Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

A very happy St. Patrick's day to all. I hope that everyone will be sporting the green so that you don't get pinched. Does anyone have any idea where that tradition came from?

Again, our weekend was filled with family and fun times. We are tremendously blessed to have so much family living so close to us.

Our youngest son, his wife and the newest grandbaby came down for the weekend. The baby is just about three months old now and has grown so much. This, of course, is a period of such rapid growth. I would just like to slow the process down a little so we have a baby for a little longer. I must say, however, that he is at a really fun age now. He is trying so hard to talk and every moving part of his little body is going until he manages to emit a sound. We had some great discussions early each morning.

As a spur of the moment get together, we called our eldest son and DIL to see if they wanted to come for a BBQ last evening. They were thrilled to receive the invite and joined us with their four children. As I last wrote it was Rick's birthday and we had to have a "cake." Rick was never one to enjoy a cake. Even as a child he would want a pie or, his favorite, a chocolate cookie dessert. I surprised him with his favorite decorated with candles. He was even more thrilled when he found out that I had made two of the logs so he could have seconds. It is a very easy dessert to make as it is simply chocolate wafer cookies stacked with whipped cream in between, frosted with more whipped cream and chilled (or frozen) for about six hours. If you have never tried should give it a go.

After church this morning we all went to visit my mother so she could see the baby. She loves them at this age because she can still hold them on her lap. As they grow it is much harder to try to manage them from the wheelchair.
The kids left late this afternoon and I quickly changed bedding and linens to prepare for the arrival tomorrow of friends from Texas for several days. This was my husband's college roommate and groomsman in our wedding. They, however, had to cancel just a few minutes ago. It would have been very nice to see them again as it has been several years, but perhaps the timing will be better at a later date.
I am still awaiting parts for both the oven and refrigerator as well as the whirlpool tub. This "making do" is getting a little old. Hopefully, everything will be in and repaired this week -- maybe tomorrow!!!! Trying to entertain is "iffy" at best.
I do hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe week.


  1. It's hard to believe that the twins are approaching the three month point - and yet their development is not that far yet - more like two months, I imagine. But they're doing so great!

  2. Awwww. The pictures are precious.. Thanks for sharing... God Bless you all..

  3. Hi, so nice to hear from you. What a nice looking family you have. We do not have anymore little ones. Ours are 7,8,9,14, 16, 17, and 18 at this point anyway...Sandy

  4. That is one of my favourite desserts..and my hub's favourite, so they even make it in Australia. We use chocolate ripple biscuits and it is called a "chocolate ripple cake". Yum, have you ever added a drop of liqueur to the it a wholr different flavour.
    That baby is absolutely gorgeous, aren't they lovely at theat interacting stage, Tracey

  5. Ohhhh, such a darling baby. Our youngest great granddaughter just turned 4 months. It is so nice to have babies in the family again. Love it when their whole body is involed in their conversation. Lois

  6. Oops, looks like I can't spell!!

  7. He is adorable! I miss having a tiny one around! Love the picture of your Mom with him. Such a blessing..

  8. That baby is so darned cute! Seems like mine should still be that age, how time flies!

    It's good to be home, I have been busy today catching up on laundry and unpacking. My big box of goodies hasn't arrived yet, I hope it comes before Sunday as I have Easter things for the kids in there. It left Florida Monday afternoon at 4:30 so seems like it should be here tomorrow or Friday.

    I have never made that cake, will have to give it a try. Sure sounds good!

    I love the picture of your Mom and the baby. It is so nice to see her holding him.

    We're getting a bit of snow tonight but it's not supposed to amount to much. The snow dropped considerably while I was gone.

    We found a nice quilt shop near my mother's place. I bought a kit for a shepherd and sheep scene, I'll take a picture and send it to you. Also ordered a snowman runner kit that is cute. I have lots of wintery things to get done!!!

    Guess that's it for tonight. Take care! :o)

  9. How nice to have family around and of course it is always fun with a baby in the house. You left a comment on my blog and I would like to enter you in my 100 post give away but you have no reply in your comment. Could you send me the email so I can enter you. I have posted a peek at what the winner will get. Check it out. Thanks for looking. Terry

  10. Sweet family pictures!!! Have a blessed Easter and enjoy your time with friends!

  11. The little one is just beautiful and your photos of everyone are wonderful. I especially love the one of your mom with the baby.
    You have very handsome sons! :)

  12. Hi again,
    That slideshow wasn't supposed to be on there yet! ha!ha! My computer guy was here and we were working on it and didn't realize it was posted!! I went back on when he left and there it was without all the pictures that I wanted on it. Oh well, we'll continue next week, it was hard figuring it out! :o(

    We didn't get much snow last night but it sure is cold today. The wind is blowing and the chill factors are down in the single degrees. So much for 84* temps! Instead of an Easter bonnet we will have to wear knit hats and snow boots.

    That's a GREAT idea about making T's picture into a quilt. I'll have to get the picture when they are done exhibiting them at the Mall. The last one I did like that was the Berk*ley logo, remember??????