Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is It Really Tuesday?

The weekend was so busy and was gone before I could blink my eye. I still don't know where Monday went, but my calendar says it is Tuesday. Is that possible? I think someone must be stealing my calendar and changing things around.

We had a simply wonderful weekend. We left Friday morning to drive up to our son's home for their baby's christening. Although it is just a three hour drive we decided to stop for the first night in an area that we have always loved visiting. The area is well known for growing wine grapes, the lovely Danish community of Solvang, the setting for the movie, Sideways and is the location of Neverland Ranch. The valleys are absolutely gorgeous with rolling hillsides dotted with California Oak trees.

The new growth on the vines is really starting to take off now and you can see the small grapes starting to form.

I also found a sign for a job. Not that I have been looking for one, but this one sounds like it might be sort of fun. What do you think?

The christening on Saturday was beautiful, as well. The ceremony was performed at the Old Mission San Luis Obispo and was followed by a lovely brunch at our #4 son and DIL's home. Our daughter and her husband were the godparents. We had such fun seeing our DIL's parents again and finally getting to meet her brother. As I mentioned before, he was deployed at the time of the wedding so this was our first time to visit with him.

Sunday was another terrific family day. We met up with our #2 son's family at church and took them out for brunch afterwards. Anyone up for a chocolate fountain with strawberries? Trust me when I tell you it is NOT neat but at least he was sitting next to Grandpa.

Following brunch we were off to soccer games and ended the day with #3 son's family for Mr. J's first birthday party. They had cut his curls off on Saturday so he actually looks like a little boy now. I'm not sure how much he understood about the birthday concept but he surely enjoyed being the center of attention. He decided that he was much too big to crawl anymore and decided to walk on his big day. Now the fun begins!

They also had a stray cat that moved into their garage last week and delivered five baby kittens. She is a very sweet mother and the kids have already found good homes for all of the kittens. Of course the little ones are thrilled to have all the activity around their house. I'm not sure the parents are quite as excited.

So Monday was a day to play catch up with cleaning, laundry and some gardening. No wonder it is Tuesday already!


  1. What a beautiful place for the christening :) We've been in that mission several times. My grandma was born and raised on their family farm in Templeton. We made many trips to the Paso Robles, SLO area during my early years as much of her family was still there and at Morro Bay.
    Bill and I still love SLO and make the Apple Farm a stop when we're in the area!
    Loved seeing all your pictures :)

  2. Beautiful country, family and celebrations. What a grand time.

  3. I still say there's less hours in a day now and that's why the days are going by so fast! lol Even the months are just flying by, hard to believe we past the middle of April already!!

    I just love your pictures of the vineyards...the closest vineyards to me are in Niagara on the Lake and that's a good 6 hours from here. You are way ahead where the growing season is concerned:-) ROFL at that help wanted sign...hey could be fun though! lol

    Sounds like it was a beautiful christening and how wonderful that you got to visit with your family. I giggled at the photo of your grandson with his fingers full of chocolate...with his brown shirt, he could have just wiped his fingers on it and no one would have noticed! hehe

    Happy 1st Birthday to the little guy...what a cutie he is. I remember when my boys got their curls cut off, they looked so grown up afterwards! Wow, how exciting that he would walk on his big day:-)

    Omigosh, look at that darling little kitten! I've got a feeling that the stray kitty I've been feeding is a female and one of these days I'll have kittens born on my deck or something! lol

    I've so enjoyed catching up on your last few posts...I've been such a terrible commenter lately but have to blame it on wanting to be outside instead of on the computer!! lol xoxo

  4. What a family weekend that you had..sounds like such fun. Seems like we just do not have FUN anymore!! You know going somewhere and doing different things. The sign that you posted should be used for this Saturdays photo hunt post..it is weird signs..this would be really good....use it!!
    Thanks for stopping by..Sandy

  5. Sounds like a wonderful family weekend. Yes, chocolate fountains are messy but aren't they fun and delish. My 11 year old grandson spent a good share of the wedding reception time at the fountain at the wedding of his cousin.

  6. Beautiful photos...all of them. The wine country area reminds me of the Sonoma area which I've visited before...daughter lives near San Francisco. The Christening looks beautiful and I'm sure you'll always remember that special day. Kids really do enjoy a chocolate fountain. Who doesn't like chocolate though?

  7. What a wonderful family celebration! The weeks always fly by for me too!

  8. WOW! Now that is what I call a busy weekend, lol! But at least it was a good busy! Beautiful pictures!! I love vineyards. I definitely think that job would be fun!

    The pictures of your family are so sweet! Such adorable grandbabies! I hope you have a beautiful week!


  9. Sounds like you had a very busy but exciting weekend! The photos of the countryside and family are beautiful, you are blessed!

  10. What an eventful weekend no wonder the time flew by so quickly. Your pictures are wonderful and your right, those vineyards are very beautiful.

  11. Great pictures from the christening.. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.. Have a great week..

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful (busy) weekend! Weekends with family are always best. You have a beautiful family.

    The sign is just too funny! I think I could be a good candidate for that job! lol

    Hope you have a great week!!

  13. chocolate fountain with strawberries? I want some!!!;)Happy 1st Bday!

    Why is it the days go faster and faster! Time flys when you are having fun? Does this mean I have fun cleaning? Oh my! I litterally run from room to room to get my work done Just to get some relax time and yet still many days it does not happen! hmmmm...I am getting old!;)

    Your photos are breathtaking! So lovely! so sunny too;) love it!

  14. You have a beautiful family!!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend !

  15. Love Solvang! It is so beautiful there. Laurie

  16. What a wonderful weekend you had with all your families! You really made the rounds. The christening was beautiful and how nice for the brother to be there and not deployed this time. Will he have to go back?

    I've never been to wine country but your pictures show it very well. I think I will sign up for the grape stomping. Do you remember when Lucy and Ethel stomped grapes those many long years ago???? It was hilarious.

    Strawberries and chocolate, you sure know how to make a grown woman drool my friend!! lol!

    Kittens eh? Now that will be fun to watch as they get moving around and playing. Will they keep the mother? My sister has 9 wild cats living under her mobile home!!!! She is trying to get the humane society to come live trap them and take them. Why do people not spay and neuter their animals?

    Yes, I am working on a cute reindeer wallhanging that I will probably have ready to put in my next post. It is such a cute pattern and very colorful. The princess wallhanging left for Missouri a couple days ago.

    Yes, I had a wonderful peaceful ride yesterday by the river. The sun felt so good on my face. Today is rainy and overcast so I won't be going out but I want to work on the wallhanging anyhow. Dad and I walked early this morning and it was about 47* so we walked extra fast!!

  17. What a wonderful week-end - and beautiful family.

    Time does just fly by. How can it be Friday already (almost?)

    That sign reminds me of that old Lucy show where she and Ethel were stomping grapes. I used to like to watch her, but she just seems incredibly silly and out of control to me at this stage in my life.

  18. I was worn out in the reading! What a lovely time you had with your children and grandkidlets. I am thinking you just had to rest this week to recover! :o)

  19. What wonderful fun you had seeing all the children! Fancy the birthday boy choosing his big day to walk. Oh yes, now the fun begins :)
    Your family photos are beautiful and such a joy to see.
    Time surely does fly!
    And kittens...oh joy! :) The kids will adore them, and how lucky to have homes for them all already.