Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unexpected Silence and July Schnibbles

"No internet connection"?????  How can that message be legal?  Thus it has been for the last few weeks.  All of the phone trying to translate "chatting" with the no help line has resulted in changing our server and once again being up and running.  The strange thing was that we would have sporadic connection, but it would cut off mid sentence.  Soooo.......I am back!!!!!!!  Now, where was I?

After complaining about our miserable summer, DH and I decided we had enough and went in search of some heat.  Having no destination is mind, we headed north.  We ended up traveling more than 2700 miles and saw some of the most gorgeous sunny and warm sights.  Our journey took us through Oregon, Washington. Idaho, Montana and Nevada before returning home.  It was delightful.

Great scenes from eastern Oregon.

Oregon is great for a full car service when you gas up.  LOVED it!!!

Endless open roads...ahhhhh! have to keep your eyes open!

I think it is time for this baby to fly the coop.

Streams everywhere.

Fields of wheat in eastern Washington.

I found this design very interesting.  Sorry that the picture was taken through the buggy window.

Chief Timothy Bridge

We followed this river all day along Hwy. 12 through Idaho and into Montana.  It was just gorgeous.

The Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho.

Loved this collection of mailboxes in the old mining town of Cherry Creek, off Hwy. 93

The times have changed for them.

I wish I knew more about geology when I look at this range of mountains.

We DID find the heat......

Just as we reached Las Vegas.

We came home to a few days of nice weather, but it has once again returned to the same gloom.  It is really sad to see people wearing sweatshirts all day long.  SIGH!

One thing about having no internet is that it does allow a little more time at the sewing machine.  I was concerned about not completing my Schnibbles quilt for this month considering that we were gone and there were sixty snowballs to construct, but...ta-da!!!! 

This is the Eden line of fabric from Moda.

There is lots more that has gone on around here, but I will save it for another post.  I will leave you with this picture.  How many muscles do you think it takes to get nto this position?  I think it would be great for my abs.


  1. I'm glad your internet is up and running long enough for you to share a peek a the happenings in your life and oh so cute Schnibble! It's wonderful!!

  2. Cool pictures! Looks like a great trip! Glad you're back! :0)

  3. Looks like you have been having a great time. How lovey to be able to just head of with no specfic destination in mind!

  4. Great pics and beautiful scenery! Looks like a wonderful trip and I really love the pic of that bridge!
    Glad you're home safe and sound now!

  5. I hate when my internet is down. I am actually on a little business trip right now sitting in a parking lot waiting on hubby to sell some carpet! Things are slow so lets just hope. I loved seeing all of your pictures of your trip. It is hot here! It is supposed to be 100 degrees here. I am so tired of it! I am ready for some cooler weather. The garden is even drying up. I love your quilt too!

  6. LOL the little guy looks like a trapeze artist! :-) Loved the photo's from your trip~ how fun to travel with no destination in mind! And your Joy Luck is lovely! Glad you have internet now too!!

  7. What absolutely beautiful pictures. They are just breath taking. I would love to travel and get to see some of the Northwest, hopefully it will be in our future.

  8. Thanks for the great photos of your trip!! You saw some wonderful landscapes and wildlife. Love your schnibbles--too cute!! Isn't it funny how the internet is a daily *need* now, like air lol!

  9. Mary
    glad you enjoyed Oregon. I'm also, happy it was sunny for you. ;o}
    I like your Joy Luck looks very spring-y
    Hope you have a great day.

  10. Someday - maybe!! - we'll be free to take off and have such a fun time. What a great trip! And you definitely found the heat. What's up with the "global warming" in your area??

    Love your pictures - of the scenery and of the little guy at the end - and of course, your beautiful quilting.

    Come this way next time!

  11. Great the schnibbles

  12. Great photos, thanks for sharing and taking us for a drive with you - Schnibbles quilt looks great - Hugs Nat

  13. So funny that your idea of vacation is finding the heat, mine is to find the cooler spots. Nice pictures looks like you had a wonderful time. I love your Eden Joy Luck quilt, I'm still working on mine.

