Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Little Rain

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their care and concern over my dermatology report. I feel very comforted by all the kind words. I am certain that this will amount to very little as I am persistent about frequent checks due to my fair skin. I am so glad to see the care that is taken now with little ones regarding the sun. Our parents had no idea that the sun could be as dangerous as it has turned out to be. Of course as teenagers the almighty tan was so important. I can remember slathering cocoa butter all over us and literally frying our skin. I was fortunate enough to avoid that practice because the sun and I have never agreed upon what color I should be. For me it has always been white or red. As a friend once said, "we are now paying for the sins of our youth."

Today has been a day to sit back and enjoy a little rain. We have not seen any rain since the early spring so this was a cleansing event. The trees all got a washing and are now sparkling. Everything looks so much greener. I love the way it looks and the fresh smell outside. It was also cool - a chilly 60*. That is quite the contrast to the 90s that we experienced earlier this week.

It seems like when the weather cools down I get a craving for pumpkin pie. I made one this afternoon and the smell of it is lingering throughout the house. We will have it for dessert tonight with some freshly whipped cream. My mouth is watering.

It was the perfect day for doing a little sewing as well. There is a Fall Into Fall Giveaway going on in many blogs right now. I thought that I would spend a little time working on something to become a member of it. Be sure to check it out as there are about forty people participating and there are some really great items being given away. Just click on the scarecrow in my sidebar to see what they have. I will post a picture of what I am going to be making, but I have to finish it first.

One of the blogs is having a candy giveaway. The gift would be wonderful to win, but I am more thrilled to see what is now back on the market. A bonus prize from I Want Candy is a box of Mallomars. This is my all time favorite cookie. We have not been able to get them here for years and I so hope that they will have them in our stores. That vanilla cookie and milk chocolate coating is so yummy. There is no comparison to the Pin*wheels with the chocolate cookie and dark chocolate coating.

I have been doing a little Halloween decorating around the house. The grandchildren helped me get a lot of items put out last weekend which got me motivated to get the rest out and put around the house.

I have always loved frogs and I am amazed at all the different "frog" decorations for the seasons. My Halloween frogs include a .....

candy bowl

cookie jar,

and a table sitter.

This is my ghost that I made many years ago with paper towels and Styrofoam cups.

I also made a witch using the same items.

While I was out running errands this week, I went past the farm fields where folks go to select their pumpkins. There was a sea of orange and tractors pulling wagons loaded with children on their way out to find the perfect pumpkin for their homes. What a thrill it must be for all the little ones. Many of the local schools take field trips with the younger students to this pumpkin farm.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend. Be sure to take a few minutes and check out all of the Fall Into Fall Giveaways and check back in another day or so to see what I will be adding to the list. Until the.....think candy corn!!!


  1. Your decorations are adorable. I especially love the frog candy bowl.

  2. The frog decorations are so cute! I've never seen anything like them.

    I've never done the fall giveaway thing - sounds like fun. We used to have pinwheel cookies every Sunday night after church. Good memories!

    Glad it's cooled off. Our weather has been so great the alst few weeks.

  3. Nice decorations. I am going all Pirate!

  4. I love the table sitter! I have a few decorations up here too, although British people don't traditionally decorate their homes for seasons. The Europeans do, and I have bought most of the things I have while visiting my sister, so I am lucky!
    We have torrential rain here today - we have had too much of it this summer. Now i am off to check out the Fall into Fall things! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. great decorations!
    look at all those pumpkins!
    I have eaten so much candy corn i think i felt sick after wards! that stuff is addicting;)

  6. I think that we've gotten all of your rain!

  7. Thanks for entering my FALL INTO FALL "I Want Candy!" giveaway and linking/posting about it on your blog. Hope you win!


  8. Hi Mary -

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the quilting giveaway. Folks, you need to know that this is one talented, creative woman!!

    Hasn't the rain felt nice? I especially love the cooler temps. Did you turn on your electric blanket last night? We did!

    I hope you win those Mallomars.

  9. Wow, you're such a busy bee! How do you keep up with so many grandkids? I'm just amazed! Do hope your dermo situation is nothing serious! I'll be sending you some positive thoughts! Lovely decorations!

  10. That is the most amazing pumpkin field I have ever seen! I love this season, it's my favorite! Will check out the fall giveaways! Thanks for sharing that! Candy corn, YUM!

  11. I love any kind of Halloween candy and those bowls are sooo cute too!!
    Send some of your rain this way, I love it :)

  12. FROGS! I knew there was something about you I liked! THAT is what is missing from my Halloween-frog witches! Thanks for sharing-your frogs are wonderful, and you ghost/witches are cool!

  13. You are so right about how we all used to tan so much! Sometimes I would even do my ironing outside to catch a few extra rays! Pathetic I know!

    Love all you frog decorations, so cute! Also the ones that you made. I have been getting more stuff out each day. What a job!

    That field of pumpkins is just beautiful!

    We are having gorgeous weather this week. Sunny sky, warm temps, what more could we ask for. Hope it's like this on Saturday as we try again to have our Paws On Parade fundraiser. This time we are going to have it no matter what the weather or we will be having it in the snow! ha!

    Pumpkin pie eh? Guess I will make one for R when he gets home from his trip. Also Sons favorite.

    Mom has gone back to the hospital to be checked for a blood clot. She will be up there all afternoon. She is not happy and says she would never have had it done if she had known what she was in for. It's not so much the knee as it is staying in rehab. We all do as much as we can for her, I can't imagine people that don't have anyone looking out for them. Hopefully she will get good news today and then be able to start therapy.

    Keep me posted on your situation!!!!

  14. You sound so much like me..first of all I am WHITE for sure!! I cannot tan..i tried too when i was a teen and well nothing ever worked. Finally once I figured that out i stayed out of the sun. I also LOve pumpkin pie!! I have already made two and bought more stuff yesterday to bake more. Have you ever baked a pumpkin cake? i have a great recipe and it is very