Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So This is My Wednesday

This was NOT the way that my anticipated Wednesday was suppose to be like.

My intentions were to get up, go to my dermatology appointment and then come home to enjoy the day. What was I thinking?

It all started last evening while our daughter and SIL were here for dinner. I had made a delicious apple crisp for dessert and went to add the ice cream to the bowl. The ice cream was not as hard as it usually is but I had just purchased it yesterday. Not a problem!

This morning as I was quickly trying to get out of the house for an 8:00 a.m. dermatology appointment, I thought I should double check that ice cream to make sure the freezer was still cold enough. NOPE!! Since most things were still frozen, I quickly moved what needed to be moved to the freezer in the garage and figured that I would deal with it when I got home.

Two weeks ago I had a small spot removed from my arm and the doctor wanted to remove two more spots - one on my leg and one on my back. I had both of them removed and a few stitches put into both areas. However, the one on my arm has turned out to be a skin cancer that I will now need to go in and have surgery performed on it. I was not expecting that news as I have had so many "areas" removed over the years. This fair skin is no delight. Perhaps my saving grace is that I grew up in the Midwest were we were not exposed to sun year round as we are here.

Leaving the office it was now back to deal with "the problem" at home. I managed to drop a box of blueberries that went wildly rolling in every direction (I thought about you, Dawn) and under every cabinet. Of course the situation was not improved with the instructions that I had just been given at the doctor's office to not stretch. Try collecting all those things without bending your back. Mind you, this refrigerator problem happened in March as well - March 18th, to be exact. The repairman will be here sometime today so all of my plans for running errands have now vanished. Let's hope that it is the same problem and that the new parts will be under warranty. Have I ever mentioned how I dislike G*E appliances? All I can say is that it is one lousy way to get the fridge and freezer cleaned out.

We enjoyed the grandchildren over the weekend and they were well behaved -- busy, but very good. It is always fun to have them for several days when their parents go away. You get a good chance to visit with them and to hear all that is going on in their lives.

Here we have an older sister with a willing dress up partner.
The sale of my FIL's house went through and was finalized yesterday. It was a busy week with clearing everything out and getting ready for the sale, but it feels great to have it done with the way the market is these days.
Yesterday was our DIL's birthday and we met up with them at the volleyball game for their eldest daughter. I love watching volleyball. Our boys played it in high school and college and we have a sand volleyball court in our backyard. It has always been on of my favorite spectator sports.
Happy birthday, L. Who would guess this beautiful woman is the mother of ten?
Ms. M serving.
Ms. M during matches.
Our daughter had her doctor appointment on Monday and was told to anticipate delivery sometime next week. She had her last day of work yesterday and the escrow on their home is suppose to close any day now. She is frustrated that she has not been able to set up the nursery and do the typical "nesting" that comes at this point of the pregnancy.
We have surprised them with the baby cradle that she and her four brothers used when they were newborns. I had it refinished and have made a new bumper pad and mattress that will match her sage green and white nursery. We showed it to them last night and they loved it. I can't wait to see a little baby snuggled up in again.

Our weather has turned quite warm which is typical for the fall here. It has been in the 90s for the last few days, but is forecast to be cooler with even a chance of some rain this weekend. It would be a welcome sight as we have not seen any rain since last spring. The cooler summer has driven our tortoises into an early hibernation. Our three females have gone to sleep and the males are definitely slowing down.

It's hard to imagine that it is the first of October already. It won't be long before we are deep into holiday plans and wonderful family times. My only question is, "Where did the past year go?"

Have a wonderful week.


  1. I hope you'll visit my blog and enter to win a book I think you'll enjoy. Happy October!

    Oh Mary, I'm sorry to read about the cancer diagnosis. We'll have to talk tomorrow about the next steps. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    What a precious gift you're giving your daughter! Not only is that cradle beautiful, it's filled with so many wonderful memories, as well. I hope she'll one day pass it down when her baby has a baby, along with loving stories about Grandma Mary!

  2. You have had such a day! I'm so sorry about the news from your dermatologist. Thankfully, with surgery, treatment is highly successful.
    That freezer problem sounds beyond annoying. Hope the repairman gets it fixed quickly.
    I love the cradle you've passed down to your daughter. Bill made one for our first granddaughter that I'm hoping will get passed down someday.
    I smiled at your comment re: my china. I have service for 30 and nearly every serving piece ever made!
    Happy Birthday to your DIL. She's beautiful and I'm sure she's a wonderful mom to her 10 children!!

