Monday, July 12, 2010

Where is Summer???

Where is summer?  While many of you are enjoying your warm summer weather(or not), we continue to be covered in a marine layer of cool, damp air.  My flowers are not enjoying this and neither are we.  We were fortunate enough to have some sunshine and temps into the mid 70s for our big 4th of July party, but the sun has been hard to spot lately.  It gets rather depressing to look at the five day forecast and only see temps in the 60s for all five days.  I feel the need for heat!!!

Our SIL put together a video of our annual tug of war at out Independence Day party.  It was such a great party and our daughter even came with the newest family member - only 4 days old.  You can watch it here if you would like.

I have managed to get some sewing in which always lifts my spirit.

Jelly Roll Quilt Along Block - I was a little late on this one.

Another Jelly Roll Quilt Along block

Quilt Barn Block for July

What is IT?????

A take along chalkboard, of course!!!!

What could make a day more sunny that this precious bundle of pink?

I'm off to search for some sun.


  1. Love all your blocks! What a sweet picture of the new grandbaby too! Sorry about your cooler temps. We were in the 90s all last week and I have to say I prefer the 60s over that! Too bad we can't all just have a happy medium! LOL

  2. love the quilt barn block and the baby is precious!

  3. The baby is ADORABLE!! the blocks are great!! Love them all, the barn block is fabulous! BUT the video!!! Those young guys should be ashamed they called the "old farts" old farts!! Looks like the "mature farts" gave the young farts a run for their money!! The "Mature" farts should be proud! signed, a mature fart! lol

  4. What an adorable Pink Bundle.

    All your blocks are looking great and I just love your portable chalk board.

  5. Your blocks are looking great.....and what a cute little, bundle of pink, that is such a beautiful photo, I love it when they sleep like that!

  6. i love your blocks, and that barn block is lovely. We have the sun with temps hitting almost 100 every day last week. I would love to have your weather instead.....i need to move to alaska, i'm so hot blooded. lol

  7. What a beautiful little child. Really adorable.
    I love the blocks you made.

  8. Oh, so you'd like heat? If I could send you some of ours, I'd be glad to!!! I could use some coolness after this summer!

    Oh, the baby girl is such a beauty. I'd call this pic "Pretty in Pink".

    Your blocks are gorgeous!

    Take care!

  9. Your new grandbaby is adorable.
    Looks like lots of hair.
    My gs who is 7 mo looks bald till you get close to see his blond hair.
    We are having lots of storms and unusual lot temps here also.
    I love your blocks great job.
    have a great day and hope you find some sunshine.

  10. What a precious new grandbaby! Love all you blocks. Nice weather or not, it looks like your family had a great party. The old guys did a great job too.

    Too bad we can't share the heat you wanted. We've had plenty.

  11. I think we are going to have a late summer. The sun is out down here in Capo Beach and it is so nice to see it. It has only been coming out for sunsets. I love our California weather though, best in the west:) That baby girl is adorable.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie

  12. Very nice blocks!
    I'll trade you for a cloudy marine layer of hot damp air . . . . it seems the plants don't like this either!

  13. Oh my!~ what a cutie! Hope you were able to collect lots of snuggles. :-) Your blocks look wonderful too~ I'm way behind. :-/ We had sun, but today a 'cool' front has moved in... ah well, its a great day to run errands! Hope you have a happy day too!

  14. Sending sunshine vibes your way !
    The quit patterns are wonderful, and that baby is precious.

  15. Such a precious baby.

    I am interested in that take along chalk board.....

    Your blocks looks great!!

  16. How absolutely precious. She is a very pretty bundle of pink.

  17. Completely out of character, we here in the UK are havign a heatwave. The humid type. And even though I complain about the humidity, I have to say that I am loving the wide open doors and windows for a change. I hope the sun returns to your part of the world soon!
    I love the blocks, especially the first one. Lovely! And as for the little pink bundle - I just want to snuggle with her!

  18. thanks for the birthday wish...your blocks are great and that little bundle of pink is so cute

  19. I am ready for a bundle of joy, but not ready for my daughter to have one! She is 19 and in college - I hope she waits a while.

    Your blocks are great - you are getting a lot accomplished!

    My flowers are dying due to the heat!

  20. Oh, that sweet little baby girl!

    Come to Colorado for plenty of sunshine and heat! I'm surprised that you're so cool.

