Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten Days?

Has it really been ten days since I last posted?  Needless to say, life has been on a fast pace since then.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving despite the fact that we were missing about five children who had strep throat.  We don’t want all of that spread about with Christmas quickly approaching.  This was a photo of our immediate family – kids and grandchildren.

November 30, 2010 452

We always celebrate our Thanksgiving on the Saturday following as it allows the children to have Thanksgiving with their own families or with their in-laws.  So….I was NOT out with all of the shoppers!! 

Our fourth son and his family were down for the weekend and will be back again this coming weekend.   It is always fun for the cousins to get to know each other.  I think they will be good friends down the road.

November 30, 2010 448

Sunday was cleaning, laundry and putting away the Autumn decorations and Monday was a day of decorating for Christmas.  It seems to take longer each year, but at the end of the day this is what I had to show for it.  I made good headway, but there is still lots to do. 

November 30, 2010 458

There hasn’t been a lot of sewing going on here, but I have been working away at trying to get this stocking finished for THIS Christmas.

November 30, 2010 453

I am almost done.  I just have a few more gingerbread men, candy canes and flowers to fill the basket and a large cupcake with the name on it.

There is much more to share with you, but I must get to finishing up the house, setting tables and starting to cook for our big Christmas dinner this Saturday night.  It is our annual adult dinner party for twenty two people.  I don't know why I planned it just one week after our big Thanksgiving.  Guess I just wasn't thinking right.

I hope that everyone is staying restful and enjoying the advent season.


  1. gosh that stocking is lovely...i love all them babies too....

  2. Mary, you truly are blessed with a beautiful family. Thanks for showing your decorations - wow, looks like a magazine spread! Happy Holidays!

  3. Wow...nice big family!! You truly are blessed with so many angels!!

  4. I just LOVE those stockings you make for your grands. My girlies would swoon if I did something like that for them - won't be happening, though!

    Thanks for your care and prayers - I am really tired, but hanging in there!

  5. Love the family photo. Thanksgiving and Christmas used to look like yours when I was kid, unfortunately all of us cousins grew up, started our own families and moved all over the place. It is great whenever we do get together.

  6. What a fun family photo! You are way ahead of me with the decorating~ I got the kids sent back to school and had a nap! LOL Have a happy week!

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and the wonderful comments. You have a beautiful family, I do miss having my extended family at the holidays, but they all moved too far away.


  8. What a lovley family photo.
    Love the one of the two youngest members.
    Enjoy your dinner.
    The stocking is gorgeous.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! such wonderful family u have!!!

    Love that amazing stocking u made! u r so amazing and I do not know how you do it!!!! you are so awesome!:)

  10. Your family sure is big, must be fun to have them all together. Thanks for sharing your wonderful decorations.

  11. Love the stocking! Mine have stockings from Lands End monogrammed with their names! So not creative am I!

  12. What a lovely family you have!! And what a lot of work went into that stocking - it's impressively gorgeous!

  13. Love the picture of the cousins...they are so cute. Her smile is priceless. Enjoy you holidays!

  14. Lovely family!
    Your home looks beautiful too.
    Have a great dinner.♥

  15. How wonderful to have a large close knit family!!
    You home looks beautiful and I love the stocking.

  16. Awww looks like you have such a lovely family!
    I'm wondering if I have possibly met you at one of the quilt shows I have attended. I can't count the Southern Cal shows we have done over the last 6 years!! Do you go to quilt shows?

  17. I LOVE that stocking!! You amaze me how much you do. Do you ever rest? Your decorations are beautiful. Enjoy your dinner. 22 people??? wow.

  18. The stocking is wonderful, and you have a lovely family... You are indeed blessed... 8-)

  19. Thanks for coming by to lift my spirit

  20. That stocking is so fun. Cousin time = good time. That is such a cute pic. Enjoy your festivities.

  21. Oh goodness that stocking is just gorgeous! What a lot of detail on it!

    Your decorating looks wonderful. Don't you just enjoy putting things out, much more fun then putting it all away in a few weeks. I am still working on mine but got a lot done this weekend. My villages are all up and that is a huge task!

    Very lovely family picture, so sorry some of your little ones had strep throat. Not fun right at the holidays.

    Another big dinner?!! I do hope people bring things so that you don't have to do all of the cooking! I don't usually have as big a crowd on Christmas as I do on Thanksgiving so it's a bit more laid back and restful.

    We are in the midst of a big snowstorm today, may get up to ten inches of snow! My plow man has been here already but will have to come back later and do it again. I intended to get my horse trailer brought down near the barn in case I need it this winter but that didn't happen. We have a parking lot way out back for storing trailers, snowmobile trailers, etc which keeps things out of sight but I really do want my horse trailer, you never know when you might need it.

    The boys are good, I took care of the stable yesterday as the owner was out of town. We put them all out after the early service and then I went back up about 3:30 and put them in and fed them etc... They love it out even if it is snowing and of course they can come in the barn anytime they want.

    I have some sewing to finish up so guess I'd better get down in the sewing room. My DIL and Mom made over $2400 at the craft fair on Saturday! They were very happy and sold almost completely out of everything!

    It's so pretty out today. I'd like to just light the fire in the sun room and sit there watching the snow. Guess that's not going to happen this time of year! ha!

    Hi to E and hugs for all!!! xoxox

  22. I love your living room!! Looks so cozy.
    Merry Christmas!

  23. Hope your holiday party went well. I am sure all your guests enjoyed the evening! Your decorating efforts are just gorgeous. Looks like a photo out of Country Living!!! That stocking is just beautiful. What lucky grandkids to receive your handwork! And how blessed you are to have so many grands!!

  24. Beautiful decorations. That is what I was busy with all day today too. What a fun time of year.

  25. Your family is beautiful! You must be so proud and your heart so full when they are all around you. Your home looks lovely for the Christmas season, sounds like you have been busy thus far with all your dinner parties.

  26. Hello dear Mary,

    Isn't it amazing how much time can go by while one prepares for Christmas? lol I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off!! Got a lot of my shopping done while out with mom yesterday and hoping to finish it off by next week.

    I just love the way your house looks all decorated, just beautiful. As for that stocking you've been making, it's gorgeous.

    You have such a beautiful family and so blessed that you can usually all get together during the various holidays. I'm quite excited this year because my youngest brother Guy and his family are coming to spend Christmas here:-) Neither of my boys are coming home so this almost makes up for it!! Will explain more of what's going on in my next post:-)

    I'm taking a "me" day today and visiting my friends...hopefully I can get caught up with everyone! Love you. xoxoxo

  27. You have such a lovely home and Gorgeous family. Thanks for stupping by my blog. I will be back to visit yours

  28. Having Thanksgiving so close to Christmas must be quite exhausting. Your schedule sounded a lot of sense in view of the size of your family.

    Had to see everyone full screen even if some missing with strep. throat.

    Such a blessing that they all want to meet together too.