  14. Oh my goodness those places you've been are just so stunningly beautiful!!
    I'm so glad your internet is up and running too, for you to share these beautiful photo's. It just really, really makes me want to go there.
    Your quilting looks beautiful also, your so clever!! I'm gonna get round to making your tutorial flower one of these days as well. I've been thinking, thinking....xo :)

  15. Wonderful photos wow!
    Looks like a great trip too!

  16. Sounds like a fun trip.
    Glad the fabric (finally!) made it to you okay. Impressed that you've already used it!
    Take care.

  17. Yippie your back!! Bummer on having no internet!
    Fabulous pictures! LOL loved the last one!!
    Congratulations of finishing your quilt it's very pretty!

  18. I love the Eden line and it is certainly makes for a cute Schnibbles!!

  19. wonderful pictures! I feel like I went on vacation too.

  20. Enjoyed going on the journey with you Mary.Beautiful photos. Had a little laugh when I saw the deer. On my trip to Perth I had two emus scoot out in front of me.
    Love the fabric in your quilt.
    What a wonderful photo of your littlie doing his ab crunches LOL.

  21. What a fantastic trip you took Mary. Those open and empty roads would be a dream. Enjoyed photos blown to full screen.

    Quilt lovely too. The Joyhn Deere 'tractor driver' looks like he is flying.Sorry you were without a connection for so long. Modern technology wonderful when it is working!

  22. Beautiful schnibble. I heart Oregon. Full service is wonderful. They do it to help the employment rate. If you pumped your own gas someone wouldn't have a job.

  23. I seem to follow you on your trips just a week after you. We're in Oregon now. Love your schnibble.

  24. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your trip. Friends of ours left NC and went all the way to the west coast and the husband kept a diary of important things each day. They came over when they returned and we had show and tell. It was so much fun.

  25. Glad you're back !!!!
    We've had such extreme heat here in Pittsburgh that the flowers have shut down blooming.

  26. Hi Needled Mom, Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.:o) I've made that trip you took too! We packed up four kids in our van and hit 14 national parks going from Texas through Southern California, all the way up the coast to the Hoh Rainforest, then across Yakima, Washington, down through Oregon, Utah, etc..hitting all the canyons along the way. It was fantastic! I'm so glad you got to make the trip too. It's breathtaking isn't it?

  27. Glad your internet is up and running again. Love the vacation pics. You can always come to Texas in your search for heat. I only own a few sweaters as there is not much need for them.

    Beautiful quilt.

    I'll have the pics up from my photo shoot of my latest skirt on Monday. See you then.


  28. Thanks for showing us all of the pics...It looks like you had a great time!

  29. Hi NeedledMom. ALQS4. I received your lovely little quilt on Wednesday 28th July. Thank you so much.

  30. I love your pictures and glad that your internet is up and running. Glad that you had a nice trip.

  31. What a wonderful trip, sure wish I could talk R into doing that! We have had the heat and you guys have had the gloom that we had last summer. I guess I would rather have the heat as we have spent so much time at the lake this summer. It has been just gorgeous there.

    Loved you pictures!!!! You certainly are Quick Draw McGraw getting your camera out in time to get the doe crossing the road!!

    The streams are just spectacular, and I too love how they planted that hill to make that pattern.

    Another beautiful quilt! I did a little sewing today, and I mean a little.......Dad needed a pocked fixed on one of his work shirts! ha! Had to dust off the sewing machine!

    Well it's time to go out and do some mowing before I get dinner ready. I made a blueberry pie and that is cooling on the stove. Blueberries are abundant this year with all the heat. I looked out a few minutes ago and two of the boys were laid out in the sun in the riding arena! They sure enjoy the heat of the sand and sun!

    So glad you had such a wonderful trip my friend! I'm not jealous, green is my natural color! :o) xoxoxoxox