Thursday, August 20, 2009

Merrily, I roll along..

Okay......I give up. Blogger will not allow me to move any of these pictures again. Somehow it did move one to a place where it doesn't belong. Sooo.....if you are reading this, please excuse the chaos of the blog this time. You will have to use your imagination as to where the pictures go once you have read the words. I guess I could call this post "The Back to School Challenge." Sorry.

The days slip by and then the weeks are gone. It is absolutely mind boggling how quickly the time is going. Why wasn't it like that when I was a child eagerly awaiting my birthday or Christmas? Life it too good.

Other than the weather, August has been a fabulous month. I have one quick complaint about the weather as I know that no one wants to hear it, but where is our summer??? I finally broke down and put the electric blanket back on the bed yesterday. All week it has been in the low 60s with thick fog at noon!!! This is suppose to be sunny California with tanned beach babes, etc. What has happened? Have I ever told you how much I love the heat? Perhaps the complaining will be heard. I can only hope.

It's been a great time to spend time in my sewing room. I had one of my granddaughters come over and we had such fun sewing up a couple of outfits for her along with a little purse. She told me that she was going to keep the purse until she was as old as I am. Hmmm. I wonder how old she thinks I am. I told her that I would want to see it then at which she promptly replied, "But Grandma, you'll be dead then." When I informed her that I would ONLY be 110 she told me that I could come sew at her house then. Out of the mouths of babes!!!!

I have also been wanting to tackle one of the disappearing nine patch quilts that I am seeing on so many blogs. It was really fun and super easy. I am going to make it into a twin size and put it on the twin bed in the kid's playroom. It's bright and will stand up to lots of little ones climbing on it.

Since I have joined the Friendship Bag swap, I made a couple little bags this week. They are quick and easy to do and would make great gift bags. I played with some embroidery work on the front of it and I am really loving these little flowers. They are designs from John Deer and are cut after completing the design so that the flowers are three dimensional.

Another project that I worked on this week is a romper for Christmas. It is done in red corduroy and was quick and easy. I thought it would look really cute with a little white turtle neck shirt underneath. Can you tell how much I enjoyed the embroidery class I took a few weeks ago? My husband says that he would not be surprised to see his underwear embroidered one of these mornings. Hmmm!

My mom continues to stay healthy and we are all thrilled. She was here the other evening for dinner and my daughter popped in as well. Since her husband works evenings, she joined us for dinner and we were able to get some cute pictures of the four generations.

With big families, there seems to always be a birthday or two or three. Our little redheaded grandson had his 6th birthday this week. Some of his cousins decided to dress up and parade around his chair singing the happy birthday song. Can you tell that he was less than impressed?

In closing, here is a picture of one of our other birthday babies. We actually had seven little ones hatch, but the rest have already gone to their adoptive homes.

Have a great week, everyone.


  1. Love all your sewing projects. Isn't that 9 patch fun? It goes so fast.

    So happy to hear that your Mom is doing well. She is beautiful and looks the picture of health, no indication of her rough months.

    Sometimes it can be so embarrassing when the cousins make a big deal of the birthday but I bet he would be pretty disappointed if they didn't!!

    Enjoyed the picture of your 4 legged friend. I think that is when I first discovered your blog...last year when the babies were hatching.

  2. Great photo's and good fun trying to sort the pics with the words! Your mum looks great. We are taking my mum on holiday next week to a farm house in Cornwall, she is 81 now and we will have fun! Hope your weather warms up for you, ours has been pretty hot this week and I hope it holds out for our 2 weeks away.

  3. You have been one busy lady....real busy. Love your disappearing nine will be wonderful when you get it completed. It is easy and does go fast...lots of fun. Love the bag and the pictures of your wonderful family.

  4. Oh, my goodness, you are so talented. I cracked up at your husband's statement about the embroidery on his undies. I think you should definitely do a pair!

    Your grandkids are so much fun - cute picture! So creative, just like Grandma.

    Your mom looks great - I am so happy for all of you.

    I love the offer from your granddaughter to have the purse back. Too cute.

    What is disappearing about the patchwork quilt? I am learning quilting language by reading Jennifer Chiaverini's books, but I know so little!

    The little turtle is so cute.

  5. Wow have you been busy! Everything looks great, fabulous!!

  6. You amaze me how much you get done. So glad your Mom is doing good. I loved all the pictures even if they were not in the order you wanted them in. Thanks for sharing.

  7. In the picture of the 4 generations..that is your mom, daughter and grand child...but is that you in the yellow? I know sometimes that blogger can be a pain but i am not having problems yet..Thanks for stopping by..isn't it great to be happy and content???

  8. I love that disappearing nine-patch pattern too! Glad to see your Mom doing so well! The bag is absolutely beautiful1

  9. I must try a nine patch soon as I have finished the other ones I have in progress! Embroidery is like that, isn't it - anything that is at hand gets the treatment! Great photos, and don't talk to me re Blogger - I spent an entire afternoon trying to upload photos, with no success last week.
    Your Mum looks wonderful! And how that little on ehas grown! It seems just yesterday he was born.

  10. That was an interesting challenge to match the words with the pictures! I'm happy for you that your mom is alive and well and can be hugged.

