Friday, September 4, 2009

One More Try

Since Blogger has been giving me such fits about where I want my photos to be placed, I am about to give up this activity called blogging. Again, I cannot move my photos around as I wish so the order of this blog is going to be very random. I took the advice of others who have had the same issue and loaded my pictures in first rather than the other way around. Now.....I have to add the story around my photos.

Since the weather has finally decided to become summer, much of my time has been spent enjoying the outside. I've been spending a lot of time in the garden and not a lot of time in the sewing room. I did manage to work on a Christmas quilt with redwork "Days of Christmas" embroidery. I am still not happy with the border so will redo that with something else, but I love the wonky stars. They were so much fun to do and go up so quickly.

Last week we managed to get out of town for a few days and headed up to the High Sierras for a little fishing, hiking and just enjoying ourselves. Coming home, this was the view that could be seen for miles and miles of the big Station fire that has been burning in Los Angeles. We were worried that the road coming home would be closed, but we managed to get through shortly before they closed all the canyon roads down.

We spent our time with our daughter, SIL and their ten month old grandson in Mammoth. One of the days we took the gondola to the top of the mountain, ate lunch and hiked around a bit. It is tough breathing when you are at 11,000 feet plus elevation, but the views were spectacular. Unfortunately, the area was impacted with all the smoke from the fires.

Isn't this an interesting tree? We came across it while hiking and I thought it was strange that it had two completely different types of needles. When we got up close to it we noticed that there was a second tree growing right in front of the larger tree. Too funny!!!

The drive was a little long for a ten month old who had to be restrained in the car seat. Of course we made a lot of stops, but it was cute to see his different expressions. They would fluctuate from this.....

to this.

Apparently all of God's creatures are appreciating the fact that summer has finally arrived to our area. This delightful little fellow was perched atop the Society Garlic bushes and enjoying the sunshine.

This weekend our son and his family will be home to celebrate Labor Day and my husband's birthday with the rest of the family. My husband was actually born on a Labor Day. Guess laboring on Labor Day is the right thing to do.
So life has been good.


  1. Oh don't give up....

    I just go in and copy and paste and put the pictures where I want. usually the first photo in is the last when it shows up. But if one is out of place, just copy and paste it and delete the one you copied.

  2. Life has been good for you. Don't give up on the blogging, we enjoy having you here!

    I load my photos first, then type my text, but my blogger (I use Firefox on a Mac) allows me to drag and drop my photos where I want them.

    Gorgeous Christmas quilt, I wish I was so far ahead with my Christmas projects!

  3. Hey, if I don't quit, you can't! I do copy and paste some, but it's a pain, so I just do like you did and work around the pictures mostly. When I copy and paste, I change from compose to html and it seems to be easier for me to move the pictures. But, hey, I'm a slowwwww learner!

    I love that quilt! I don't quilt but I love quilts. :)

  4. I've been wondering how close you were to those terrible fires.

    Yup, that's the way it goes on a long trip with little minute laughing and the next crying. I remember doing Inchy Winchy Spider one million times on a trip from MI to MN with a grandson.

    Love your red quilt.

    Don't stop blogging. Don't worry where your pics are...most of us aren't professional computer people!

  5. your work is SENSATIONAL!! You are so talented!
    love it!!!!

    how scary to be that close to the fires...

    So nice to be with family! Great pics!

    My pics are a pain to download...I have issues with it LOL!

  6. Your quilt is beautiful!
    And NO you can't quit!

  7. Don't give up! Please! Blogger has a mind of its own at times.

    I can't believe how your little grandson has grown! It seems just yesterday he was born, and look at that cute little boy!
    Beautiful photos, and the quilt is absolutely gorgeous too. I love the mountains, and there is something about standing there and looking down on the rest fo the world which is totally magical, isn't there.
    Happy Birthday to your husband! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I always load my pictures first (and they are still loading in reverse order for me) and then type my words. Also to get rid of the big space at the bottom of an entry, scroll to the bottom, click at the left of the bottom and then start clicking your backspace button until the curser is right under the last line of typing.

  9. I have no problem with blogger and putting my pictures wherever I wish. Perhaps it's your computer?

    Your family is in for a weekend of celebrating; have fun!

  10. Please dont give up, I always put my photo's on first and then write around them and to lose the big gap at the bottom put your curser at the bottom and then back click until it reaches the end of your daughter had to show mw that one. Your photo's are great and your Grandson VERY cute!

