Friday, May 17, 2019

Playing Blog Catch-up

It seems like all I do is play catchup on my blog these days.  The intention is good, but then I get going on another project and that intention goes out with the wind.

We've had a great May so far with lots of celebrations.  We combined quite a few with Mother's Day when the kids and grandchildren were here.  Now we are into the graduations and spring school concerts before the year is finished for all the school aged children.  It's hard to believe another year is done for them.

Much of my time has been spend redoing several of the gardens in the yard lately.  They were overgrown and in need of some attention.  The roses are just finishing their first big bloom of the year and it's time to deadhead and fertilize them.  They have been spectacular this year.

We have areas of the yard with some easy care geraniums growing.  I especially like this one's color that was started from a plant growing at the home of a friend of mine.   Thanks Joan!

There has not been a lot of sewing to show for my past few weeks.  I did manage to finish a few more flowers for our BlooM SAL.  I don't have the borders on these yet as I want to see what colors are needed in the full layout.  I think I have three flowers left to construct.

To see more BlooM blocks be sure to pop over to Cheryll's blog and see what others are sewing.

May was the month for our next hanging towel swap.  Irene's kitchen in is turquoise and brown so I did her towel in those colors and added a turquoise patriotic one for her to use for Memorial Day.

I've been working on finishing up a bridal veil and altering bridesmaid dresses for the upcoming wedding of our oldest granddaughter.  Next up is the flower girl dress.  The young couple graduated last weekend.

My last few weeks have revolved around repairman.  It has been one thing after another to the point where I hesitate to touch anything for fear it, too, will break.  You know it's bad when the dogs are so familiar with the plumber that they run up to greet him when they see him arrive!


  1. Hi Mary boy you sure have been busy ,love those blocks and the hanging tea towels are so cute,I enjoyed your post good luck with the wedding alterations hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  2. Your garden is gorgeous. You are so very busy I am not surprised you haven't had much sewing time. All those great family events, and a wedding! I am having the breaking stuff problem going on too. Your pup is so very cute.

  3. What a great idea for a swap and the kitchen towels for Irene are lovely...
    Lots of beautiful BlooMs...
    A wedding! how exciting ...
    Congrats to the young graduating couple...
    Hope nothing else has broken..
    Ahhhhh Such a cute photo of the pup....

  4. Your roses look fantastic!

    The Bloom blocks are looking good too. We are getting close to the end of it.

  5. How lovely your garden looks. I gave up on trying to grow roses several years ago but my yard looks good with the Desert Primroses and periwinkle plus the "volunteer" trees that have magically rooted over the years! I laughed out loud at your comment about the dog greeting the plumber! Irene will love those towels and, as always, your quilt blocks are lovely!

  6. Your garden.. especially the BLooM blocks are just beautiful.
    We are certainly nearing the completion of this amazing quilt top.
    Thanks for showing your blooms... xox

  7. May is a busy month isn't it? With kids it's always school but even now with no school things for us I still find May busy with gardening and we have a very small yard. Your garden looks lovely. Enjoy.

  8. What happy news about a granddaughter getting married! And how lovely that you're contributing to her wedding day with a veil--such great memories and significance. I know what you mean about blog catch-up, but I loved your doings and goings on, especially the garden photos. Beautiful!

    Your bloom blocks are coming along nicely: bit by bit, you'll have yourself a quilt. Thanks for catching us up on your life. It's always a pleasure.

  9. Whew! You've been quite busy my friend. Love your flower blocks.

  10. LOL! Catching up is hard to do! Especially when you've been so busy, right?! Your gardens are gorgeous ... well worth the effort! I haven't had much time for stitching, either. Your towels are darling -- what a great swap! Congratulations to your granddaughter and her beau on graduation!! :)

  11. You have been busy creating some nice things. I look forward to seeing wedding pics. Congratulations to the grads / happy couple.

    I've been doing some stitching, even finished the top of my temperature quilt but just cannot bring myself to blog. I'm just starting to read some of my favs today. I don't think I'll even attempt to catch up.

  12. the purple geranium I had was all eaten by the deer. I don't even dare try roses!!

  13. Your beautiful garden is such an inspiration for me. The colour of the geranium is so vibrant, also special since it came from a friend. I am loving your Bloom SAL blocks. I hope the repairs are behind you by now so you can concentrate on the wedding. Puppy looks tired in that photo, I am sure he won't mind settling down beside you while you sew.


  14. Oh, look at the sweet expression on your dog's face. You have a busy time ahead of you. How happy your granddaughter and her husband-to-be look. No doubt they are counting days of their wedding. Your roses are blooming beautifully. Speaking about flowers, your flowers on your BlooM quilt are looking lovely.

  15. Beautiful flowers, beautiful bloom blocks and beautiful family. You are making dresses!? You are sew talented ... and so very busy. What a cute doggie. Have a happy time with your family. Thanks for sharing ... :-) Pat

  16. It looks like you are busy and happy. I love your gardens so much! Thank you for giving us a peak into your world of family and fun.