  21. She is SO cute!!! I'm sorry about your weather...who would have thought you'd have weather like that and we'd be having nearly every day over 90 degrees for the last several weeks? (We usually don't get that until late July or early August and then only a few days here and there.) Weather seems wacky and backwards all over the place lately. *sigh*

  22. She's gorgeous!! Better luck next time to the Old Farts. It looked like heaps of fun:) That chalk board is a terrific idea, I would never have guessed. xo

  23. Hey Mary
    That grand baby is too cute. and the projects look great.
    Hope you have a great day.

  24. Since you sew THAT well, no wonder it makes you sunny.

    That tiny girl is darling, Mary.

  25. A pink bundle of joy! Love your blocks esp.the barn block.Hope the weather turns for you!

  26. Oh my word that is just the cutest picture of the new grand baby!!!! I would just love to sit and rock her in the rocking chair for a few hours!!

    Hope you are warming up a bit. It is raining here today which is good as it cools things off a bit and gives the lawn a much needed boost. I have done so much watering this summer we are going to have a huge water bill! Also running the air both in the house and the apartment is going to make the electricity bill sky high! I'll have to get a job! NOT!

    Your quilt blocks are amazing as always, I just love seeing them!!! The little chalk board is so cute and what a wonderful idea for in the car on a road trip.

    It is still very humid here, when I work outside I am just dripping with sweat. Been working on my flower bed at the lake and it's looking good. Hope the deer stay away!!! :o(

    Our tv hasn't come yet but got an email from Acadia and they said it should come sometime this week.

    R is in NYC but will be home tonight. He flew down on a private jet so was sooooooo happy not to have to go through all of the security and plane changes! Wish we could take it to OR!!!

    Lunch today with my SIL from VA and her daughter (Jo=Lynne from Musings of a Housewife). We always have a good time when they are here on vacation.

    Hope things are warming up for you, if not I will be glad to send some humidity and heat your way!!!!


  27. That sounds like a good summer to us!!!! It's HOT here.

    Your new grandbaby is gorgeous!

  28. Your blocks are great...but I especially like your barn block. It is fabulous!

  29. Too bad we can't swap a little weather... The baby is gorgeous!

  30. Love your blocks and your new grand baby is adorable. Wish I could send some of our sun and heat to you. We're just melting over here.

  31. Never heard of a take-a-long chalk board, that is really neat! Your blocks are beautiful.

  32. Your blocks are so pretty and that baby is adorable!

  33. Congratulations to you and hubby on that beautiful new little princess! I must confess to being very envious. I'd so love to have one of those :)
    She's absolutely beautiful, of course!
    What fun to entertain the "Flat Princess" for a while. Our oldest grandson's class participated in a flat doll project. What a great idea it is for learning about other parts of the world!
    Your sewing is always a work of art. Love those pretty skirts for the birthday girl.
    Your summer sounds like ours last year. This is where your heat has gone this year! We've had hot, dry conditions with high humidity for much of the summer (and spring!). The humidity is so hard on my poor hubby.
    Lately there's been some rain to relieve the gardens and crops, thank The Lord, and the temps have been just a little better. Last night we had a doozy of a storm and this morning there's a very large branch from the big maple balancing on the line that holds the bird feeders. I should say used to hold...2 of them ended up on the ground.
    Enjoy your newest granddaughter!
    I love the photo with her lovely mom :)

  34. The Princes is adorable. Congratulations to all. What a perfect family one boy and one girl - Love your blocks too - Hugs Nat

  35. Oh, I love all the quilt blocks! you do such lovely work (fun)!
    I wish we had some of your cooler weather, we are nearing 100 degrees every day. It is almost unbearable. The baby is gorgeous! So huggable!

  36. look at that beautiful Angel!
    your quilting is just AMAZING!!!

  37. What a ridiculously cute bundle! She is precious!

  38. If you want heat you should head out my way we've been in the 90s. Your jelly roll blocks are looking great. And that sweet little baby is gorgeous.

  39. These are just gorgeous blocks! Oh your grandbaby is darling! Thanks fo sharing with us.

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  40. Wish it was cool here. Heat index today is 110 in NC. Love your quilt blocks. How did you do the take-along chalk board? That is so neat!

  41. I love the blocks, and the baby is precious. I wanted to let you know you won the giveaway over at Inchworm. Have a great day.

  42. You quilt barn blocks are wonderful. Where did you get the patterns for them? Your grandbaby is so precious, congratulations!