Monday, October 24, 2022

October Happenings

 October has arrived and fall is definitely in the air for us.  We've had cooler days and a few chilly nights.  The colors that we do get are making grand appearances with the changing season.  We've managed to escape - so far - the terrible Santa Ana winds that are so common in October.  I won't complain about that.  We've even had a few rain showers, one including a thunderstorm this month.  I hope this is a sign of more moisture for us this year.

I've managed to get some sewing in this month.  Connie from Freemotion by the River  had a cute tutorial for pumpkin mug rugs on her blog.  I had to dig into my oranges and make a few for friends with October birthdays.  The orange ones were so cute so I made a blue one too.  They went up so quickly and look so festive.  

One of the younger granddaughters has been over for a bit of sewing.  She's doing such a great job as she works on some Log Cabin blocks.  Her 1/4" seams are great.  We are working hard at sorting lights and darks, but I think she will be pleased with her finish. 

I resurrected my Small World quilt last week while searching for something else and managed to complete section 3.  I'm looking forward to section 4 next. 

I also decided to join in on Sewcialites 2 this time around.  It just started last Friday so it's not too late to join in if you are interested.  This is my first block.  

We have lots of October birthdays in our family, but our daughter celebrated a special one this month.  Her husband arranged a surprise party for the family at our home with two private chefs.  The food was absolutely amazing, all five courses.  Their two oldest children assisted and served us.  It was indeed a special event. 

In the garden, the pomegranates are bigger and better than ever.  Our tree has been loaded and we can't give them away fast enough.  One can only use so many!

Now that the weather is cooler, I've encouraged my daughter and granddaughters to start on a sourdough journey.  We've had so much fun sharing photos of our loaves among the group each month.  They are all making amazing loaves with nice rises and great crumb. 

It's hard to believe that we are nearing the busy holiday season.  I'm sure everyone is ready by now....right?  How many days do we have left?



  1. Those Pumpkin Mug Rugs are so cute that I also made one..
    What a wonderful way to celebrate the special birthday and so special having the two lovely kids help and serve.
    Nice log cabins there your young GDs doing.
    Delicious Pomegranate .. My Mulberry tree is also loaded and I give lots away.

  2. The food for your daughters' birthday meal looks delicious! How special that her children served you all. Your pumpkin mug rugs are so cute and festive. If I were closer I'd be over for a pomegranate or two. Your tree is so pretty with the fruit hanging.

  3. How fun to have a granddaughter quilting! (Just a few more years for me there!). The in-house chefs event sounds like a great time. I'd be right in the kitchen trying to learn everything. lol. The sourdough bread is just beautiful and has me wanting to get my starter back out of the fridge for the upcoming holidays. Yes, can't believe they're here already! Speaking of, I found this recipe for salad years ago that is very yummy (and great to start a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal) if you're interested. Should help use up some of those pomegranate seeds. I'd eat it 4-5 times a week if I had all of those!

  4. Oh, the problem of having too many pomegranates! We're wondering how expensive they will be when they arrive at the supermarket in a few weeks. Your young ones are becoming great cooks and bakers, how wonderful for you! I've not been successful with my sourdough bread making recipes, but we do have sourdough biscuits quite often and I love sourdough pancakes. Love those pumpkin mug rugs, one day I'd like to make some in placemat size.

  5. All of your sewing look so wonderful, Mary! The log cabin blocks made by your granddaughter are amazing. I also think she will be pleased. What an fantastic and unique way to celebrate such a special occasion. That is a very beautiful sourdough bread! I hope your garden has somewhat recovered. I am hoping for more rain this year too. A very happy November to you!


  6. You've had a very nice October, Mary. I love that your granddaughter is on a quilting journey with you. She has the very best teacher. The birthday dinner looks amazing. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I'm joining Sewcialites 2 this time as well. Your fabrics are sure to make this a happy quilt, love the colors.

  7. The mug rugs are adorable. What a great idea for your October birthdays. Your granddaughters quilt is coming along nicely. And what a plus that the two of you get to spend some quality time together. The dinner looks amazing.
    Sandy's Space

  8. The striped binding around the pumpkin mug rugs is perfect for them. They are adorable. Your granddaughter is doing a great job with her log cabin blocks. What a great memory for you both to work on it together.

    I LOVE the food photos of the birthday party. What fun to have two private chefs and have the grands help serve. Another great memory added to the list! I've never had a pomegranate. Wow, those are beautiful. I have seen them in the store and had pomegranate-flavored things, but never really had one.

  9. It is great to see that you have been blogging! I love that your granddaughter is making a quilt with you, and that your family had such a fancy dinner to celebrate a special birthday. Everything looked lovely and delicious.
    Is Freemotion by the River still blogging? I haven't checked her out for a long time. Cute mug rugs!

  10. I'm obviously way behind in this visit. That dinner looks incredible and so fun. You do such amazing things with your family...lucky you! Your bread is a work of art. Wow!