Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn in the Air

It is definitely starting to show signs that autumn is in the air. Normally this is the time of year when we are very hot and dry with the Santa Ana winds blowing. It is not so this month. The winds are a big nightmare for us as they are what tends to bring out all of the firebugs who enjoy starting the wildfires for which our area is well known. To that point, it is a great relief. I, however, do enjoy the warm temperatures that the winds bring us.

Please do not get me wrong as I love the season of autumn. I enjoy seeing the leaves changing and the wonderful cooking magazines with the hearty tummy warming recipes throughout. I do know that the cooler temps and shorter days mean that the winter months are quickly approaching. It was actually 43* the other morning and I am thinking that it is time to put the electric blanket back on the bed.

I do not think that I could live without my electric blanket (EB). It is wonderful that they have improved them over the years so that there are dual controls. It would be terrible to have to cook my husband who is the absolute opposite of me. Sigh. Who would ever believe that I grew up in snow country?

We've had a busy week around the house. We replaced the older windows throughout the house. Other than having workmen in and out for three days, the worst part was removing all the blinds and window treatments. It is nice to have the new windows as they are much more efficient and they all work so easily.

As well, we had our youngest grandson for the weekend while his parents got away for a few days. He is at a great age and is just starting to get into things. He has learned to crawl and goes like crazy for anything he wants. But.... he also learned how to pull himself up onto things. Unfortunately he does not know how to get back down other than to fall. Thankfully it is a soft landing on the carpeted floors.

He LOVES to eat! He hasn't quite mastered the art of picking the food up and putting it in his mouth but has found shoveling it in works quite well.

He and Grandpa enjoyed the golf on television.

I did manage to get a little sewing in as well. I make a quilt for each grandbaby that arrives. Since we have one coming in a few weeks, I have been working on that one. I saw this fabric and fell in love with it. Then a pattern caught my eye in one of my recent magazines and I knew that this was the project I needed to do. My daughter LOVES this book. The fabric is every bit as cute as the book. I have the top done and need to back it and quilt it for the new little darling.

Another big event is that my FIL's home sold and the new folks want to move in next week. Hello!! It has been an extremely busy week trying to sort out all the furnishings and get packed up. We had only gone through all of the personal stuff prior to listing it and figured it would be on the market for months. It was a cash offer and they want it by the end of the month. The weekend will be busy around here.

It was already scheduled to be a busy weekend as we are watching our second son and his wife's four little ones from Thursday through Sunday. I hope they enjoy packing boxes! Yes, our lives are busy but we are so incredibly blessed with all that is going on here. We count our blessings daily.

I have enjoyed seeing all of the autumn decorating that people are doing. I need to get mine out and up so I can really get into the mood of the fall. Keep posting so I can become truly motivated. Have a great weekend.


  1. How unusual for you to be cooler than we are! Love those sweet little chubby cheeks on your grandson. They're so much fun at that age (well any age really!)
    I LOVE that quilt. Is it The Very Hungry Caterpillar?
    (hope I'm right..)
    How fantastic your FIL's home sold so quickly. They sit on the market forever around here. We have one of the highest foreclosure rates in the Bay area!
    Glad you have some helpers for the packing.

  2. Whew! You are one busy lady!

    That grandbaby is darling. Don't you want to just kiss that soft head?

    The quilt is precious. I love the border material with numbers.

  3. I'm always so warm (even worse with the "power surges" lol) so I can't even imagine having an electric blanket on me! We've had frost on a few mornings now so Autumn has really set in.

    How wonderful that your FIL's house sold so fast...I'm sure TOO fast in your opinion! lol I guess it's better than having it sit there for months, though. Best of luck getting everything moved!!

    Your grandson is just adorable, look at him shoveling up that food! hehe

    Love the quilt you made for your future grandbaby. I wish I knew how to make something like that but I'm afraid I have no talent in the sewing/quilting/crochet/knitting department!! lol

    Hopefully you'll have time to relax once everything is done:-) xoxo

  4. I agree with pea..can't imagine using an electric blanket..and I don't even have the "surges"! Love these cool nights with the ceiling fan on full blast.
    Sure sounds like you've been busy and will be for awhile yet. Isn't it fun to have the darling grand children over for visits? Your grandson is so cute getting the food to his mouth.
    We were fortunate in selling our MIL's house in 6 weeks. It can be very hard living in another state.

  5. Wonderful that the house sold so quickly, especially nowadays. And I am sure the grandchildren will love helping to pack boxes!

