Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What to Do...What to Do....

Oh, the dilemmaa I am in!!!  I am afraid that I know the answer to my question already, but what would you do if you had this in your house?

Halloween in our neighborhood was absolutely dead!!!  We had a total of eight trick or treaters - in three groups - come knocking on the door.  We had a couple of dozen last year and around double that the year before.  Since we get so few, we had purchased the big candy bars for those brave enough to walk up to the front door.  I got two boxes to be on the safe side and now have most of them left.  I did send one off to our grandson who is in college in FL so that helped somewhat.  Now...what to do with the rest is the problem.

We are always blessed with the kids and grandchildren on Halloween.  They all come here for a quick lentil bean soup dinner and then head off for trick or treating.  We so enjoy seeing the little ones in their costumes and our neighbors are thrilled to see the kids as well.

With November here and the holidays quickly coming, I have been trying to get a jump start to stay current on my projects.  I was able to finish the last barn block and now have it sewn together.  I really did enjoy this project and loved all of the blocks.

I have been working on the current two blocks at the Thread Head Quilt Along.  As well, I started auditioning some of the background blocks to see what it will look like.  The yellow one may need to be redone as it looks too yellow to me, but I will wait and see.

Two fall pillows were made with the win of the embroidered blocks.  Best get them finished so I can enjoy them this fall.

Although our temperatures this week have been very un-fall like, one can sense that fall has arrived.  The colors on the hills are taking an autumn hue later in the afternoons and the hours of light are greatly reduced.  Two evenings ago we had the worst commotion of noise in the yard.  Apparently a flock of cackling crows decided to descend upon us.  Oh my!!!  It was like a scene out of the movies.  They were everywhere - on rooftops, in trees, on the lawns and flying in the air.  It was a perfect fall scene.

The lack of heat has apparently sent the heat loving creatures to places they do not normally appear.  This was on my floor on the cold and drizzling Saturday. 

It almost gave me a heart attack because I seriously thought it was a snake.  I don't mind the lizards, but look at the length of this thing.  I did manage with the help of a whisk broom and dustpan to get it caught and released outside.  I am sure he/she lived to enjoy our 90* + temperatures this week.  That should be more to its liking.  The poor old cat is constantly looking for a ray of sunshine this year too.

I also won the Green Fairy Giveaway of Breakfast at Tiffany's fabrics.  I will have to do something really special with this fabric because I was fortunate enough to have actually had Breakfast at Tiffanys in New York a few years ago.  It was a fabulous experience and one I will cherish for my lifetime.

It's another glorious day with high temperatures and I'm putting the top down in the car and running my errands as I enjoy the sunshine.  Have a great week.


  1. I don't know where you live in So Cal., but if you love books and live near a B&N, take your boxes of candy to the store and tell the manager they're for the breakroom. Most booksellers are poor and/or broke and will really appreciate it. I have a neighbor who sends in leftover baked goods.

    I work at B&N, I'm not poor or broke, I'm retired and I work there to be around the books.

  2. Oh my goodness, you have a lot of candy left! Know any teachers, they love snacks in the teachers lounge!
    I simply love your barn quilt!! and it looks like you had a geat Halloween with the kids!

  3. Good ideas here, but just get them gone!! A deby the pound for their candy - what kid do you know who wants to do that?

    LOVE the barn quilt - it turned out so wonderfully. Can't wait to see what you do with Breakfast at Tiffani's.

    Wow, that is one long-tailed lizard!

    Your grands have such creative costumes! My worse nightmare is trying to do costumes.

    Sounds like you're finally having some summer weather, now that it's supposed to be autumn.

  4. Great Halloween costumes & congratulations on that fabulous lot of fabric you won! That lizard thing would scare me too. Happy Autumn!

  5. Lovely win! Goodness sweet quilt top! AND look at you all over the Thread Head Quilt-A-Long! Love it! It is a wee bit chilly here today....brrr.... As for that lizard snake thing....I'd have freaked with that tail myself!

  6. Congrats on your giveaway win...look at all of those cute kids! Halloween is a fun time, isn't it?

  7. WOW! So much going on!!
    The kids looks great. The barn quilt is beautiful! I love how the quilt along quilt is coming along - the alternating squares are perfect! A lizard?! Congratulations on your win - how wonderful!! Top down - can't imagine!...♥

  8. You have been busy. Like your barn quilt. I have mine together just need to find a minute at the long arm.
    Hope you have a great day. :o}

  9. Oh my that is a lot of candy to have around. In my house it would be right down dangerous. Maybe you could donate them to a church group or something.
    love those pillows and the quilt squares.
    Have a great day.

  10. Fantastic quilts, I love the barn one. And yes that lizard does have a long tail...we dont have those in the UK but we did encounter a few in South Africa this summer, infact one jumped out from behind my toothpaste and I nearly fell on the floor! As for those chocolate bars I would have no problem ffinding something to do with them :)

  11. Ummmmm, I'll send you my address because I feel the need to help you out with that candy! :)

    Your grandchildren were darling for halloween!

    I really love your barn quilt. I bid on and got a beautiful quilt at our Christian school's silent auction!!

  12. Love the barn quilt! Lucky kitty with a nice sunny window!

  13. The barn quilt is adorable!!! And I like the other one as well... The gray and black blocks look great. I don't think the yellow looks to bright, maybe just needs a different place to live in the quilt... They look so nice together! Congrats on your fabric win!

  14. Jan has a great idea for the left-over candy!! I would have fainted at the site of the long-tailed lizard! LOL! Your pillows are beautiful and perfect for autumn. I totally agree with you on that one looks too yellow and so it looks "out of place". Interesting how those things happen, isn't it?

