Sunday, August 9, 2015


I tell you….life is a bit chaotic with workmen all day, dust that is unbelievable and three solid days of jack hammering the concrete slab to move drains.  What happened to my normal life?  Meanwhile, I am trying to keep my distance while still being close enough to answer questions.  It is difficult to try to dig into a good project so I am mostly doing bits and pieces.
I have spent some time working on my Nativity cross stitch which, again, has been sadly neglected lately.



The cream border is finished and once I backstitch the kings I get to move over to the final section.  I’m not sure it will be done this year as I have to make Christmas stocking for the newest granddaughter. 

I thought I was done with my Minion beanies, but I got a request for four more.  How could I say “no”?  Two down and two more to go.


I played around with a small project – a pincushion.  It’s about 6 1/2” so it really is a good sized one.  I needed one for my flat head pins and this will work great.  The tutorial can be found here.


The week has been filled with family events too.  Our youngest granddaughter was baptized.


We headed up to Northern CA for a horse championship event for another granddaughter.  It was a national event with riders coming in from as far away as Alaska and New Hampshire WITH THEIR HORSES!!!  That is quite the journey.  This was a two day jumping event for her which always makes me nervous.



Finally….some pictures of the chaos around here.  We have moved from our bedroom as it is a little hard to sleep under plastic with a tub in the middle of the room.


Friday was the end of demolition so this week should bring some construction.  The bathroom looks pretty empty. 


I’ve enjoyed my Sunday with no workmen, but it will all change at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow.
All is good. Winking smile


  1. Wow! So much is happening! I love the baptism picture, so sweet!

  2. I too love the baptism Photo. I actually have my grandsons photo of his baptism on my laptop.
    Your projects are lovely especially the nativity cross stitch. Remodeling is always such a headache but you know it is worth it.

  3. Yes Mary, chaos is hard on the head!! good luck to you there. at least your doing avoid renovations at all costs. I really have no patience at all. Lol. the Baptism pictures are wonderful.

  4. Sweet baptism photo. Lovely cross stitch that shouldn't be rushed. I chuckled over the bedroom photo, although I am sure you are not laughing.

  5. Hi Mary....great pics and I know all about your bedroom yellow...I too have yellow on my bed...
    before you know it you will look back and it will be all a distant memory

  6. Such special family times! Your cross stitch is coming along beautifully, and I really like your pin cushion. I'm hoping to have a pin cushion swap for our Guild Christmas party, so I'm looking for some neat ideas! Your completed bathroom will be well worth all the hassle.

  7. Living in chaos and disorder is such a pain, but it's always worth it. At least you've been able to be productive in spite of it all. What a sweet, sweet baptism photo.

  8. Your cross stitch nativity is so nice. You might surprise yourself and finish it and a Christmas stocking.

    There is nothing worse than the dust from concrete or plaster. I hope the workmen make great progress and get it done soon.

  9. Gosh, you have so much going on in and around your llfe. I don't even know what to comment on, haha, so I'll say, "Good going and keep it up." I love that things are going well with you.

  10. You're so busy...I don't know how you fit the stitching in!! Bet you ARE having happy dreams of a beautiful bathroom!

  11. Oh I feel your pain. But, looks like good things are fitting in as well. Sending good thoughts on a timely finish.

  12. My goodness... you have had and do have a lot going on!

    Your Nativity cross-stitch is going to be stunning!

    Your granddaughter looks so happy in the photos holding her ribbons.

    Sending warm thoughts that the construction goes well and that soon life will be back to normal for you.

  13. The Minion hats make me smile. How could you not get more requests. Hope you get put back together soon. It's hard to live through a remodel, but so great when it is done.

  14. Hope they get through soon so you can have some peace

  15. So what are you demolishing? I might have missed if you mentioned it earlier. Your cross-stitch is exquisite! Very slow progress but worth the effort. I used to love cross-stitches - Hugs Nat

  16. So many wonderful things going on. The construction will be well worth it when it is done. By the way, I love the color of your bedroom walls.

    Beautiful family with lots going on. Special times for sure.

    The Nativity stitching is gorgeous. I haven't done any cross stitch in years but I would pick it up again for something that pretty.

  17. I am sure when finished it will be worth all the chaos ....

    I always love to see your special family photos.... Congratulations to your GD for her riding.

    Your Minion Beanies make me laugh, love them...

    The Nativity Cross Stich is beautiful .

  18. Lovely stitching! We have a little grand gal that adores minions. Making her some notebook covers in minion fabric for school. Sweet pic of the baptism. Lovely family. Oh goodness what a mess redoing things can make. Getting ready for some 'simple' painting here but what a mess!! Take heart it will be great when all finished and behind you all!

  19. Gosh Mary - so many interesting things going on in your life!
    Congrats on our granddaughters - a baptism and a horse show are both amazing events.
    Love those little minion beanies and you do lovely cross stitching!

  20. We did our bathroom remodel a couple of years ago so I empathize with you completely! And to boot, our contractor insisted on having the window open to let out dust so it was like 100 degrees in there. I just shut the door to the bedroom and stayed in my sewing room during the day. Your Minion hats are darling, as is your pincushion. But I really love the big events in your grands' lives: the baptism and the horse competition!

  21. I saw a knitting pattern for a set of minion mitten and it reminded me of you. Your hats always make me smile. The cross stitch looks lovely. You have a lot of patience to work on something so intricate. Congratulations to your granddaughter, that is quite an achievement to participate in a national event and win. Hopefully you will get a good night sleep in your bedroom very soon.


  22. I'm imagining a darling group of minions out trick or treating! :o) Wouldn't that be cute. Your cross stitch is just perfection. As always...such a lovely family. I am not looking forward to our nearly sure master bathroom remodel in the coming months. Looking forward to your reveal.

  23. Remolding is such a pain, but so worth it in the end. I'm loving those minions and that cross stitch piece is gorgeous!