Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday's Catch-up

Oh my is Monday and I realized that I have not written a post since last Wednesday. Of course my intentions were the best, but the week got away from me and before I knew, it was gone. It has been one of THOSE weeks!

The week has blessed me with a more updated knowledge of my favorite repairmen's lives. During a recent remodel we had installed a whirlpool tub for use after a long day in the garden. It has been a temperamental thing from the start, constantly tripping the circuit. They have been here to check it out more times than one would like to count. "Richard" finally found a pinpoint leak in the heater element and replaced that. The problem persisted so last Wednesday they were back for several hours and have detected more "issues." They have decided to pull the whole tub out and replace it.

Then Thursday morning I noticed that my refrigerator did not seem to be keeping things cool enough. "Paul" was called and found that the defrost element has gone out for the second time in six years. My job on Thursday was to completely empty the fridge and freezer, turn it off and leave the doors open for twenty four hours while the built up ice melted all over the kitchen floor!!! The beach towels came in very handy.

All of this was going on while I was preparing for dinner guests on Saturday night. Doesn't it always happen at those times?

Friday evening my husband and I went to visit and have dinner with a very dear friend of my MIL's. At 86 years of age, she has just moved to a 62+ years community that is fabulous. Walking into the building was like walking into a very fine hotel. Everyone has their own apartment. Arlene's was a two bedroom, two bath with a great patio and views of the hills. The restaurant is built around a pond with a wonderful menu to select from. We had the best salmon that I have had in a long time. The complex has a health center as well as assisted living, nursing home and Altzeimer unit all within the grounds. It is truly an ideal concept for folks who do not want to maintain their homes anymore. We were both so impressed.

Saturday evening we had some neighbors from our old neighborhood come out for dinner. It was a perfect day with temperatures in the 80s so the evening was perfect for eating outside. Guests arrived, I had my appetizer in the oven and ready to serve shortly after arrival. NOPE -- the oven went out!!!! I opened the door to a completely cool oven. How could this be? Thank heavens for microwaves and understanding friends. Now....this is the forth time the computer has gone out in six years with the most recent being just December. "Alex" will be called today and I will be able to catch up on his life happenings as well.
But, yesterday was perfect! We were invited to our son and DIL's to celebrate Jake's forth birthday. He is a die hard John Deer*e boy so the entire party was green. I would imagine that he also slept with his green helmet on last night.
Note that "the chicken" also wants to join the birthday party.

All in green from head to toe.

Granddaughter Hannah wanted to try out the camera. Jake, myself, Benny and my sister sitting beside us.

But this is a new week and I have laundry and cleaning to do today. I am a little apprehensive about using any of my other appliances at this rate. Wish me luck!


  1. Those are great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful party..
    Have a great week ahead..

  2. Sounds like my week. Saturday was the coldest day we have had here in a long time. We woke up to NO heat. The Heat Pump played out! Thank Goodness for Gas Logs in 2 Fireplaces. We stayed very warm until we got it fixed. Thanks for visiting me. I love your blog.

  3. They say things happen in 3's so you've had your 3 appliances break should be safe now! lol As for your oven dying when you had company, well that's just Murphy's Law ya know! hehe I do hope your week goes better this week!! Loved seeing the birthday boy...I love it that he's so much into John Deere at his age, cute:-) xox

  4. What fun pictures :)
    Why is it that appliances do seem to go out one right after another? Maybe it's because they're all purchased around the same time?
    I've had similar things happen and it can be so frustrating. Hope the coming week is more trouble free!

  5. A challenging time then! I love the photos....all of them. I remember when I had 30+ guests sittiNG down for Christmas eve dinner years ago and I opened the oven to nothing too. I have many memories of stacking the microwave high and of the men running up and down the road to my parents' home with roasting tins and the like! We all got dinner.... a lot later than planned!

  6. I love your family's theme birthday parties! Very creative.

    The visits from the repairmen do not sound like such fun! We're getting ready to replace all four major appliances before such happens to us - actually we'll give the washer to son and DIL and fridge to daughter and SIL. It's time.

  7. Such cutie pies. Don't you just hate it when a major appliance goes kapoot? Darn! Have a better week!

  8. Oh I love these pictures!! My four year old would LOVE that cake!! He is obsessed with John Deere, tractors, horses and farms!! Love the chicken too, such a cute picture! Your grandbabies are beautiful!


  9. What a fun family gathering. Loved all the pictures and the happy smiles. Especially loved seeing the photo of you, Grandma, with those cute little tots :)
    I hope everything is repaired by now. How frustrating!