Thursday, February 2, 2023

Bits and Pieces

The last few weeks have allowed for some fun sewing in between the hectic life schedule.  There have been so many SALs/QALs floating out in blogosphere and it is so easy to get sidetracked.  I’ve joined in on several of them.  

There is the Fat Quarter Shop’s Sewcialites 2.  I’ve managed to keep up with this one, using my bin of solid fabrics.

Then there is Project Quilting Challenge with a new suggestion every other week.  This week our inspiration is 54-40 or Fight.  I’ve always loved this block.  I went with some wild colors and will use the block as a small table topper or a large mug rug.

Over the weekend Ivory Spring had a SAL Crockpot Weekend.  Other than fun recipe links, we created a nice sized small quilt top using HSTs.  I had a stack of green charms and made a table topper for St. Patrick’s Day.

Then there is the Bonnie Hunter Chilhowie Mystery quilt.  I am down to my final borders.  I decided to add some navy stars to mine, but I’m not too sure about the new shape that I created with the sashing.  I hope the borders convince me.

We took off for a little vacation in the Sierras.  The amount of snow they have gotten this year is incredible. The trip up was like driving in a snow tunnel.  The little ones had a blast in the snow.

I'm not sure that I am overly thrilled with Mr. Groundhog's prediction of six more weeks of winter.  How about you?  


  1. All pretty quilts. Your little 54-40 is really cute as well.

  2. I am really loving the snow this year at home as well. It is beautiful and badly needed.
    Your Bonnie Hunter mystery is so pretty. I downloaded the patterns and found some fabric but didn't do it. Wish I had.

    The green charm pack quilt is lovely as well.

  3. I can't believe how much snow we've had in the Sierras nor am I thrilled about six more weeks of winter. But I know I should be grateful for the moisture. Your 54-40 inspired mini is vibrant and fun, and should add a touch of sunshine indoors to balance things out a bit, I hope!

  4. I love your St. Patricks table topper. What a pretty pattern. Your 54-40 is fantastic. I love the color combo. We have had hardly any snow. I love spending some time in a whole lot of snow! That looks like fun!

  5. Lovely quilt projects! I love your version of Bonnie's quilt. You have gotten a lot sewn. My projects have stalled with yet more distractions but maybe soon. Your pictures of the snow are beautiful and portray the COLD well :-) It has been a good year for building up that snowbelt!

  6. Your snow photos cool me down , been very hot here.
    I've downloaded the FQ blocks patterns and after seeing yours I'll cut them out ready to take to retreat.
    Bonnie's mystery is lovely as is the great charm pack one.

  7. The "solids" quilt will look gorgeous once finished...xox

  8. Oh if Mr Groundhog's prediction of six more weeks of winter is true that means I have six more weeks of summer. I've gotta be happy about that. = Your Sewcialites 2 is gorgeous in those fabulous colours and the Bonnie Hunter quilt is amazing. It looks as if you enjoyed a lovely snow holiday, Mary.

  9. You've have done a superb job with all your quilt alongs, as usual. I really like the fabrics you are using for Sewcialites 2 and I love the blue stars in the BH mystery quilt. Vacation in the Sierras sounds wonderful.

  10. I like the bold PQ14.3 finish (and your other projects, too!!!)