Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inching Closer

As we inch closer and closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas I find myself trying to be more organized.  Somehow this year has slipped away from me and I gasp each time I look at the calendar date.  I think of all that I have left to do and then I head off to my sewing studio and spend my time merrily playing around.  I am not sure it is helping the situation any, but I do feel better after stressing about all that I have to do.  SIGH!!!

Have you heard of Thearica’s Pincushion Swap?  If not, you need to check it out and sign up.  Time is running out and it sounds like it will be fun.  A little pincushion is an easy project and can be done up in a hurry.

Last year I saw a beautiful quilt design of a Christmas Cactus done by Sandi at Piecemeal Quilts.  I have always loved the flower and recall my grandmother having a gorgeous pink one in her house.  She would have it moved outside each summer and then placed inside and upstairs in a big bay window for the winter.  Well…this year there is a Quilt Along for the pattern and I just couldn’t help but join in on it.  It has just started and is certainly not too late for anyone to join.  Check it out on my sidebar.  These are my blocks so far….four of each.  I can’t wait to see it all together.


I have added another two blocks to my Thread Head Quilt Along as well.  It, too is growing quickly.  I did change that screaming yellow one out with something a little quieter.



It really looks like that is all that I have done, but it was a busy week.  Our son and DIL were in FL for the weekend and we were busy being surrogate parents,  There were soccer games, volleyball tournaments and doctor appointments that occupied most of the weekend.  Life is never dull with nine children around.

The weather has definitely changed from our warm days into a real fall feeling.  It was only 39* when we got up this morning so I think it will be a colder than normal winter for us.  I am already not liking the darker evenings, but I do love the mornings being lighter. 


  1. Looks like you got alot done to what you are colors....but what fabric is not fun?

  2. Time is always getting away from me lately. *sigh* Brrrr....I'm cold just reading about your temperature there this morning!

  3. 9 children?? Wow. I had 3 of my grands today. We had a ball but it wears me out. I love your quilt blocks. You are getting a lot done.

  4. Oh, I'm so excited to see your Christmas Cactus blocks! These are the first I've seen besides my own and the ones my mom made. I love your color choices - they're a bit rosier than the colors I used. It's going to be a beautiful quilt!

  5. Love all you projects. I did click on the Chrismas Castus Tree but was brave and did not sign up.LOL
    I am sure your 9 kids keep you busy but how many granndies do you have??

  6. The Christmas Cactus quilt is going to be beautiful!

  7. Wow, I like the blocks on their own, but when you put them with the black diagonal sashing/borders, it looks fantastic. It makes the blocks stand out. I love the way it looks so far.

    Enjoy the kids/grandkids.

  8. Oh you are such a temptress Mary! Now I am going to have to look at the Christmas Cactus quilt along too! LOL Have a happy day!

  9. I really like the quilt blocks they are very colorful.
    I also like the bright mornings but I don't care for the early darkness.
    It was 23 here this AM and we are to get snow tonight. Blah!!
    Have a great Thursday.

  10. The QA blocks look fantastic! I am off to check out the Christmas Cactus - it looks beautiful!♥

  11. I can't wait to see the Christmas Cactus quilt finished! I so admire you and all those who can do so many "projects"!

    I know it was a busy time with the grands, but what fun! I need some time with mine bad!!!

  12. The Christmas Cactus sew along looks like fun but I just can't add another project right now. I really like the blocks you have made for the thread head quilt along. I just finished the 4th block and need to make a 2nd one.

  13. Yikes - two weeks till Thanksgiving. Kevin gets to come home, so we're very thankful for that. Then Angie will leave for Africa for Christmas before she moves to Maine in February. Busy times ahead!

    I can't even bear to think about Christmas stuff - I wish we could just sing and rejoice and forget the shopping! But with four little ones, that isn't going to happen, for sure.

    Your quilts are great - I especially love the last one.

  14. I really, really love how this quilt is turning out...even the screaming yellow!


  15. Me again - I mostly read when I am on the bike and the elliptical machine at the gym. I haven't been for 3 days since DC has been in the hospital, so need to figure out a way to get there tomorrow. What a crazy week it's been!

    I wish you lived closer too, help or no help!

  16. much amazing work...and yes so close to thanksgiving and christmas coming....:)

  17. Your projects are beautiful as usual. I am amazed at how much yu got done!

  18. Lovely as ever and still amazed that you manage to do it .

    Seems many people are feeling that this year has flown particularly fast, I certainly do. My 'drug of choice' is to get on the computer when I have a long list to get through!

  19. I was thinking how much you got done! Lots of gorgeous blocks and a little trip to boot...sounds like a good week to me!