Tuesday, October 9, 2018

October Days

Blogger is still misbehaving even after I have reset it several times.  If I do not reply to you, it is because I am not seeing your comments.  I tried comment moderation, but no comments came through so I have reverted back.  We will see how it goes.

Some old business first....I have drawn two names for my Words to Live By blog hop giveaway and have not received a reply to e-mails that I have sent.  Today I drew again and it is Pat from Life in the Scrapatch blog.  I have sent her an e-mail and I hope I finally have a winner.

It has been rather chaotic around the house as we have had painters working on all of the baseboards.  Nothing like having a washer and dryer in the middle of your living room.  Every room has had all the furniture pulled to the middle of the room.  It's an interesting way to live!

But....it has allowed extra time in my creative space.  I needed to keep Toby confined in the room with me so we had some good bonding time.

Fort Worth Fabric Studios had a Boo to You QAL that I joined.  I made a few changes, but really like the way it finally came out.  Of course, Toby had to inspect it too.

The Seeing Stars QAL is also culminating this month.  I was hoping to get it quilted before the reveal day on October 16th, but I don't think that will happen.  I do have the top all pieced.

I was one of the lucky winners in the weekly giveaways during the QAL.  This beautiful Portsmouth layer cake was a donation from https://www.greenfairyquilts.com/.  

My sister is the queen in our Gridster Bee this month and I love her idea for her blocks - black and white NYBeauty blocks with a splash of color.  Won't a quilt of all these blocks look fabulous?

October means another monthly marker for my square in a square (SIS) Temperature quilt.  Our September did not see the exceptionally high temps that we can normally expect, but the nights are cooling off a bit.  Only two more months to go.


October is a busy birthday month in our family.  We have ten birthdays, including my own.  There's no time for stale birthday cake!!!

We had one of our sons and his family for dinner Sunday night and we were treated to this night sky display during dessert.  A rocket was launched from Vandenberg AFB.  It created two sonic booms before returning to Vandenberg and landing as planned - a great accomplishment.  

Just to end with some super cuteness, I'll share this picture.  Our daughter's family got a new puppy and their older pooch loves the new companion.  


  1. LOL The washer and dryer in the middle of the living room. I can relate to the chaos. Great quilts and the pups are too cute.

  2. Your fall pumpkin quilt is so cute, as well as your daughter's new puppy and it's adopted 'mom'! I think everyone is having blogger issues at the moment, and it is beginning to look like they aren't about to fix anything, hoping maybe we'll all go away? I've also noticed a drastic drop in readership of posts over the past couple weeks which may also be part of the problem. Who knows?

  3. I'm impressed with how busy you get and how you keep all the balls juggled perfectly. House projects, family, beautiful quilts, blogging, friends, etc.. Can you teach a class on how to do it all? I'd sign up.

    Beautiful quilts. Sorry about the washer/dryer in the middle of the room, but then think about how nice it will be when all the workmanship is finished.

    I'm not sure what is going on with Google/Blogger. I've not had time to get a current snapshot on problems that happened earlier this year when Gooogle made security changes, to respond to privacy/disclosure laws in the EU. And now, we hear Google + is going away (fine with me). As Gooogle + caused all the problems with no-reply bloggers, I'm fearful what terror Google bloggers/blog followers will experience when they get rid of Google +. I'll try to research proactively, but not hopeful based on Google's history. Still, I love Google/Blogger.

  4. Love your little pumpkin quilt! It makes me want to make one too! Your comments never come through to my email....so sorry. Thanks for asking about my son. He's on the mend. One day at a time....Look forward to when he's walking around without a walker! :)

  5. You always have adorable pieces, Mary...and the cuteness is certainly there!!!

  6. Looks like you are keeping busy! What a cute Halloween quilt and that last photo of your daughter's dogs......precious!

  7. I feel your pain with the house renovations, although I do not have my washer and dryer in the middle of my family room. :D Your pumpkin quilt is wonderful! I love the blacks, white and oranges together. I hope we can see your sister's quilt when it's finished with those gorgeous blocks. And the puppy with his buddy....too precious.