  3. I'm sorry to read about the skin cancer. I have had several friends go through that. Hopefully, they get it all in time.

    That cradle is darling.

  4. I am really sorry to hear about the skin cancer, but very thankful you have discovered it early. Thank heavens you and your doctor are vigilant, Mary.
    That cradle is absolutely beautiful - we will need a photo of the little one in it soon too!
    Wow - your daughter in law certainly does not look as though she is the mother of 10 children - she looks beautiful and not in the slightest bit frazzled!
    I really hope you slow down a bit, get that freezer under control and have time to relax soon - everything seems to happen at once, doesn't it!

  5. Thanks you for the kind comment you have left on my wholecloth!

    I am sorry to hear about the drama in your day. Sometimes life does take us by surprise, doesn't it?

    I love seeing the pictures of your family! You are blessed! :)

  6. Well, that does not sound like a good time! I"m sorry to hear about the "spots." DC has to do this yearly, but so far nothing too serious. HE just gets them zapped so far.

    I had to chuckle that you remembered about the frozen raspberry fiasco! Too funny. I haven't had trouble with GE stuff, but my dad dislikes them so much that I don't buy anything with those letters. The fact that GE also bought out my husband's former company doesn't help.

    I cannot believe how young and refreshed your DIL looks - 10 kids! She must be super mom. Amazing.

    If you have a minute, go check out Kristen's latest post - she's something!

  7. Me again - I forgot to answer your question about the rain and the lake. Shortly after I posted that sad story about the dry lake, we did have a nice three-day rain. Just what we needed. It did a lot of good for the lake, but suddenly it's much more filled up than for a long time - really nice.

  8. Oh dear, your day certainly didn't go very well at all! Your dermatologist's news must have really shaken you...prayers that the surgery will go well and all traces of the cancer will be gone.

    You certainly didn't need the added problem of having a freezer go on the blink! Sheesh! Dropping blueberries everywhere is something that would happen to me! lol

    The cradle is so beautiful and how wonderful that you had it refinished for your soon to be new grandbaby. Such wonderful memories behind it as well!

    Your DIL certainly does look amazing....the 10 kids must be keeping her young! lol

    Take care of YOU! xoxo

  9. So sorry to hear about your doctors report. It is good he is keeping a close eye on your skin.

    Maybe I should appreciate all the cloudy days in MI!!

    What a beautiful cradle and so full of memories. My great grandchildren are using the rocker my Mother sat in when she was a toddler (born 1901) and used by the 4 generations since.

  10. Oh that darned old skin cancer! I too have had those spots taken off but have to be checked every year. I was such a sun worshipper when I was young, never wore sun screen, just got brown as a berry. Keep me posted on when you are going to have the surgery.

    Have you been entering the Fall Give Away on the quilting blogs? There are 40 of them giving away sewing stuff and there are some really nice prizes. Patti has the link on her blog. I probably won't win anything but it was fun checking out all of the sites and seeing what people are working on.

    That cradle is amazing plus the new bumper pad set! I bet your daughter was thrilled!!!! Bet you can't wait for that new grandbaby to get here!!! Do you know what it is or are they going to be surprised?

    My freezer in the garage isn't keeping the ice cream hard either. Everything else is fine so I don't know what is going on. Can't find a temperature control to change on it anywhere. Sigh.....

    Mom is doing better and probably will be moved to a rehab facility today (Thursday). We don't know yet which one but have requested the one right here in town. It will depend on what is available. I'm so glad that we decided to cancel our trip to SC to the wedding. It would not have been good for me to be away this week. Hopefully by the 18th she will be home as that is when we go to Florida for our vacation. I have things all set up for when I am gone, my sisters are going to help out.

    Your DIL is beautiful. I agree with the others, she looks so relaxed and refreshed!

    Must get ready to go up to the hospital. It's only a few miles away which is nice. It's pouring here today so I will use the valet parking!

    Take care and let me know about your surgery!! xoxox

  11. Praying about the skin cancer. Unfortunately it's pretty common here in sunny Florida! What a day! The freezer, that is so awful. But what a beautiful dil....and no I cannot believe she has 10 children! Love the cradle! I love all things family! Have a great weekend!

  12. I am sorry to hear about the news from the dermatologist. I will pray the surgery goes well! ((Hugs))

  13. Best wishes and prayers for you in this skin cancer diagnosis. Thanks goodness you caught it early.
    I love the cradle! What a lovely and precious gift!