    Oh how I love that quilt top! My children loved the book, and seeing the fabric makes me want to make one too!

    I haven't started thinkign about autumn decorations yet - next week, I think. Now to try and remember where I stored them last year. Hmmmm. I need a tracking book!

  6. Hi Mary!

    Congrats on the sale of your FIL's home. That was fast, especially given the market right now. Let me know if you can use any help with the packing, ok?

    I am in love with the quilt you made - how cute is that?? The pattern is darling and that fabric - so cute!

    And speaking of cute... your little grandbaby is a charmer, with those little chubby cheeks and that big grin. You are indeed blessed!

    And so am I! :-)

  7. That is amazing how quickly your FIl's home sold! Around here things are lingering on the market for ages. My sister's house has been on the market for two and a half years without even a bite!

    Love the quilt! It must be the caterpillar book?! You do such nice work!

    I guess I know what the grand kids will be doing this weekend. I bet they will like helping you pack things and bringing them back to your house. My grand kids like helping in the barn. Tonight they were here for dinner so went out after and helped Grampie put the ponies to bed.

    Electric blanket?!!!! Oh my, I would do better with one that had ice cubes in it! lol!

    That little one is just adorable! That is such a fun age, but busy!

    I hope you don't get a lot of fires. We have our third section of carriage roads almost finished out back and they are such a help if there is a fire out there. The trucks can go right out there instead of the firemen having to carry the heavy packs. I will be glad for the big gravel trucks to be gone though. They sure have kicked up a lot of dust!

    Our Paws On Parade fundraiser has been postponed on Saturday as they are predicting heavy rain and wind that day. We're going to have it on the 11th of October. We are disappointed that we can't have it now but it wouldn't be much fun out there in the cold wet weather.

    Guess that's it for tonight. I think I will watch Survivor and see if I can get interested in it this year. It's been rather the same the last few years. I can hardly believe this is season 17! Can that be right? That's what they said this morning. I must have heard it wrong!

  8. That is an adorable quilt! Your grands are very blessed.

    How old is the little guy? I love the old fashioned high chair - looks like it has served many kids and grandkids well! I think he's about the age of the twins - but they're not quite that far along in their development yet. But they're really coming along!

    Fall is my very favorite time of year. It was very warm today - but it's in the 40s and 50s in the mornings. I love it.

  9. Your life is full (so busy) and wonderful. Your little grandson is so cute! Your new quilt is beautiful, I may have to copy you.
    So litt

  10. le time, so many wonderful things to do in life! Hope all your details work out with the packing. Sorry about the split message, my computer played a trick on me.

  11. awww. What sweet pictures.. I hope you have a good weekend!

  12. What a loving baby! He is so cute! Sound like you are very busy as usual. Love the quilt! Wow, how do you do so much and have the grandchildren too? You are amazing!

  13. I am wishing for some cooler's been close to 90 all of a sudden. I love the quilt top...such fun colors!

  14. that looks like how I eat, LOL!!!what a sweety!

    You are busy!!!! That quilt is amazing! Great job!

  15. Good morning, I have been awake since 5am; when I can't sleep, I get up and clean or get on my computer...

    It is so much fun to take care of our grands. I will keep my 7 month old granddaughter this week , while my daughter and family go to Florida..We went with them in June and a baby can keep you from doing things at night..I can't wait to have Olivia at my house. I will take pictures of her and share later.Your grandson is so cute and looks like a little man with his handsome haircut!!!

    In cooler months, I use a heated mattress cover that only warms up the bottom, I do not like heat on top of husband loves it..when I get too hot, I kick one leg out of the cover..

    You are so talented and the quilt is beautiful.I want to learn how to knit or crochet..

    Have a great week-end. hugs, Baba

  16. Well busy is right!! You really have a nice looking husband!! Don't tell him as you know ego in a man..what happens? smile

  17. Your Hungry Caterpillar quilt is pretty - I love all the vibrant colors!

  18. The hungry caterpillar quilt is so cute! My daughter also loved this book when she was younger.

  19. Your grandson is so handsome, precious actually and the quilt is beautiful!

  20. Thanks for entering my pillow giveaway! :) I love your Christmas tradition of exchanging homemade gifts. Homemade gifts just mean so much more, don't they?

  21. Don't you love it when you find the PERFECT material? My mom is the seamstress and I was able to shop with her for material. The hunt was FUN! And we found the perfect material. Enjoy:)

  22. love the quilt! how fun it looks;)
    You are so busy!!!