Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mini and More

Many of us have participated in the Schnibbles and More QALs for the last few years.  I have loved every little quilt that I made and love to display them around the house.  Needless to say when it was announced this year that it was coming to an end, I was disappointed.  I was thrilled when it was announced that a new series was going to begin with Michele of Island Life Quilts and Sherri of A Quilting Life.  This first month our mini was A Summer Star by Sherri.   I had a little pack of Noteworthy charms and used a summery butter solid with it.


It finishes at 14 1/2” so is perfect to use under a bouquet of flowers.  I used some Riley Blake small gingham for the binding. 


The quilting is a simple stitch in the ditch.

I also finished the Elephant Parade quilt by quilting it and adding the binding.  I will apply the label once our newest grandbaby arrives because I enjoy putting their first photo on the label.  We are all excited to see what the baby will be, but my instinct is thinking blue.  We should know any day now.


I put soft minky on the back and it feels so great.


Recently I was awarded the “A Lovely Blog” award by two fabulous quilters.  I respect both of them so much for their work so I was thrilled to have been chosen by them.  The first one was by Soma who blogs at  Soma is such an amazing photographer and artist as well as a great quilter.  She is currently working on a Greek alphabet.  It is incredible and I can’t wait to see it when it is finished.

Emily is a quilter whom I have followed for some time now.  She blogs at Em's Scrapbag.  I have tested several of her patterns and have loved each one.  She is one of those quilters who can pick up scraps and create a masterpiece with them.  She is a great representative of a generous quilter with all of her donated quilts to Happy Chemo.
One of the things I am suppose to do is to write ten things about myself that people would not tend to know.  I’m pretty boring, but here goes.

1.)  I was one of those beastly hyperactive children.  My mom often says had I been the first child, there would have been no more.  I've always required little sleep and am always up before 5:30 a.m.

2.)  I’m quite mechanical.  I worked on my own VW bug before I got married.  I loved to take the carburetor apart and clean it to get maximum mileage.  I even taught several of the guys in the neighborhood how to clean theirs.  I also recovered the interior in a zebra skin fabric.  LOVED that little car. 

3.)  I went to an all girls high school and hated it!

4.) I broke three vertebrae in my back when I was 17 in a skateboard accident and broke two more about 10 years ago.

5.)  I made my first skirt for myself when I was 5 years old on my mom’s old Singer sewing machine.
6.)  I became enthralled with quilting when I saw a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt while visiting a friend of my grandmother.  When we got home she got some scraps together for me and I tried to stitch one just like it.  My hexagon shape was far from perfect and the endeavor did not last long.

7.)  My paternal grandmother was a knitter.  I taught myself to knit when I was in nursing school to occupy my time between classes and loved it.  Still do!

8.)  My husband and I both love to travel.  Our favorite thing to do is jump in the car and just take off for the back roads to see what we can discover.

9.)  We have lived in many locations, including Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Hawaii and England in our married life.

10.) There are a million things that I still want to accomplish in this lifetime.

I am now suppose to nominate others to do the same, but I am just going to put it out there for anyone who would like to join in on the fun.  I would love to know more about all of those who follow my blog.  Please feel free to add your ten things. 


  1. Love your Mini and the "Elephants on Parade" is gorgeous. Mincky is fabulous for a cuddly backing. How exciting , another wee baby...

    I think you had a very interesting life and it was nice to read.

    Hope you get lots to join you.

  2. I love your mini quilt Mary. Beautiful. The in the ditch quilting is just perfect, it shows up the design so well.
    New baby will just love Elephants on Parade. I so admire your work, and your choice of colours. I still use my little quilt you sent in ALQS4. It has perfect summer colours, and matches my cupcake cookie jar. It sits on my dining table as I 'speak'.
    It was good to read about your life. I may just try that out, tho I wont be so interesting I think. lol.

  3. Your mini quilt is lovely... the butter yellow is beautiful with the prints. I just love the elephant quilt. What fun! Reading the 10 things about yourself was fun, too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your Summer Star Mini for Minis and More! The yellow background was such a good choice! That elephant quilt was amazing! It was nice to learn more about you. You've done some interesting things :-)

  5. I wouldn't say that you're boring ... not by a long shot. I love both those quilts you've finished. The buttery solid on the mini is perfect, as is the adorable gingham you used for the binding. And the elephant quilt for your grandbaby is simply the cutest thing! That binding really adds a nice little pop!

  6. The colors in your mini are gorgeous! I have a new nephew on the way and my sister has requested elephants for his quilt. I am definitely going to Google for this pattern! Your facts are really fun, I love getting to know bloggy friends better!

