Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday's Thoughts

The weather has been too nice to stay inside and play on my computer so I've been busy working on the outside with projects that constantly call my name. My husband had tilled up one of my flower beds for replanting and I simply HAD to go to the nursery for seeds and some bedding plants. The colors in the nurseries are so stunning at this time of the year. You want to buy a little of everything and it is difficult to decide what to do.

I always remember my grandmother wanting me to take her to the "greenhouse" when I would visit with her. She loved her flowers like no one else that I have ever known. My grandparents farm was right along side of the highway and she would plant a massive field of gladiolas right by the roadside. One day a trucker stopped by to tell her how he always enjoyed driving past their farm to see the flowers in bloom. Of course my grandmother rewarded him with a large milkbucket full of flowers. She would provide all the churches in her small town with flowers for Sunday services -- a very ecumenical move. After a very long and happy life her casket was covered with 103 pink roses -- one for each year of her life.

The weekend was busy as it usually is here. Saturday evening my brother, two sisters and all of their spouses as well as my husband and I took my mother out for dinner for her birthday last week. It was a fun time for all and the food was delicious.

On Sunday we had the kids and grandkids over for a BBQ. It was just a spur of the moment decision as the weather was begging us to appreciate it. Since this past weekend was opening day for baseball season the boys and dads were excited about a game of catch.

A couple of crazy cousins finding amusement in each others antics.

While we were up in the Sierras for our snow trip last month we were introduced to a game that our daughter and SIL had brought along. It is called Brain Age and it is a great game. It is a video game for adults in which you try to improve your brain's age by doing simple problems, reading aloud, drawing pictures and counting. It never fails to bring the gang to complete hysteria. The whole idea is to practice with it each day to improve your mind with the ideal mind age being 20. I currently have been able to get mine to age 45 which is down from the 80 that I started with. I must be getting smarter!!!!!

This is the gang playing (testing) their brain age.

This morning I received my name for my Four Season's Quilt Swap . I was thrilled to be accepted for a position in the swap and now I get to start planning what I will do to represent spring. I have done this before with our quilt guild but this is from a much wider area of participants so I look forward to seeing what this will bring. I will share it along the way.

I hope that everyone is having a great week.


  1. I always enjoy your newsy's just like getting an e-mail, complete with pictures :)
    Your grandmother must've been a wonderful gardener. Did your mom share her passion for gardening too? That huge field of glads must've been gorgeous!
    How neat to have those tortoises. Do they leave you any strawberries? :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! By any chance did you scroll down my posts to see my daughters room? we were FINALLY able to post them and all our accomplishments!

    I love the warmth of your photos! It looks SO nice there! wow! We just survived an ice storm and lots of snow on top of that leaving all schools closed today!

    My son had that game Brain age! Really cool!

  3. grass...I haven't seen grass in 4 months! lol We still have tons of snow here yet so Spring will be a while to arrive yet. Loved hearing that story about your grandmother and her flowers, bless her heart! Glad you had such a fun time bringing your mom out for her birthday, as well as having a spur of the moment barbecue...sometimes those are the best ones:-) I haven't heard of that game but it sure does sound like a hoot to play. xox

  4. Are you trying to make me jealous seeing all that nice green grass???!!! lol! We're still digging out here from the weekend and then yesterday we got rain and slush! I hope our flight gets out of here next week! No wonder you have such a green thumb seeing as your grandmother was such a good gardner! I was wondering too if the tortoises ate all the strawberries!

    Still haven't heard anything from my reports that we sent down to Bill. Sigh... Was so hoping I would hear before I left for Florida.

    We just got home from a funeral, a lady that was almost 102! She was fine right up until a week and a half ago and then had a brain hemorrage sp? It was a lovely service.

    What's this quilting thing you are doing? I linked over to the other site, sounds like fun.

  5. What a great story about your grandma! Sounds like it is great out there right now - our weather is so up and down, in and out, cold and warm. As my kindergarten granddaughter says, "It's a pattern, Grandma - warm, cold, warm, cold, . . ."

  6. I may have a tree budding, but we are supposed to get about 2-4 inches of snow this weekend! Yikes! I would love to be thinking about bedding plants instead--Enjoy your great weather!

  7. Oh you are so lucky to have that beautiful weather!!!!! You have no idea how badly I am craving grilled hamburgers and macaroni salad!!! I am so glad you got to have such a wonderful time with family! Just beautiful!


  8. So nice to see the pictures!! Your grandmother lived to be 103..that is just wonderful!! What a wonderful flower filled life she lived!!
    Thanks for stopping by and see my N list yesterday!! smile!! They are fun to do.
    Hope your day goes great. We are back on the road tomorrow traveling home with oldest granddaughter, Brie. Talk to you later. Sandy