Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday's Chit Chat

I must admit that I have become a blog addict since I started blogging myself. There are so many times when I sit down to follow some of my favorite sites and end up jumping off to others. My list of favorites seems to grow by the day and I find it harder and harder to pull myself away from the computer after my allotted time. I am finding that I have to make myself complete my chores BEFORE I reward myself with the pleasure of sitting and reading.

On Sunday Susie had a post entitled Sunday Blessings. So often in our whirlwind lives we don't really stop and take the time to appreciate the blessings in our lives. There are several blogs that I follow regularly and I find myself drawn to their incredible faith and thankfulness for things that I so often take for granted. Two of those blogs are Heather's and Kate's who are both suffering from brain cancer while raising young families. Their stories will amaze you. Another one is the Smith's family. Their baby girl was delivered yesterday and departed to join the angels shortly afterwards. There again, their faith in their blessings will humble you. I have been praying for these people for some time now.

Some of our most wonderful blessings are our grandchildren. Over the weekend our daughter and SIL made the announcement of their first pregnancy - our 20th grandchild. The family could not be more excited with the news. The baby will be due on her birthday, October 20th. People tell me that it will be different since it is my daughter and not daughter-in-law having the baby, but I wonder. I have always been very close to our DILs so I cannot imagine it being that different. Time will tell, I guess. It will be the first grandchild without our family name which will be strange. I have a hard enough time remembering that our daughter doesn't have the same name.

This evening we are going to our son and DIL's home for a birthday dinner. It is our granddaughter's ninth birthday. Her request was for a long floral dress. I made her two in fabrics she had liked and then made little purses to go with each one. Both dresses are the same pattern, but the purses are different.

I've also been working on some more fabric postcards for friends who have birthdays this month.

Our temperatures have been a bit on the cool side for us. A change is in the air as our temps are forecast to head up into the 80s over the next few days. Our rain that they had predicted never came and the hillsides are starting to show a little brown. It would have been nice but certainly nothing that we expected in April. We will probably be without rain until November so if any of you have any extra and can figure a way to get it to us, it would be appreciated. Ha.


  1. Welcome to the club...I'm a blogging addict too! lol Isn't it amazing how involved we can become in our friends' lives and feel so much for them, even though we've never met in person. Such is the magic of blogging!

    I've just finished reading quite a few posts of the Smith family...my heart truly goes out to them. Having lost a baby myself at 8 months pregnant and having him only live for 2 hours, I can understand what they're going through right now.

    Congratulations on finding out that you'll be a grandma again for the 20th time!!! Now I'll know who to ask for help when my own grandchild is born! lol As you know, I just found out last weekend that I'll be a grandma for the first time:-) Also due in October...wouldn't it be something if both our grandchildren were born the same day!!

    Oh my, your granddaughter will just love those two dresses and purses you made for her birthday, they're fabulous!!!

    I'm also in awe of the fabric postcards you made...I wish I had your talent in sewing!!! lol xox

  2. Blogging can truly become a wonderful habit. We become entwined in the lives of our blog friends!
    Thanks for the link :) I am planning to do my Sunday blessings post each week as I did before Grandpa's last few weeks.
    A new grandchild! What an absolutely wonderful gift from Above.. I know you must be thrilled!
    Love the dresses and purses you made for the birthday girl. Too cute!

  3. What a beautiful blog! It really stops and makes you think! Thank you so much for sharing these blogs with us. I had not visited them yet. I feel justawful for them. What beautiful people they all are.

    Congratulations on a new baby in the family!!!! That is wonderful!

    The dresses for your sweet granddaughter are beautiful! She will love them! And the purses are just darling!


  4. What wonderful news about another grandchild! You are truely blessed!
    You have been busy...I just love the dresses and the cards. And yes, it is a real addiction. Blogging. But I have gained so much from writing and reading, and learnt so much too, so I try to justify it as a force for good!

  5. We are all blogging addicts or we would not be here "all of the time" smiling!!
    I think you will see a difference with your daughter being pregnant. Guess i should not say that because I did not have the advantage of a DIL..Our one left our son after 2 years of marriage!!
    I love the dresses that you made. I used to sew a lot when the kids were young but not any more. I am at work this morning at CURVES watching the ladies go around the circuit. It is very early but they are here before work. WOW!!
    Hope you have a great day. 20 grandchildren that is just glorious!!

