Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Minis and More

First of all ... a question.  Is anyone else having problems with Blogger again?  None of my comments are coming through my e-mails AGAIN and every post lately has spam posted in the comment section.  Since I am not being notified by e-mail, I have no idea they are there unless I go back to all the past comments.  It is beyond frustrating.  I tried the changing e-mail fix that worked last time, but it did not work this time.

Anyway....it's the end of the month which means it is time to post my Minis and More project.  Thank you to Sherri and Michele for hosting the event each month and selecting our projects.

This month was Sherri's Endless Summer pattern.  It was a fun little pattern to make.

Be sure to check Michele and Sherri's blogs on the 1st of the month to see all the versions that have been made using the pattern.

It has been a cooler than normal September for us, but we decided to take Toby for a walk on the beach.  It was a beautiful day and not a soul on the beach.

I love seeing how people build little structures with the driftwood.  There has been a lot this year with the fires last winter.

The Island Princess was in port in Santa Barbara.  It left Alaska and was headed to Mexico.

Another bit of sewing that I did over the weekend was the Swoon Sixteen through FQS.  The little points really reminded me of houses so I added windows and doors.  I think I will make it into a cushion.

The fabrics were from my Seeing Stars QAL.  This week we were to add twenty eight 4.5" stars.  The design called for applique, but I decided to piece stars instead.  After several stupid math calculations, I finally managed to get 28 stars.

Photographing them was a bigger challenge than the math!  This guy thinks everything on the ground is meant to be a bed.

The winner of my Words to Live By giveaway (Sharon) has not replied to my e-mail yet.  If I still have no response, I will select a new name tomorrow and post it on Thursday.


  1. Your mini is really lovely, I love that block! If you go into your Blogger settings, you can enable comment moderation, which means you approve all comments before they post on your blog. So you can delete spam before it posts, and see all comments on one page without having to go back to each post. I've used that method ever since starting my blog, and it's very helpful.

  2. Love your mini! Plus, your Swoon block. I am participating in the Seeing Stars Quilt Along, also, and I am really not a fan of applique. I did applique my blocks, though, because I would not know how to do the calculations for a pieced block, as you have done. Very lovely!

  3. Beautiful work as usual Mary. Love your dog. Our cat thinks all quilts are for her to sit on. Your beach photos are lovely. Nothing quite like a walk on the beach.

  4. That Swoon block is beautiful and so are the stars. I love the idea of adding windows and doors to it...cute! I've not had any problem with blogger, but I still don't get AOL or Yahoo comments in my in box. I don't always check the comments on my blog so I sometimes miss sweet comments from people like you. That's being going on for a long time, though. Wonder what's up this time? The spam stuff has been annoying lately, but thank goodness we can block some of them or just hit delete. I've never wanted to do the comment moderation thing, but it may be time to do that.

  5. Not sure if this comment will reach you, Mary. I have been unable to comment on any blog on and off for some time, even though I am signed into Google. It’s a mystery to me! Ay least right now I’m actually able to type into your comment box, which is impossible on other blogs.
    Your projects look so cute! It amazes me how you find the time. We’ve finally cooled off here and my sewing room is calling!

  6. I think I'm getting my comments now.....after following directions on Shez's blog. But I did notice that you didn't respond on the last comment I left. Anyway.....love the mini and especially liked your take on the Swoon. My pattern actually called those pieces the "houses"....lol...….hope you are enjoying the fall weather!

  7. Your mini is another fine work of art. Those points are ON POINT, like the ones in your swoon block. Turning the inner blocks into houses was a very creative and fun idea.

    I enjoyed watching Toby run the beach in your IG video. He looks like he is bringing you much joy...certainly some fun.

  8. Such a lovely Mini and really like the houses on your Swoon Block.
    Folk build structures like the one in your pic on our beaches too.Love to see them.
    No my comments are coming through as I also did the fix Shez suggested some time ago.

  9. Very pretty mini piece; of course all your blocks are wonderful. I think my comments are hit and miss.

  10. Sorry for the Blogger trouble...again. I have comments moderation on my blog because of the spam. If you aren't able to get the comments emailed....check on the home page for Comments and check under Awaiting moderation. I had to do this before when my emails stopped. I hope the tricks you've learned will help to get you back to receiving the comments again.
    Lovely blocks!

  11. The mini is beautiful. Love those blues you used. That was a brilliant idea to add windows and doors to your Swoon Sixteen. I love it. Well done with finishing 28 stars. Of course, Toby thinks that's his bed, who wouldn't want to sleep on such pretty bedding. That's a beautiful photo of the beach. I bet Toby had a LOT of fun. I have never seen a SoCal beach so empty unless it was in the midst of winter.


  12. Sorry that Blogger is misbehaving again. Drat!

    But fun to see your mini, as well as your stars and your village square of houses. I am inspired by your work--I made a huge list of all the quilty things I need to do, but with jetlag, a million doctor tune-ups, I'm farther away from completing anything than I was on that plane. I will use your progress to inspire me!

  13. Hi Mary yes I had the same trouble again with blogger and I had to do the fix twice before it worked again,also your 2 nd comment is a spammer , you need to block them.
    Wow Mary I love your mini quilt it's stunning my friend as is the rest of your beautiful work,well done my friend xx

  14. You have a lot of fun stuff, love the swoon block...just fabulous. Love the beach, we have a dog Toby.

  15. Love the addition of the windows and doors on your swoon block!

  16. I love love love minis! I went through the blogger probs for quite a while and then when another blogger (Cheryl at https://cherylsteapots2quilting.blogspot.com/ ) helped me out, i finally fixed it and it was quite simple. I don't quite remember what finally worked, but if you are still having problems you might ask her--tell her Cheree sent you. :o)