Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A New Friend

As I mentioned in a previous post, I participated in The Friendship Bag Swap and my partner's swap bag arrived at my house this week. It came all the way from the Netherlands! Dorine was my secret swap partner and we have quickly become friends. She speaks Dutch and yet she writes beautifully in English. She has also started doing an English translation on her blog just for me!!!!! My Goo*gle translation left a bit to the imagination. Not only does she enjoy sewing for her grandchildren like myself, she also has a background in nursing. Can you believe how well we were paired up? Please check out her blog.

This was a photo that I took from her blog of the Friendship Bag. I love how she used her traditional fabrics when she constructed it. Inside she tucked all sorts of wonderful goodies from her homeland - a darling thimble, a wonderful 2010 calendar (so I can think of her each day), a fabulous magnet, a brochure and some gorgeous fabrics.

I LOVE these fabrics and can't wait to find a special project to use them. Thank you so much, Dorine.

Over the weekend we went to a Dodger vs. Giant game with some friends of ours. A day at the ballpark is a great way to spend an afternoon especially when your team wins.

During the games they always have a roaming camera that they call the "Kiss Cam." The idea is that if they capture you on the big screen you are to kiss whomever you are with in the picture. There was one couple where the guy got down on his knees and proposed. I am sure it was all planned ahead, but cute just the same. Of course you could not hear the words but you could see her reaction. It was great.

That was accompanied by this sign being flashed. I don't think the poor girl ever saw the sign, but someone behind her held up a huge sign that said "She said YES!"

This week I have been working on Halloween costumes. Since many of them are in parts while I await fittings, I do have this Little Red Riding Hood cape to share with you. I'll share more as I finish them.

Our son's family gave DH a remote control plane to him for his birthday. The kids all love going to fly the plane with Grandpa. This was not a good flying day as we had several crashes. Perhaps it was because of the fog!!! Maybe the little remote pilot needed to be flying IFR. Oh wait, I don't think the plane got up that high! There must be another good excuse.

It hasn't felt like autumn here. Our leaves have started to change but the heat has finally hit. We had a high yesterday of 105*. Of course I love the heat so you won't hear me complaining. The humidity was only 5% and that made it the perfect condition for fires. We had one that broke out in our county, but it has not been too bad. The winds are calm and they have it fairly well under control. The media always makes it worse that it is.

My roses always tend to take on more fall colors at this time of the year. The red and peach colored ones make for such a lovely fall bouquet. I picked these this morning and took a big bouquet to my mom's as well as placing some around the house.


  1. Wow! The bag and fabrics are really great!

    I wish I had put my followers in my favorites too....oh, well. Maybe they will mysteriously come back like they left! Thanks for the Prayers.

  2. I love the bag so much. You have been a busy bee. Those flower are something. They are gorgeous. Your quilt will be shipped tomorrow. I know I have said it before but thank you so much. Watch for my Give away!

  3. What a neat gift from a blog friend! You are both so talented!

    105 - too hot for me! Glad you're enjoying it. It's been cool all week so far, but is supposed to be back in the low 80s by the week-end. Crazy place we live.

    The roses are fabulous.

  4. Nice swap gifts and your roses are LOVELY!!!

  5. 105 degrees in September!!!!! Just as well you like it.
    Wonder what happens if the person panned on the camera does not want to kiss in public?

  6. Just popped over from Barbara's site and found another nurse. I am retired now, but have just been retired about 18 months. Worked til I was 70 as an Intake Nurse in the home health agency where I had worked for years. I have not activated my license. I would have been too tempted to work again and I just don't need that. Stop over for a visit as I would like to get to know you better. Blessings

  7. What a lovely gift and I love the material she sent. I can't wait to see what you make of it.
    I love the flowers.
    We have had rain and fog for the last 2 weeks and the leaves have started to fall off the trees.
    I do love the colors of autumn tho.
    God bless

  8. wow! what a wonderful new friend! such neat stuff!

    cool pics of the ball park looks like the weather hot but nice;)

    Love the roses,
    and the costumes sound exciting!

  9. What a lovely bag and all the goodies from your friend in the swap! It is amazing how we meet blogging friends and have so much in common isn't it? I know I have met friends through blogging that will be my friends forever.

    We had a crash here with the helicopter that we got at Ocean Reef last year! We gave it to D and he and Son were out with it and it crashed into the street and broke part of it. They think they can fix it so that's good! Is all that open field behind your house?

    I don't think I have any costumes to make this year. You must always have a lot to do with all the grands you have! :o)

    The roses are GORGEOUS! Yellow roses are my favorite but I just don't have good luck with them here. They tend to winter kill so often that I get discouraged. I do have the 'oldfashioned' rose bushes and they live through anything but don't have the big blooms like yours.

    105* YIKES!!! But only 5% humidity, that is just unreal! What a great day at the beach that would be as long as there was some shade.

    We got soccer tickets for Miss T's riding instructor this weekend and she is thrilled to be going to the game. There will be six of them going and the suite will be open for them!!!

    I think I may have found some pumpkin! It's not the One Pie brand but it is Libby's so I will give that a whirl. My brother Bill got it where he works. I'll let you know if it is the same!

  10. Your friendship bag and goodies are adorable! How sweet of your partner. My SIL & her husband were at that game too! (but they were rooting for the other team).

  11. Oh what a beautiful bag you received in the swap, I love the Dutch material she used for it! She also included such delightful items from her country:-) You two certainly do have a lot in common and isn't it wonderful to know that blogging continues to bring friendships together!!

    Oh your roses are simply gorgeous, I love all the colours! My roses are still blooming like crazy, glad the frost hasn't affected them in any way. I was looking at them yesterday and they're loaded with buds yet so I'm thrilled that I'll be enjoying them for a bit longer yet:-)

    Today I've been washing windows...had my air conditioner removed this morning from my kitchen window so it was a good time to get everything washed. Figure my muscles are aching from yesterday's potato harvesting so might as well make them even more sore! LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend, dear Mary. I don't have any plans except for the auction on Sunday but I'm sure I'll find something to keep me busy:-) Love ya! xoxo

  12. That bag is fabulous. And I love the fabric that came with it. YOu are a lucky girl.

  13. Hi Mary, It is nice to read that you are so happy with the bag and the fabrics.
    Last year I made a dress with the dutch fabrics for the first birthday of my granddaughter.
    I will send you a picture of that in private.
    Let me know what you will make of this fabric and if the fabric is enough oterwhise I send you more of it. greetings Dorine

  14. That bag is gorgeous! And the roses! You must spend a lot of time working in them to make them so beautiful and healthy looking!
    I love the red cape! You are so very talented!

  15. What a lovely bag & fabric you certainly had a good swap partner
    Thanks for mentioning my give-away
    Hugs Janice

  16. Who'd a thunk your leaves would change in the heat? huh! Love those goodies you got. Lotsa fun!

  17. Cute bag! And I love your roses! Have fun costume making~ ;)