Monday, August 15, 2022

August Happenings

 I guess it has been a quiet summer since, according to my blog, nothing has happened these last two months!  In actuality, it has been anything but quiet.  If I go to my photos, I am reminded of how busy it has actually been.  

With a garden and orchard, summers are always busy with harvesting and putting food up for the winter.  Over the years, the granddaughters have shared the duties with me.  As they have gotten older, I find they are handling the job on their own.  It is more of a social event these days and I love it.  They are thrilled to be taking jars back to their colleges and their own homes with them.  I can't help but recall when they needed stools to reach the sink.  It seems like only yesterday.  But....there are still young ones joining in with us.  

July was a busy month as well.  We took a long awaited trip to England and Scotland.  We visited with friends in England before boarding the Royal Scotsman train for an eight day trip through the Scottish Highlands.  It was an amazing trip with spectacular scenery.  

Edinburgh Castle

I'd love this greenhouse as part of my bedroom too.  

Our train host and bagpiper.

Of course, coming home means catching up and just like that the kids are heading back to school.  How can summer be over already?  

Sewing took a back seat over the summer, but I was able to complete a quilt for the newest great grandbaby.  The pattern is called Puzzle and is a current SAL hosted by Wendy Sheppard.  It's not too late to join in on the SAL.  The blocks were quick and fun.  Once I started making them, I couldn't stop.  Of course, once the blocks were made, I HAD to assemble them.  Before I knew it, I had the quilt finished.

More sewing that I accomplished was the New York Beauty SAL that Elizabeth Eastmond was hosting.  I have not finished my last block, but I did manage to finish three of the blocks before our trip.  Her designs were easy to follow and designed well.  

Our summer has been so mild, but I know the hot windy season arrives soon.  Everything is so dry around us so we do worry about our fire season ahead.  

.......and with that, summer continues to march to its close.    


  1. Your trip to the UK sounds fantastic! The puzzle quilt is an adorable baby quilt.

  2. Wonderful pictures of your trip. We toured Ireland and Scotland a few years before the pandemic and really enjoyed it. Pretty country and very nice people. I think doing it by train though would add an additional element of wonder. How sweet your grands help with the canning and nice that they enjoy it...many young people don't do things like that. Your quilts are awesome! The bright puzzle one is adorable for a wee one. And congrats on your new grandchild. Anxious to see your 2nd quilt as you finish it, such interesting color combinations and designs in the looks like a peace of art.
    Sandy's Space

  3. How nice to have the girls help with the bottling of your harvest.
    Lovely to see all your photos of your trip. Those Thatched roofs always fascinate me...
    Cute Puzzle Quilt and great block.

  4. I always enjoy seeing the photos of your granddaughters and you spending time together! Happy faces. The little quilt is so cute and vibrant, and your piecing of the NYB is amazing. You took some gorgeous photos in the UK, Mary! Those clouds!!


  5. Such beautiful photos from your trip to Scotland/England. My great-grandmother came from there, as did most of my "greats" so it's lovely to see photos of what they might have seen. I'm glad you were able to take a trip -- we're still waiting to do ours!
    Your NYBeauties are in such lovely colors--I love seeing your blocks all together. I also love the canning photos. Growing-up granddaughters equal great-grandchildren quilts, and your puzzle quilt is so very cute! It's been quite a productive summer for you; lovely to see what you are doing. XO

  6. You had some grand adventures this summer! I adore the puzzle pieces quilt (Minkee on the back makes it all the more appealing for that little one!), and your beautiful photography. I'm sure that your jam making session was delicious for so many reasons and in so many ways! :)