake.  

There is a field across the road from us.  The crops are rotated in it, but it is mostly planted in lettuces or cabbage.  They recently cut what we thought was a cover crop.  I thought it was such a lovely view with all the bales.  Except for the hilly background, I could imagine being back in the Midwest.


  1. Mary, you're a force of nature! I don't know how you keep up with everything, but you do it so well! I absolutely love the selvedge quilt and the backing is perfect! Happy anniversary this month! I need to send you a catch-up email! Look for it in the near future. Hugs☺️

  2. That robe and pajama bottom are adorable, your little grand will be so proud to look like his daddy. Your selvedge quilt finished beautifully, I've wondered if they are a lot stiffer than other quilts. Whatever, they are always so pretty. Mama tortoise's eggs are much larger than I would have thought. Snakes, so fascinating but the startle factor when they slither over your foot in the lawn is heart-stopping for an instant. We mostly have garden snakes here, one whose just-shed skin measured 42 inches. Did find a copperhead in the driveway last summer which hubby quickly dispatched since we have the dog and cat who are out in the yard much of the time.

  3. I can't believe you actually redid the whole quilting. I only did that once that was for a little kitty quilt. It looks great!! The matching robe and pants are so sweet and so well made. You are an amazing seamtress. The stocking is beautiful. Having workmen in the house is so disruptive. It will be fun to see the little critters grow, I alway enjoy seeing them on your blog. The hay bales picture is amazing. Well, you know how much I love them :D

    Happy Anniversary to both of you!!


  4. Happy anniversary!
    I don't know how you manage to get any sewing done in between all those celebrations. The quilt looks great, and the little robe and pants are adorable.

  5. May is certainly a busy month for you...filled with wonderful family events. LOVE your quilt and I'm sure you are happy it is finished.

  6. A "kinda cute" there such a thing?? =) I am amazed you unpicked all the quilting on your quilt! Goodness, you are keen. Love the gorgeous backing fabric. It sounds as if your May was filled with one happy celebration after fun! Happy anniversary to you and your husband.

  7. LOVE the quilt. Sorry you felt the need to rip out and re-do. The back is as pretty as the front. The Stocking is very nice, particularly so if this was her first project. Kudos to her. 12 eggs. WOW! That will be fun to watch that situation. Count me out on the snake though. I'm not a fan, even of the ones that are suppose to be good. They all scare me.
    Sandy's Space

  8. OH no, picking machine quilting is such a chore. Sadly, I have picked a good chunk of a quilt before as well. I am so glad I did because it became my favorite on the redo job!

  9. Love that Kaffe Fassett back! what a wonderful idea!