Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Can it possibly be August already?  I am sure some of you folks are really feeling the heat from what I am hearing.  I am so sorry and hope that you are managing to keep cool.  We are still on the cool side, but I won't even go there.

While my internet was down I received some lovely mail and was unable to share it.  My ALQS4 quilt arrived and it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!  These are all hand dyed fabrics, sewn and machine quilted by Margeeth.  Isn't it beautiful?

I have also been very lucky lately and won several giveaways.

Caroler Jelly Roll and Layer Cake from Inchworm Fabrics.

Two half yards of fabric from Quilt Taffy.

Great skirt pattern which I hope to make soon from Jandi.

I have been busy with many projects that I have needed to catch up on in my sewing room. It has felt really good to spend some time in there. Other than the everyday mending and ironing, these are some of the things that have kept me busy.

Patches for Lissa.

We have just received the pattern for our last block in the Jelly Roll Quilt Along and now I can finish that up and get it assembled.  The Jelly Roll that I used was Butterfly Gardens and was a gift from a dear friend, Midlife Mom.

Another monthly swap that I do is a yellow and blue block swap with Em.  Those blocks are adding up quickly as we do two blocks a month - one to keep and one to swap.  We are doing it for a year and this was my swap block this month.

Whenever we stop by our one son's home it seems that I am being sent home with some sort of mending project.  This week was no different when our 4 year old granddaughter asked me to fix her "pink thing".  It is what she sleeps with and the satin paws had become tattered and needed to be repaired.  I brought it home and patched it with some novelty prints.  She absolutely loved it as did her little brother.  Soooo...."blue thing" came home and also got the royal treatment.

One last project that I am working on is a small quilt for Sew Cal Gal's Pets on Quilts.  I can't show it yet, but hope to be able to share it later this week.

The tortoise eggs started hatching and we now have our babies departing to their adoptive homes.  I love seeing them come out of their eggs.  It takes about three days for them to completely emerge and then several more days until their shells straighten out after being folded up inside of the egg.

Day one - pipping.

Day two - Stretching from the shell and absorbing the yolk sac still attached to the bottom on the shell.

Day three-all that is left of the yolk sac.

Finally in the terrarium with the others.

I have a funny story to share, but I will wait until my next post to tell you about it.  I think this one is long enough.


  1. Beautiful quilt! You are so creative and so are your friends....well, excluding present company.

    I am fascinated by your tortoise babies!

  2. Wow, you have really had a lot going on in your life. I enjoyed the photos of the baby tortises. Your granddaughter is lucky to have someone to fix her lovies.

  3. Gorgeous quilts wow!
    Love the photos!

  4. You have been busy and the gifts are wonderful

    I love your jellyroll quilt along, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings if they read this but the jelly roll you used was just perfect for this...love it!!

  5. Lovely giveaways you have won. Your jelly roll was a lot better for the quilt-along than was mine. I didn't do block 11 or 12 yet....but I guess I should get them done. I might not even use all the blocks...that's how dissatisfied I am with some of them. :(

  6. I agree with the others~ perfect jelly roll for your blocks! :-) Love seeing the little ones hatch! Thanks!

  7. Okay, the tortoise pictures were really cool!

    I love all of your work. And the machine quilting done on your quilt is beautiful!

  8. Oh my goodness, lucky you!!
    That quilt is divine. I love the colours and those wavy lines look like water, very lovely indeed.
    Your sailing ship is wonderful too! Be great to see it in the final piece.
    Aaaw and Those tortoise are so sweet! Loved the pics of them hatching. Have they been named yet or is that a job for the grand kids? :)

  9. Wow! what alot of great things and pictures.....I love the baby tortoises, they are so sweet...It must be fun to watch them hatch...I have always wanted to do the turtle nest patrol on Galagapos island...(sp?)I think it would be amazing....
    love the mail too! the skirt pattern is adorable...you will have to let me know how it comes out....cute!
    I love the boat block too and I agree with everyone...I love the jelly roll you are using.....

  10. Holy cow, you have been busy! I love the way your jelly roll quilt has turned out! I can't wait to see it finished. And the babies are too cute!

  11. beautifull shall be your Jelly roll quilt.
    Ans the pictures of the egg and the little ones are adorable.
    love Dorine

  12. I love the fabrics by Margeeth. Pretty amazing.


  13. I enjoy a new friendship swap
    see my blog

  14. You got me with the tortoise hatching! Amazing!!
    Ok...lots of wins means run and get that lottery ticket

  15. It sure does sound like you are staying very busy.
    I love the quilt blocks.
    I enjoyed seeing the photos of your baby tortoises.

  16. Wow you sure have been busy and lucky too. I love the blue/yellow/white blocks, can't wait to see it when it is finished. I also love your pics of the turtles/tortoises, I am officially educated. I had no idea of how they came into the world. Thank you for sharing.

  17. I love your tortoise pictures every year - fascinating!

    Your work is so gorgeous, as I always tell you. I love the way you fixed your grandkids' "things."

    Are you going to blog about our latest fun stuff? I am, but not till next week, since I just did one that came to my mind!

  18. Gorgeous quilt! and such wonderful gifts. Loved seeing all your projects and the baby tortoise are too cute!

  19. Great things going on in your sewing room. Love my new block! Thanks! Found the hatching turtles very interesting.

  20. A lovely long post and so much to comment on! Those tortises are so cute and fascinating as they hatch. Will have to show my girls. I'm loving your jelly roll quilt, it's going to look beautiful when finished. Lucky you winning that Wonderland fabric from Quilt Taffy. Love that line and it's getting quite hard to find now.

  21. beautiful beautiful quilt!
    i love the way it looks!!
    and congrats on winnig those giveaways!

  22. WOW... lucky you ... mrs fortuna have visited you lately... :o)) Love the quilt you got.. its a masterpiece..:o))

  23. I love your blocks....you are on top of your game. They look great.

  24. Lovely colour and design combinations. Fancy managing to photo the birth of a tortoise!

    After our prolonged heatwave and drought it has now turned cool with torrential rain and media say this is the pattern until November - summer over!!

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