  15. Forgot to say that I like the Barn Quilt. Where did you find the pattern?

  16. Maybe the employees of your favorite quilt/fabric shop would enjoy the candy.
    You're inspiring me to get going on two projects we have in common. I'm way behind on my barn blocks. I really like your use of grass fabric with the barn blocks.
    And I had great intentions to participate in Thread Head's Quilt Along, but I haven't even started. Your blocks look great.
    I'm spreading myself too thin, I fear. So many projects I see online are tempting, and I start way too many.

    I wanted to reply to your comment on my blog today, but you're set for "no reply" so I'm make a connection here. Thanks for stopping by mine.
    BTW -- congrat's on your win!

  17. I would get the candy out of my house asap! I would be much too tempted to eat it all myself - lol! You have been very busy. Love the quilt barn quilt! I have just started on the Thread Head Quilt Along - yours looks wonderful!! You must not live near Long Beach where it was 100 degrees on Wednesday - can you believe that? I'm ready for more cool weather!!

  18. That candy wouldn't last two seconds at my house. So I don't know what to tell you. If I was here by myself it might be a problem. Then I would have to hide in a place that I was sure never to forget ensuring I would never find it again.(Do you do that? I know I do.) Your grandkids look great in their costumes. Good use of the embroidered blocks.

  19. Must say I am pleased it is not in my house.I would eat itLoved the photos of the kids in their costumes.
    You have been busy putting together your great blocks into quilts.

  20. Great photo's of the kids in their costumes!~ did you get one of the banana too? You could take your excess candy to the quilt shop~ I'm sure customers would love the treat. :-) Glad none of those lizards have shown up here~ you might hear my scream all the way to your house! lol Have a great week!

  21. do you need ask me what to do with that candy? What cute costumes...and I so love your barn quilt!

  22. I just gave the rest of my candy bars to my yard man to keep in his truck for snacks. He was tickled pink! I kept two for R as I noticed a wrapper in his trash can in his office! HA!

    That barn quilt is just amazing! I love it! You do such beautiful work!!!

    Do you play the lottery? You should as you seem to be lucky in winning!! :o) Great prizes too!

    Your kiddos look so cute in their costumes. How fun to come to Grandma's for supper before trick or treating, what a lovely tradition.

    I'm getting along good with the new format or whatever you call it. I still haven't found where you link back to things but will I'm sure. Thanks for telling me about it. It does seem strange composing it on one page and then downloading it onto my blog but hey, if it works better I'm happy! The pictures download much faster!

    Glad you are getting some hot weather as I know how you love it. We are expecting another nor'easter tonight and tomorrow with rain and some snow. Probably will get up to four inches of rain, the snow won't stay on as the ground is still too warm.

    I'm working on a wall hanging today now that I have all my housework done. It's one for Halloween that I found so will have it ready for next year. Also have a Christmas one to finish. Seems good to be sewing again.

    Well back to the sewing machine for me. Take care and enjoy that heat but keep your crows, we already have too many here that get into the trash! ha! xoxoxox

  23. We only had 5 in total. Luckily I can send the candy into work with my husband.

    Love all your pictures. The grandkids seemed to be having a lot of fun.

  24. Hi Needled your quilts!! And your photos of your pets. We sometimes get creatures from the outdoors inside..they do seem to migrate when the weather changes don't they.

    Candy..hmmm..Well..pack it in the box with your next giveaway--Ha!

    BTW, thanks so much for mentioning Live Writer. I decided to give it another go. It worked much faster than I remembered and uploaded groups of photos. It has some features I don't remember being available the last time I tried it.

    I still haven't figured out how to get my top photo to show when it posts though. Are you having trouble?

    I have to go edit it, after the post has published and save the top photo to desk top...and then upload it again using blogger.

    Then it shows up on blog lists with the photo. Otherwise, blogger doesn't see it. Odd...but still..I LOVE the look..and am going to stick to Live Writer for a while.

    I had to download it first and had been to busy to do that on my new computer.

    Thanks for the tip!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  25. PS. I'm afraid you might be right about the yellow block. My eye went straight to it before I had even read your comment about it. Isn't it funny about yellow and quilting. My quilting friends all told careful with yellow..a little goes a long way. The blocks though..are just gorgeous!!


  26. Since I was a teacher, I would suggest giving it all to them. They kids would love it.

  27. I haven't had that problem - I always buy candy that I like and have never had any problems dealing with the leftovers...

  28. How about cutting the bars up into inch long sections and freezing them in a ziploc. Then when you have a sweet tooth, you can take one out and savor it for a while. :)

    I have printed off the patterns to the barn blocks and seeing yours makes me want to get into making mine! I hosted a patriotic Quilted Barn swap on the HGTV Forum a year ago and I have those blocks to put together too.. I was thinking of somehow merging the 2 into one quilt. But now I am not so sure. I love the way these look all by themselves.

    Your fall pillows are fantastic!

  29. Wow, you have a lot of Halloween candy left. In my home it is not a good thing, because they will all go into my mouth and tummy.
    I like your block of the month quilt with irish chain.

  30. cute costumes!!!
    look at those yummy treats!!! you can freeze them
    i would probly use them for a function and make cookie pizza there must be something coming up:)
    wow! u give the big ones too
    i want to go trick or treating at YOUR house!!! those lucky kiddos:)

  31. What would I do? First I would eat the Butterfinger as I have not come across them before. Don't have them here.

  32. I love how your pillows came out.