  11. Hi,
    I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel your pain with blogger. I had so many issues when I started in January, but I've conquered it...I think. Although this last post I couldn't drag a photo down. Not sure what's wrong with blogger. I always put my pictures in first before the text. The first picture that I add is the last picture I want on the post and so on. Why they don't make it easier, I'll never know. Cute pictures of your grandson!! Looks like a beautiful trip.

  12. Don't you dare give up blogging, I'd never forgive you! lol That is so strange that you and Midlife Mom are having issues with the pictures...I haven't had any problems at all. Just watch, now that I said that, I'll start having problems! lol

    Oh how I love your Christmas quilt, it's just beautiful. As you say, the stars are so much fun!!

    We're finally having Summer here as well...better late than never I guess. It's been nothing but sunshine and hot temps for the last 2 weeks now and I'm loving it. I even have the air conditioning going, something I haven't done all summer!! The veggie garden is still producing well and keeping me busy:-)

    We've been hearing about the fires in California on our news and it's so sad to see. I can well imagine how much smoke there is everywhere!!

    I don't think you'd get me in that gondola to go that high up a mountain! lol I'm terrified of heights. What a view though!!

    Your little grandson is just adorable:-) Lily is now 10 months old but we haven't seen a picture of her since she was 6 months old. Breaks my heart that they are "too busy" to send pictures or even visit. I've never had words with my son before but something will have to be said soon!!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby, I do hope you all had a fun celebration and I look forward to hearing all about it:-) xoxo

  13. Your time in the mountains sounds wonderful. Yes, it's so good to have a little summer weather at long last!
    Loved your grandson's expressions :)
    I haven't seen as many butterflies this summer, so it's a real treat when they do show up.
    Love that amazing tree :)
    Those fires are so horrible. What an ordeal for everyone that has to deal with them.
    Your latest quilt is beautiful. I love the red and white.
    I hope the mountain lion is no longer about. What's the latest news on it?
    We've had a possom eating the cat food in the barn lately. The cats seem quite nonchalant about it. Apparently it's not threatening as the raccoons can be.

  14. Hi, I had the same problem so I just add photos first and hope I remember to add them last-to-first. Oh well! :) I came over here after I saw your comment on Pea's page, just wanted to say thanks for putting a lightbulb over my head about growing cucumbers on a trellis.. would never have thought! maybe next year I'll give it a try. Nice photos though... that tree is funny, so is your backseat traveler! :)

  15. Happy your enjoying the good life! Your grandson is adorable.

  16. Please don't give up. You are such a blessing. The baby is just beautiful. Happy birthday to your hubby.

  17. I agree with everyone here...please don't go!
    My grandaughter was born on Labor day too (1999) and the hospital gave her a new car seat!

  18. Don't give up! I think you need to work in html for photo loading. When ever you post a picture it will go to the top. So you cut (in html) and paste it where you want it. Then begin your write up so that you know where you are when you switch to compose mode and continue writing. Go back to html and load aother picture and cut & paste after you last para, write a bit and switch. You also have lots of returns at the end of your post, hence why you have lots of blank space. Go edit post, and into html. Place you cursor at the end of you last paragraph and press delete until your returns are removed! Hope that helps! Cheers!

  19. I'm echoing everyone else - don't give up. I get so exasperated with blogger sometimes but like others I find putting the pictures in first in the reverse order of where I want them in my post, and then writing around the pictures works best for me.

    I am so in love with your redwork quilt. I just finished Winter Wonderland, also a redwork quilt, and took it to the longarm quilters. Can't wait to get it back! I have a lot of redwork patterns but I don't think I have the one you's too cute! blessings,m arlene

  20. oooh! I love the border on your red and white quilt! the whole thing is beautiful!
    and blogger is difficult.
    I have started putting the pictures in first (backwards) which makes it kind of tricky when I go back to write...especially when I'm trying to do a simple tutorial. :)

  21. Hi Mary I am also new to blogging . I was told just keep pressing buttons. I do and it is not always right but hay it dosen't matter and I am having fun.

    Maria from /Dongara Western Australia.

  22. Hi. Thanks for visiting my site! Yours is lovely. I have the same problem with pictures. And I do load them and then type. But I never had any problem until I got a new background which wasn't one of the blogger templates. Did you do this? Ever since then, I've had problems. But I love my background . . .

  23. Don't give up! You need to download Windows Live Writer. It is amazing, and so easy to learn. Check it out! I know you will love it!
    be blessed,