Monday, June 1, 2015

Catching Up.....

It seems like I spend a good amount of my time playing catch up.  This time there was a lot of catching up on the eight hour time change from our vacation.  (I tried to post this earlier with Live Writer, but it seems to have a mind of its own these days.  Thank goodness Blogger is working for me now.)

We flew to NYC and spent three fun packed days touring the city.  One of the highlights was the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial.  It was a VERY emotional display.  To see the faces of all of those who were lost that day, the "missing" signs that were posted on the buildings and fences,  as well as items donated by the families (cell phones, watches, personal goods) really made you recall that day all over again.  They have done a beautiful job on it and I highly recommend a visit there if you get to New York.

Plane's point of impact.

Stairs used for many to escape.

Large quilt with photos of those lost that day.

Wall after wall of photos of those who lost their lives that day.

From there we bid farewell to NYC aboard the Queen Mary 2 for a very relaxing transatlantic crossing.

Eight days later we saw our first sight of land as we arrived on a bright, sunny, warm day in Southhampton, England.

Our dear friends met us at the terminal and we made the journey to their home in the English countryside where we would spend the next six days.

Their garden is beautiful and is just coming into bloom.  We loved seeing the flowers and all of the lush green everywhere.  We were graced with the typical British weather - rain, hail, winds and sunshine - all in the same day!

Pink Clematis

Of course the crazy Californians relished the sight and feel of water actually falling from the skies.

We took several day trips including a visit to Flatford Mill where John Constable's The Hay Wain was painted.  Does the sight look familiar?

We even rented row boats and rowed up the River Stour for lunch at the Boathouse.  Of course, we encountered a good downpour along the way and looked like drowned rats when we arrived!

The time passed quickly and it was soon time to fly back home for family events.  The day after we got back we had our first three graduations of the year.

Life is beautiful!  Since this post is long enough, I will do another post on a couple of things going on - including the gorgeous mini quilt that I received from my ALQS9 partner.  


  1. Good times - with friends and family! You are right - indeed, Life is Good :*)

  2. What a fabulous vacation!! NYC, a cruise, good friends, does it get any better? Thanks for sharing some photos.

  3. What a beautiful family and what beautiful photos of your vacation. Thanks for the lovely flower pictures. I always love to see other gardens.

    Pugs and kisses,

  4. what a lovely post, Mary........and how wonderful that you were able to spend some days with your friends in the UK. Goodness the 9/11 memorial is quite sobering and it really does put faces on those lost, doesn't it? The last time I was in NYC was about 46 years bucket list includes seeing the rest of the Good Ole USA that I've not seen yet.........Mt. Rushmore is at the top of that list..........someday........

  5. It sounds like a wonderful trip. I went to England when my daughter was living over there and the roofs on the houses in the row boat photo brought back memories. We went to the villages in the Cotswolds and saw lot of those.

  6. Some day......I will get to England. My roots are there ; ) beautiful pictures

  7. Beautiful photos of the 9/11. They have built a great memorial.

    Sew nice to visiting your friends in England.

    Congratulations to your three Granndies on their graduation.

  8. What a fun vacation and the memorial...that would be hard to walk through without crying. Congrats to the Grads...

  9. Thanks for the run-down on 9/11 memorial. We will be in NYC and it is one of the must see in NY. I know it would be sad, but it happened and we wished it didn't! Your trip to the UK sound lovely. We will be there too - Hugs Nat

  10. Now THAT sounds like the way that I would be willing to travel to the UK/Europe (I refuse to fly). Thanks for sharing the 9/11 Memorial. I can't imagine visiting it without shedding a tear or two.

  11. sounds like a GREAT trip! congratulations to your graduates!

  12. Hi Mary! What an exciting trip you had. The 9-11 Memorial was something I could hardly bear and had to walk outside to cry, but it looks like they have done a respectful and moving job with it.
    And England - Oh that is something wonderful. My favorite photo is of you and your hubby sitting outside and enjoying the rain.
    What beautiful grandchildren! It's nice to meet you and I am visiting from Soma's Lovely Blog Award.

  13. Sounds like a memorable vacay! I'm glad you had a great time. Congrats to the graduates!

  14. great trip ! wish i could have gone in your suitcase would love to see England

  15. What a lovely trip! You are quite the gad about...;-)
    Best wishes to the three grands on their graduations!

  16. I'm glad that you enjoyed a fun trip to such a beautiful place. Looks wonderful!

  17. Your trip sounds beautiful. I would love to travel on the Queen Mary. What a wonderful vacation. Thank you for sharing. Would love to hear about more.

  18. Great vacation, Mary !!! Almost like mine :)
    All the best,

  19. The Trade Center Memorial - so emotional, so sad. Beautiful photos of your trip. What a fantastic vacation and with friends too! I really loved reading about it. Congratulations to the grads, exciting times are ahead of them.


  20. What a nice trip Mary! How moving it must have been at the memorial. As most do I'm sure, I remember exactly I was and what I was doing when I heard the devastating news. Thanks for sharing the your pictures. The rest if your trip must have been lovely! Many happy events going on at home too! Life is good!

  21. What a lovely trip you had Mary. I think the 9/11 memorial must be so sad. I remember being shocked to the core, watching the footage on TV. You certainly chose typical GB weather to visit. We are having a bit of sun now in N.I. and lapping it up. Your young graduates look lovely. I am sure you are very proud of them.
    Looking forward to seeing which little quilt you got. Bx

  22. This sounds like a much-needed vacation!
    I agree completely with your assessment of the 9-11 Memorial. It was so sad, so heart-wrenching and I didn't even go in the museum (next visit, if I can bear it). Thanks for the photos.

    England sounds lovely, and to share it with good friends sounds even better. I love the pictures of the flowers, all that rain and beautiful countryside. And to top it off with your grandchildren graduating! Can't believe you have some that old (although I'm only 6 years away from it myself!)


  23. Wow! What a beautiful trip! Thank you so much for sharing. Makes me want to board that boat and head out for England! BTW, I read you about playing "catching up". Busy month for me also with graduations and college orientation week! Keep well! Cheers!

  24. What a vacation! I bet that rain did feel amazing. Has the drought hit you hard? Is it affecting your garden this year?