  8. Oh my goodness! such adorable photos of the goldens and Toby. How sweet for that pup to welcomed so nicely into the family.
    Your QAL is wonderful! I'm glad you were able to escape the renovation chaos and sew such beauties. Your stars quilt and NYB are lovely.
    Bummer that you are still struggling with Blogger. I'm sure you also checked the Awaiting Moderation and Spam boxes on Blogger. The fix always seems so mysterious, it's hard to tell what did it. Cookies seemed to be part of my problem so I think (?) I made it so they would be allowed. Though who knows what I really did!

  9. YOur seeing stars quilt look amazing!!! I love, love, love that finish!!! And wow, you have so many other finishes as well. You have been stitching up a storm!!! Way to go ;)

  10. love that quilt. Maybe That's why I don't get comments from you because you comment on bloglovin? Don't know half enough about computers

  11. Oh how sweet your daughter's older pooch and new puppy is. So much quilt gorgeousness in this post, Mary. Blogger is causing so many problems of late. Wish they would get their issues all sorted. Enjoy all those birthdays. My goodness 10 in one month makes for a very busy month. Happy birthday to you, lovely lady!

  12. LOL definitely no stale cake at your place this month. Wishing all a Happy Birthday πŸŽ‰ especially you Mary.
    Hope your home is back to normal soon but you did get lots done with the help of Toby.
    Beautiful colours you used for your Sewing ar QAL. Cute Halloween πŸ‘» Quilt and you sisters bee 🐝 blocks are lovely.
    Such a gorgeous photo of your daughters pooches...πŸΆπŸ•

  13. I love love your pumpkin quilt....all of your projects are so wonderful....What is normal?

  14. I do not envy you at all, but at least you got a lot of creative time and bonding time with sweet Toby. You Halloween mini is gorgeous. I may have to stop by and pick up some of those fabrics. The Seeing Stars top is looking great too. Love how you balanced all the colours. Love the yellow with the B&W in your NYBeauty blocks. I wonder how the rest of your temperature quilt will look. The light must have look amazing, hope you knew about the event ahead of time. Oh My Goodness! I LOVE the last photo of the pups sleeping together, hugging!! So sweet and beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, Mary :)


  15. Having your house out of order must be taxing, but it will be wonderful when it is done!

    I cannot believe how your temperature quilt has grown. It looks fantastic. I had forgotten that I had considered doing one.

    I am starting a New York Beauty soon as well. We will have to watch each other's grow.

    Have a great week!

  16. Oh, that is a cute picture! Warms my heart! Speaking of my heart, all your projects make it sing!

  17. Happy birthday, whenever in the month is your day. Sounds like you can just celebrate for the whole month anyway!

    Your temperature quilt is looking good. I like the idea of representing the highs and lows. If I do another one I will find a way to incorporate both as well.

    Love the photos of the canine family members!

  18. Remodeling and painting definitely make a mess of things, but lucky you to have fresh paint on those base boards. You've made some beautiful quilts during your creative time...love the orange and black one! Cute, cute, cuteness with those pups!

  19. What a fun post, from snuggling dogs to laundry in the living room!

    I love your Boo to You QAL, as it ranks right up there with your Halloween pumpkin with Scrabble tiles for teeth. Such a cute little quilt--I'm impressed you can get anything done with the house all torn up. And fun to see your other projects coming along, from the temperature quilt to your Seeing STars (which is really fabulous). I love how you keep busy, inspiring us as you go. And now I see a Gone For the Holidays in your side bar--what lovelies will we see next?

  20. You have been busy as usual. My house will be due for painting soon but first, I get to enjoy the pounding of the new roof installation. Can't get away from it and it is taking FOREVER!

    Your halloween quilt is adorable and Toby has become quite the expert inspector.

    I'm very behind on my temperature quilt. I was doing so well and then my travels and other quilty commitments took over. It's also boring to look at the same temps / blocks every day. Scary to realize there are only 2 1/2 months to go...yep, I'm counting that last half of this month :)

  21. Your seeing stars quilt is beautiful, and I love the Halloween quilt! We redid our kitchen a few years back and had our fridge sitting in our dining room for a few weeks. Crazy, but worth it in the end! (I haven't been able to respond to your comments on my blog--you might be a no-reply? not sure. Have enjoyed having you stop by though!)