Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Inching Closer

Nine more days!  Wow.  How quickly the time is going.  I’m starting to feel as though I am almost ready.  The Christmas events have been keeping us delightfully busy.  It is such a great time of the year – especially when seen through the eyes of the little ones.  There is such magic to the season. 

A lighted white horse drawn carriage ride to view the Christmas decorations started off our celebrations.


The sewing moments were short, but I did manage to get a coaster set made in between the busyness.  I used the “B” from the Temecula Mini ABC quilt.

Dec. 2014 046Dec. 2014 045

The next night was the school concert.  Every child in the school takes part in the musical – from kindergarten through 12th grade.  The music is amazing!

Dec. 2014 029

This is the high school.  They are so professional by this age.

Dec. 2014 042

I guess it can get a little tiring for a three year old!!!

Dec. 2014 044

In between we have also celebrated birthdays - a busy month for us.

Over the years I have followed Thearica at her Pigtales and Quilts blog.  She now has a new blog found at www.stitchandquilt.com and she is having a wonderful giveaway to introduce people to her new blog.  Be sure to go over and enter her giveaway.  She recently made a great sewing machine caddy.  I admired it and would you believe she sent it to me????  I love it as it keeps my tools under control and right at hand.  The pincushion she sent matches the backing and it is such a generous size.

Dec. 2014 049

We have enjoyed some welcomed rainy weather for the past few weeks.  I know it has caused a lot of damage to our local burn area (Camarillo Springs), but everything around us is greening up so nicely.  It is that luscious spring green that we have not seen in the last few years.  Everything looks so clean and bright after such a good washing. 

I finally got my wrapping done.  It is always such a relief to finish that task and know that I have accounted for each one of the children.  The gifts spread out throughout the living room as we need to keep a clear path for the train under the tree. 


As we inch forward to Christmas, I hope we all can take the time to enjoy the wonderful beauty of the season.


  1. It looks like you're certainly enjoying the beauty of the season! Merry Christmas!

  2. What a super idea to use the Temecula little letters for coasters! I miss the school holiday programs - maybe once the grands are older it will be a joy in the future. Your tree, decor and all the lovely gifts certainly look like you are ready for the season.

  3. Everything looks amazing. I hope your Christmas season continues to be Merry and Bright!!!

  4. I was at the school performance last year - I think this will be a 4 year rotation, which is a real pity. Parents are limited to 2 tickets, because space is a real issue, so we will have to wait to get to see Missy, because of course her parents need to be there. Merry Christmas, my friend, to you and your family - your home looks wonderful, and you are certainly ready for the big day! I can't wait for my son and his family to arrive next week. It will be a big family Christmas for us this year! xx

  5. What a lovely tree you have and the coasters you made are great. A lovely gift. Nice to be all ready.

  6. you are having a very nice time leading up to Christmas, Mary. Lovely pictures...the horse drawn carriage would be so wonderful!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  7. I would feel like Cinderella in a lighted carriage. How magical. I love holiday music concerts. I think "b" is for busy and bustle, in your world. Christmas must be so special with all of the children and your family near to celebrate. That is the greatest gift of all!

  8. How wonderful to have ridden in that fabulous horse drawn carriage...
    It is always sew nice to see the kids concerts even if it's a bit much for the dear three year old..LOL
    Those gifts looks great all piled up...
    Nice to get a bit of stitching done.

  9. Your post was sure fun to read. You're a busy mom/grandma! Love that quilt hanging in the last photo. Beautiful!

  10. What a wonderful way to see the Christmas lights, Mary! I know you must be heading every which way right now, but having a lot of fun!

  11. I enjoyed reading your post. You are so well organized.
    The tree is beautiful and I love your quilt on the wall.
    Is it a special pattern?

    lflemin at msn dot com

  12. The school concert sounds so nice. Love the photo of the sleeping 3 year old!

    I'm impressed that you are all wrapped and ready for the holidays. I still have all my husband's presents to shop for...

  13. Your home looks so festive with all the gifts. The school program looks delightful! Love the sleeping child. Merry Christmas!

  14. You are way ahead of me with gifts already wrapped. I hope to work on that tomorrow.

  15. Oh my goodness! That's a lot of presents. Enjoy your holidays. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  16. Thank you for sharing all your Christmas Joy with us. I am impressed by your colour co-ordinated parcels. Also love the quilt on your wall. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year 2015.xx

  17. I have been stitching up the Little Letters myself for a quilt, but got delayed with Christmas sneaking up on me. So I'm not quite finished yet.

    But, I wouldn't have thought of making coasters from them - what a clever idea.

    Guess you could also use them if you wanted to add a child's name to their quilt.

    Merry Christmas from Jenny way down in New Zealand

  18. So, you are ready for Christmas, Mary :)How good to see your perfect home, full of beautiful things.

  19. I am signing my bells and singing along....sharing the joy that is so much part of our season....thanks for sharing yours with us xx

  20. Sounds like you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday season so far. May it continue.

    Your Christmas tree is so pretty as is the quilt hanging on the wall.

    Merry Christmas and have a blessed 2015!

  21. How beautiful, Mary!! I love school music concerts, and the carriage ride picture is so cute. Very merry holidays to you :)


  22. Looks like you are just about ready to welcome Christmas! Love your coasters - what a great idea! And that 3-year-old on the floor - I burst out laughing!!! Wishing you and yours the most merry of Christmases and a wonderful 2015 my friend!!!!

  23. You have a beautiful Christmas tree and look at all those presents! You do have many children and grandies to buy for I suppose. All wrapped alike too, very organised! We've had a couple of quite heavy summer downpours here in South Australia over December and it too has brought a lovely freshness to the place. Our lawn is very green. By the end of February it will be crunchy and yellow!

  24. I love your tree, Mary!! What a cozy room. It looks so welcoming and inviting.