Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Officially Fall

There used to be a saying that went something like "the faster I go, the behinder I get".  With the official arrival of fall and the coming holidays, I am beginning to feel that way.  Where has the year gone?

The weather has changed here.  I've had to add an extra blanket to the bed as our temps have dropped into the 40s at night.  The daylight hours are shorter as well.  I wish I lived in an endless summer world.

Our Sewing With Friends group just finished our last mug rug swap.  I made one for Ida and I received one from Sara,  This is the one I sent to Ida who lives in El Paso.

The pattern was from Quiet Play.

This is the cute mug rug I received from Sara.

I also neglected to post the beautiful hexie mug rug that I received from Irene.

Our next round of swaps with this group is going to be fabric postcards.  We've had so much fun over the last few years doing a Round Robin quilt, a Row by Row quilt and our mug rugs.

With Halloween coming up, our daughter asked me if I would do Ghostbuster jumpsuits for the children.  It's so nice to get asked with plenty of time to work on the costumes.

Yesterday was spent mending - very boring sewing in my opinion, but I have been working on a Valor Quilt.   This was from a block that I liked from our Gridster Bee.  It starts off with little flag blocks and grows as you add the stars around it.

Blue stars....

Red stars.....

The sashing comes next.  The pattern can be found HERE.

We watched the five little ones for a few days and I managed to have some fun sewing time with the girls while the boys were busy building dominoes.

My Temperature Quilt is quite colorful this month with our highs and lows.  I'll share it in my next post.

Farewell to September.  I welcome a new decade of my life in October.  I'll ring it in properly!


  1. Yes I can't believe how quickly a day flys by...
    Great Mug Rug swap with Ida and friends, nice Texas one you made.
    The Valor blocks are fantastic..
    Sew good to teach the young ones the love of sewing...

  2. Yes, I know that saying entirely too well! Very cute mug-rugs. Sewing time with the grands can be such fun. They really feel important and capable the first time you allow them to use an electric machine.

  3. How nice to see the girls at the sewing machine. Those rug mugs are cute and unique. Enjoy the new decade - the best part about celebrating a new decade is being around for it. :)

  4. Fun mug rugs! Love the Ghost Buster costumes. Bet it was tons of fun sewing with your granddaughters.

  5. I love seeing kids sewing! You're giving them a skill that will last a lifetime :)

  6. Happy Fall, I can't remember where in So.Ca you live, but your temps are definitely warmer than ours. We are down to the 40's at night as well, but it could warm up again this weekend. Love your mug rugs and exchange; also love your Valor quilts. I have made some squares for several quilts, but I find the gals organizing it are perfectionists(I am too just can't make things perfectly) and I had a hard time with flying geese so stopped making the squares. Good for you. I love seeing your granddaughters at your machine-I did several years of sewing classes with four granddaughters and loved it.
    Happy Sewing,

  7. Cute mug rugs. Love the Texas one. Love the ghostbusters costume, how fun. Thanks for sharing the pattern for the flag and stars. Very pretty. I envy your 40's. We are barely getting below 70 at night. I know soon I will be whining about how cold it is.

  8. Fancy Ghostbusters costumes! Lucky kids. No one has mentioned costumes yet around here....
    So fun sewing with your granddaughters - they have big smiles.

  9. Those are great Ghostbusters costumes and the mug rugs look so fun. I'm not ready for colder weather, but am happy to see the temps over 104 degrees go away. Cute girls to sew with!

  10. Mary your sewing room looks like a treasure trove of creative fun and how very wonderful to share sewing with your beautiful girls. Great Ghostbusters costumes! September is zipping right on by and Summer is definitely waning. I would also love an endless Summer or at least to skip Winter entirely. Our weather is lovely this week as we are Falling into Autumn. Ooohhh a birthday month of Celebrating coming up...YAY!!! <3

  11. The Texas mug rug you made is just perfect! What a fun swap.

    I love the valor quilt too.

    The girls look quite at home sitting at the sewing machines...what a joy it must be to have those special moments with them.

    Not a hint of fall in south FL, I always hope for an anomaly.

  12. I shared the star pattern with my guild for our WOunded Warriors quilt drive. Very cute little helper in the sewing room - start them young. My grandsons are the sewing enthusists - by granddaughter prefers beads.

  13. Oh, those jumpsuits! You are amazing! The star quilt is coming along great. How fun to have your grandkids around!

  14. You earn the medal for the Best Grandma Ever with the making of those Ghostbuster jumpsuits. Those grandkids will be a hit at Halloween parties (how ever did you get those patches for the shoulders?). Loved seeing all your mug rugs and projects, and think your Valor quilt, using one of our Gridster blocks, is wonderful.

    We, too, have cooler temps at night and I'm loving it. My ideal time is the temps of fall--warm-but-not-too-hot days and cooler night temps. (I'm now thinking that this must be what you experience in summer.) Now if we could just get some fall color in our backyard, it would be perfect.

    Congrats on your new decade. You are such a great example to me, and I'm so glad I know you. Enjoy bringing in that new decade!

  15. Love the mug rugs...ALMOST, as much as I love the sewing granddaughters...Making forever memories while teaching life skills. Great job Grandma.

  16. There is never a dull moment at your house for sure.....thanks for the suggestion of the silicone...I will look for some.

  17. Your sewing granddaughters are adorable!

  18. Beautiful mug rugs and how fun to once again see you making costumes for the grandkids! We had to put an extra quilt on our bed also but.......it is supposed to get warm again this coming week.

  19. Love the hand quilting and the fun background fabric on the Texas map. The jumpsuits look so fabulous and the quilt of Valor stars are beautiful. Despite being so busy with the kiddos, you have made so many things, Mary! Mending IS boring. I hope you are done with that. I need to mend my husband’s racing gloves, it has been sitting in my sewing bin forever. I better get to it tomorrow since he has a race coming up soon. Thanks for the reminder :)