Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This and That

It was my full intent to post yesterday and the day did not pan out as expected. I am always so impressed by the bloggers who do such wonderful posts so often. I suppose that as time goes on, it gets easier, but I still seem to spend so much time trying to make things work for me.
My DIL had called Sunday evening to ask if I could help her with carpooling the children to school yesterday. My son normally has the job but it was a "brother bonding" day. Each year our sons plan a day of golf followed by opening day at Dodger stadium.

I felt like the official school bus driver. They have a twelve passenger van and every seat was filled with members from three families. I have to tell you, it was the nicest group of school children that I have ever met. They ranged from fourth to twelfth grade and every one was so polite. Each one greeted me upon entry into the van and said "thank you" upon exiting. It was a great way to start off the week. It was so nice to see parents raising children with such respect.

Upon returning home I had a message waiting from my mother. Her handicap van was having an issue with the ramp door not opening. She had booked an appointment to have it checked out for 11:00 a.m. Unfortunately the repair shop for this speciality is about an hours drive from us. The majority of my day was spent waiting around in the customer service area while they replaced some pulley mechanism inside the door. Thankfully, it was able to be repaired without having to order parts. The van is a vital lifeline for her. Once she became paralyzed she realized that she needed a way to get around on her own. She learned how to drive with hand controls and eventually purchased a rampvan. It has made life so much easier for her and for us.

Monday evenings are weekly dinner dates with my FIL and his caretaker at our house. On my drive home from the repair shop I was trying to imagine what I could whip up for dinner. You can imagine my delight when I arrived home after 5 p.m. to the news that dinner would be postponed until this evening. Bless my husband for changing the plans. All I really wanted to do was to soak in the tub.

Now I have to admit that we Californians are not really happy when our weather turns cold after being warm for a few weeks. Yesterday was one of those days. The temperature only climbed into the low 60s. It was definitely time for a warm fire. I admit that I am usually the one who cannot get close enough to the fireplace. Last night it was my husband and daughter, who had stopped in on her way home, who were monopolizing the warmth.

The roses are starting to bloom and I could not be happier. I really miss the flowers in the house after I prune them back. This is a nice time in the garden with all the color. I just love to have fresh flower arrangements in the house.

The weekend allowed me a little time in my sewing room for playing. I did a lot of stacked up mending and then made a fabric postcard for a friend's birthday. I am working on two summer dresses for our granddaughter's birthday next week. This was her request as she loves the flowery, longer dresses. I also want to get started on some Christmas (!!!) quilts for the kids. I did these last year and the kids all loved them so thought I would try to get some done for them.

The Four Season's Quilt Swap spring quilt has arrived at it's destination. Tracey notified me that it had arrived in her post all the way to Australia. It actually arrived much quicker than I had expected. For all of you quilters out there, this was a really fun project to be involved in. Now that it has arrived, I can share a photo with you.

Now I will be off to accomplish the chores that needed to be done yesterday. I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Sounds like you have a schedule like mine...I used to post almost every day...but lately I been busy with other things.
    Thanks for stoppin' by!!

  2. Your quilts are so beautiful! And I am fascinated by your cards. How did you start making them? Maybe you can do a tutorial too????

  3. The post card is so pretty! I still have the ones you have sent to me, they are treasures. I'm not sure what the quilt swap was all about, you'll have to e-mail me and tell me the info. Your flowers are sooooo beautiful. It is so icky here with dirty snow and plowed up lawns from the city plow trucks. Seeing the flowers just makes me drool! I can't post a picture of my project as it's for a blogging client but after it's finished and she has it I'm sure she won't mind. No we never see the mallard babies. I guess they keep them hidden until they are almost full size. We do see the young turkeys though. What a great bus driver you are to take all of those youngsters to school, and to have them so polite and nice must have been such a treat. A lot of parents aren't taking the time to teach manners these days, it's so nice to hear of some that do! My day has been very full and I also turned down a job in our church office. I just don't need anything else on my plate right now. Am getting Mom and Dad's apartment ready with my cleaning gal. What a job! They will be home next week. How time flies!

  4. Loved all your photos...but especially love the fabric card. I haven't attempted to make one yet but hope to try soon. Lois

  5. I'm finally back to regular blogging...isn't it funny how having company for a week and then being away for a few days can mess up your regular routine?? hehe I've really missed you all. Sounds like you've really been busy as well!

    Thank you so much for your best wishes on my finding out that I will be a grandma...I can't tell you enough how absolutely thrilled I am:-)

    This is the first time I've ever seen a quilted card...how gorgeous!! I've always admired anyone who can quilt...that's something I've just never learned and yet I love anything quilted. xox

  6. You are busy and talented lady. The quilts are beautiful. I've always wanted to make one, but never had anyone show me how and I'm a person who needs hands on or a live demonstration. Love them!

  7. wow! So talented you are and so busy!
    Flowers are beautiful!
    your daughter is gorgeous!

    I could use a warm fire right now!I have felt so chilled all day! Still not feeling well!

    You are so nice to be the bus driver! and wow kids do have such respect there!

  8. Your quilts are so pretty, I love flower!
    I hope you are having a wonderful week.

  9. Those quilts are beautiful and the photos are great.. Thanks for posting. Lately, I have sort of had writers block..lol.. and I've just been too tired to type..
    Have a great evening...

  10. WOW! Your work is beautiful! I wish I could sew. I bought a machine last summer but am scared to use it, lol! I am going to wait until my grandma comes back to Michigan for the summer and have her be here to help me,lol! Stupid, I know! I dont even know what I am scared of, I just am, lol!

    Your flowers are gorgeous!! OH MY, I would love 60 degrees right now, lol! It is about 40 here now.

    I hope things go more smoothly for you the rest of the week :)


  11. I have never posted more than 3 times a week. It's amazing how quickly you get to 300!

    Your flower arrangements are just beautiful. So sorry about the los 60s! Ha!

    The quilt is gorgeous. And so is all the other wonderful stuff you showed us - I am always in awe of such fabric artists.

  12. I can't seem to manage even one post a week lately! Life just gets busier and busier. I was smiling at the car pool driver. How wonderful they are all so polite. It's refreshing and welcome these days.
    Love your quilted postcard.
    We've had some cloudiness the last few days, but no rain. Lots of sun today, but it wasn't real warm.
    Take care..

  13. The flower is gorgeous!!! I just love the fabrics in it. I'm with linds in asking you to post a tutorial. You are very talented!

    The Santa and Snow man projects look so fun, where did you get the idea for that?

  14. What fun things you are doing. My spring mini-quilt is available on the 4 Seasons site. You can see it there. Did you post yours there too? It is very nice. How long did it take? I will have a similar mailing destination.

  15. The quilting is beautiful - so clever. Are the cards what they call 'tea-bag folding'?
    Well our weather turned really warm on Friday - it got into the sixties and I was able to walk with just a sweater. Within 24 hurs it hd dropped by about 20 degrees and we had snow.