  11. Your mom looks great! Glad she's doing well! The crafts are great, the grandbaby is precious and the turtle is cute. Now about that weather! Come across the country to sunny, hot, humid Florida and you won't even have to think about turning heat on!

  12. So Blogger has hit you too with it's mean act! I just hate posting knowing that I am going to have such a hard time with my pictures. Blogging without pictures for me just doesn't do it!

    What a lovely picture of the four generations! Your Mom looks so good, I am so glad the worst is over for her and she is on the mend.

    All your sewing makes me feel like such a slacker! lol! I got out my kit today and looked over all the directions and it shouldn't be too hard, just time consuming. I do hope I get it done before Halloween! Now to keep it out of sight so the kids don't see it before Halloween time.

    Your little tortoise is so cute. How do you find homes for all of them? Do the mothers take care of them or are they on their own once they hatch?

    Sure wish I could send you some of our hot, humid weather! Yikes, I'm just dripping wet everytime I go outside to do anything.

    We're headed to Portland in the morning. Oh, I guess I already told you that in the e-mail. Duh! I hope there are still some summery things in the stores that I can pick up for my trip. Plus I'm looking for fall things to decorate over my cupboards! Home Goods, here I come!

    Love you dear friend!! xoxoxo

  13. I love your posts, your pics, your quilts are so darn amazing!

    Happy to hear your mom is doing well!! She looks FABULOUS!

    Cute turtle!!!

  14. Love your grandaughters comment. How sweet. Cute bag and quilt. You are so good to sew clothes. I seldom if ever sew clothes since I started quilting.

  15. Great photos !
    It is dissapointing when things dont work how you intend them to look.
    But its all good !

  16. I like the little turtle guy. He's pretty cute. So are all your grandkids! What fun you must have with them! And what a treasure the four generations pic is! Your Disappearing nine-patch is really pretty. I've thought of trying one but I have so many projects on my "to do" list that I shouldn't add another. And what can I say about Blogger except, I love it even when it does things that don't make sense!

  17. Ok, c'mon, show us hubby's embroidered undies! hehe That was too funny!! Quite a few people have complained about Blogger being a pain with uploading photos in order. I haven't had any problems...YET!

    Wow, you certainly have been having cool temps in California, I always thought it was supposed to be hot over there! lol You've more or less been getting the sort of temps we've had here in Northern Ontario. It's cooled right down here again after a week of hot weather so I think that week was our summer!! Sheesh!

    I just love all the sewing projects you've been working on. One can tell the pride you take in your work and everything is so beautifully done. Love what your granddaughter said:-)

    Your mom is looking wonderful and such beautiful pictures were taken of the 4 generations. I need to get a picture of my mom, me, Shawn and Lily to show the 4 generations on his side...hopefully they'll soon be settled into their new home and can come for a weekend. They haven't been here since last December and we haven't been to see them since March. They sold their house before the one they bought was ready and ended up having to live with friends of theirs most of the summer. Only last week were they finally able to move into their new house.

    Your grandkids are so darling, even the embarassed one! hehe I was so shy, I used to hate it when anyone would make a fuss over me! lol

    Awwww love the baby turtle, so sweet!!

    Take care of YOU!! Love ya. xoxox

  18. Your Mom is looking well and happy !

  19. Worked fine, seeing the pictures and then the commentary to match.

    Do you download pictures first and then add the script? The best way if you don't. Was trying to h elp a friend with a blog last night and I was unable to move any of their pictures at all. Maybe that was a blogger issue too. I hope so.

    Amazing your weather. Sounds more like England except that we have had 86f this week.

  20. What is going on with blogger?? It took me forever to do my post today..The way that I laid out my pictures showed up different on preview..maybe I need to switch to word-press!!!

    Your four generation picture is great and needs to be printed and hung on a wall.Your mom looks so pretty with her gray hair..glad she is feeling better!!

    All of your sewing projects look wonderful..I love the purse you made for your granddaughter.Enjoy every minute with family.
    Hugs, Baba

  21. The disappearing nine patch looks wonderful!

    I lived in CA once and I would love to be in that climate again...TX just gets way too hot sometimes.

  22. Wonderful photos of your beautiful handiwork and gorgeous family.

    I love your disappearing nine patch quilt. Lovely fabric choices!

    Made me smile reading the part about what your grandaughter said. The best part? You not only made a project together, you made good memories.

  23. What a fun filled, family writing ... your creations are darling. Isn't it fun to have Mother over to dinner, I used to enjoy doing this.

    Have a safe & beautiful holiday weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  24. I'll try to describe my method for posting pics and adding text when I have time to e-mail. It may be helpful...let's hope so! :)
    I haven't had any problems with far.
    I'm with you on the heat...I love it! Sounds like our summers have been very similar weatherwise. Our weather has been glorious lately and I've been out in the garden as much as possible. That's where I'm headed next.
    Those pictures of your mom, with the little one, and bigger ones are both precious. She's a beautiful woman, with such a lovely smile. I'm glad to hear she's doing better.
    Kids say the funniest things :)
    The little purse and dresses are adorable, as is the red romper. So cute! Love that bright quilt too. I have no idea how you find time to sew! I guess if you love something that much you find time for it. You do a beautiful job.
    Love the "ring around the birthday boy" shot :)
    And that baby turtle is adorable too :)