  6. I would gladly send you some rain if I could.
    Looks like you are a clever sewer.
    20th grandchild what blessings and expensive Christmases.Congratulations.
    I share the same sentiments over blogging "Just one more visit" turns into 10 or more.What fun though and how much we learn about other people's world.
    Ellis Island post will be under 'books and reading'

  7. wow! Those post cards area amazing! loved the dresses too! Your grandaughter will love them and all the effort in them! you are an awesome Grandmother!!
    Congrats on another grandchild coming! How exciting for their 1st child!

    Yes Blogging is addiciting;)

  8. Congrats on the newly expected Grandbaby!!...aren't they wonderful:)
    I know exactly what you mean about the blogging habit. Everything seems to go on hold if I let myself sit down in this chair!
    Your GD will be thrilled with her new dresses...so cute!

  9. so sorry to hear about what your blogging friends are going through right now.
    congratulations on grandbaby number 20! wow!
    the dresses you made are so very pretty.and the postcards also.
    hope you have a lovely week. thanks for stopping by.

  10. I love your postcards, I have made a few that I put lace on and stamped and handpainted...Makes me want to do some more! Laurie

  11. I can so relate to being a blogging addict. It's hard not to become one! I love the opportunity blogging has given for making friends, sharing interests and being inspired.

    Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your 20th grandchild!

    Love the dresses and the adorable purses you've made for your granddaughter's birthday. Absolutely lovely!

  12. Blogging is extemely addictive. I have had to keep myself from going to everybody that comments on everybody that I comment on - I spend too much time as it is!

    Wonderful little purses and dresses. I used to sew everything and now I sew nothing. Sad.

    We're in a 60% possibility of 4-a6 inches of snow tonight. Yuck! I"d rather have rain at this time of year, but we keep reminding ourselves that "we need the moisture!" I hope you get some. Texas is also in gret need.

  13. I agree that blogging is very addicting. Its usually the first thing I do when I come home from work!
    Congrats on being a Grandma , again :)

  14. I am addicted to blogging also. I found if I set a timer it sometimes works. I do mine mostly at night. While sweet hubby is watching his hunting shows, I blog. I love it. I also love the dresses you made. Just beautiful. I have got to work on my time management so I can sew more. Thank you for linking to the other blogs going through trials. It makes my little trials look like nothing. Thank you so much for blessing my heart.

  15. I am feeling a tiny bit responsible for your new addiction! ha! Isn't it fun though!? I have been limiting myself these past few weeks though as I have had some projects to finish up. I have started some Christmas applique wallhangings and they are so cute, I found a really good book. I may put them in the craft show or use them for gifts, not sure yet.

    My parents arrived yesterday in sunny weather with mild temps. They were tired but glad to be home. Buffy their cat is a seasoned traveler and did just fine.

    Love the dresses you made for your granddaughter, they are just precious and also the handbags! So cute! And the post cards are spectacular and look soooooo difficult to make. I admire all of your talents.

    I too enjoy Susie's Sunday Blessings. It does make one stop and think about all that we have to be thankful for. When we look around the world there is so much hunger and sadness and we live soooooo well. I need to get over to Heather's as I haven't stopped by there for a while.

    Congratulations on the pregnancy! Oh it's just so wonderful and I can't think of a better family for this little one to come into. I think you will find it a little different with your daughter but what do I know I only have a DIL and we get along so wonderfully I enjoyed every minute of her pregnancies. I can't imagine it being any better as I was right in there when T was born.

    I have to lose 25 pounds before my yearly checkup this afternoon. Sigh.......I'm all nerved up over that, isn't that stupid? I should be just counting my blessings that I am healthy and my brain tumor is fine!!!

    Take care my dear friend!!!!! xoxox

  16. cute dresses, and the purses are wonderful! congrats on your new grand child, we only have 3, so far. Thanks for your visits to my blog!

  17. How I have enjoyed your blog tonight, and I will pray for your dear friends. The dresses and handbags are beautiful! Congratulations on the new grandchild! What joy! Thanks so much for all your encouraging words on my blog! Such beautiful people, these bloggers!