  7. Girls with tools rock! Love learning a little bit more about you. Well that elephant quilts is just the cutest and how exciting there will soon be another little bundle to snuggle.

  8. Mary. Congratulations on your upcoming grandchild. He or she will love the elephant quilt, it came out amazing!

  9. You do have a lovely blog, so that award was perfect for you. It was fun to read how wild you were as a child and how adventurous you've been. What a fun lady! I love your elephant quilt and the idea of putting a photo of the baby on your label!

  10. wow, that was fun to read all those things about you! Love both of your little quilts. I, too, went to an all-girl school and hated it! Do you have any pics of your VW you can show? And how is your back now? Ugh.

  11. Your quilts are fabulous! Your work is always so neat and tidy...must be the training you got from working on your VW! Loved reading your are quite the interesting gal! Congrats on your latest grandchild coming along soon!

  12. Love the is beautiful both front and back! And I enjoyed reading your "10 things".....the elephant parade will be perfect for your new grandchild....can't wait to hear if it is a grandson or granddaughter!

  13. It's fun to get to know people better through these posts! Your poor Mom. Love both quilts. My new grand niece is going to have an elephant theme. I may need to look for this pattern!

  14. The elephant parade has fulfilled its promise - it looks as lovely now it is finished as I thought it would. Your grandchild will love it! Well, well, I never knew you once lived in England?? Whereabouts did you live? Lynne xx.

  15. Love your mini as well as the Elephant parade , very sweet quilt. It was fun reading about you , certainly learned a few things I didn't know :-)

  16. I loved reading the 10 things about you! It's fun to know those little tid bits. Your latest Minis and More quilt is just beautiful, but I have always loved each of your Schnibbles quilts!
    Elephants on Parade is just too darn cute! And the stripe binding sends me over the top!

  17. Love both quilts, loved learning about you, hugs friend

  18. Your mini is sew sweet. Love the elephant pattern.Baby will love it.

  19. Your Summer Star mini quilt is perfect for summer time décor. And your soon-to-be-here grandbaby will love the elephant quilt.

    Congratulations on your award...I loved reading your 10 things. Hope you didn't break your vertebrae 10 years ago on a skateboard.

    I do not have 10 interesting things to share about myself but I am sure you have lots of other friends who do.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  20. It was a lot of fun reading about you. I had to laugh out loud at #1, you are still pretty hyperactive I would say! LOL!! Read the #2 to my husband, I can relate to #3. The two of you and us definitely have #8 in common. The min looks soft and pretty in that soft buttery yellow. The binding and the backing could not have been more perfect on that elephant quilt. Great finishes!!

    Enjoy the weekend,

  21. It was fun to learn a little bit more about you! You've inspired me to make more minis to have around the house. YOur's is so pretty!

  22. Beautiful mini! I bought the pattern but haven't started yet. The Minky in the back of the elephant quilt looks perfect!

  23. How fun to learn more about you Mary! I just can't see you under the hood of a car, but then I used to change my own oil on my car when I was a single mom and broker than broke, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Most quilters seem to have double lives and are very good with their hands LOL!!! The elephant quilt is adorable and will make the new baby very happy - isn't it fun waiting on a new one to join the family? And it's great to see our younger generations choosing to leave the gender in suspense until birth - as my son says, it is one of the few really nice surprises we are allowed in life :*)

  24. Those elephants are adorable!!!

  25. Beautiful mini quilt, but more interesting are the ten facts at the end of the post. I loved reading these about you, and smiled when I read that you and your husband like to jump in the car and explore. My mother always says that a change is as good as a rest, so sometimes we'll do the same thing too, amazed that there are places in our town that we've never seen, even though we've lived here 25 years. Travel is such an amazing experience, both small and large.


  26. I am catching up - again! There are so many things on your list that I can identify with, Mary - we are very similar in a lot of ways! It is lovely to read all your news and catch up - I miss all my friends when I am away a while. I bought a new overlocker last year, and, can you believe, I have just this week unpacked it from the box it arrived in. And then took an hour threading it, but now it is up and going and I am remembering why I this is the fourth one I have owned! I worked the others to death in their time. Just so much fun. Your crochet work is stunning. Stunning - `and you don't like to crochet??? Hmmm. things will be changing!

  27. I have several Schnibbles patterns and have never made one. What is the background fabric on the elephant quilt? It's lovely. Also, you are anything but boring! Very interesting. When my husband retires in a year, we both hope to do #8.