Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Two Extremes

The last few weeks have been traveling weeks for us.  The first trip took us to Key Largo in the Florida Keys for some wonderful tropical temperatures, palm trees and beautiful aqua waters. 

Ocean Reef and June 014

Ocean Reef and June 037

We were able to enjoy a little reef fishing.  Although the fish were bountiful, the sizes were too small for keeping.  My only “keeper” was the last cast.  Just as it was almost to the boat a shark came along and took a nice bite out of it.  I ended up reeling in the head only.  The boat captain told me to put it back in the water and when I lowered it a 4 foot barracuda took the rest of it – hook, line and sinker.  It was very interesting to watch.

Ocean Reef and June 020
Ocean Reef and June 025
Son and DIL
 We had a great trip and we got to enjoy an evening of being entertained by Frankie Valli.  He was incredible and still has an amazing voice.

Ocean Reef and June 005

It was home for a day to pack up and head off to our annual snow trip with all of our children and their families.  Fortunately, the Sierras had received a nice snow a few days before we arrived.  It was perfect for the children – soft for snowballs and sledding. 

Ocean Reef and June 079

Ocean Reef and June 086

Ocean Reef and June 089

Ocean Reef and June 095

Ocean Reef and June 097

Ocean Reef and June 101

Ocean Reef and June 103

Ocean Reef and June 104

Ocean Reef and June 120

Ocean Reef and June 077

Ocean Reef and June 055

A major snowball fight….

Ocean Reef and June 110

The adults firmly planted in the safety zone or DMZ as we were calling it.

Ocean Reef and June 111

By the fourth day the temperatures had warmed up and we were treated to a nice rainstorm which melted much of the snow.  I was just glad that we had the snow when we arrived.  

I have decided that when I win the lottery I would like to buy the log cabin that is adjacent to the condominiums that we rent.  It was featured on Extreme Log Cabins and it is incredible!  It is actually for sale for $15,000,000 so I'd better start buying some lottery tickets.

Ocean Reef and June 074

Just look at the amazing view that could be enjoyed each day.

Ocean Reef and June 122

Needless to say, again, the sewing was absent.  I did manage to add a few more stitches to my giant cross stitch project.  The straw is now done.

Ocean Reef and June 123


  1. Fishing and snowballs, what fun you've been having. Now I have Frankie Valli songs running through my head.......Jersey Boys all over again. What a treat .

  2. What a fabulous trip. I mean trips! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Frankie Valli must have been awesome!

  4. I would say that is quite the extremes of a vacation!! But looks like all enjoyed it.

  5. I love seeing your family holiday. It looks like they all had a blast and memories to keep forever. Was that log-cabin 15 millions? Woo hoo! When you do get it, can I come visit? Thanks for sharing your holiday photos with us - Hugs Nat

  6. Wow, this really was a post of extremes, wasn't it?! LOL! I love the 'DMZ' zone -- always my first choice!! Glad you got some stitching in, too! :)

  7. That really is extreme but I'm sure it was fun both places.

  8. I wanna be retired and change seasons every other week! Looks like a good time was had by all.

  9. As much fun as the snow time was, I would have had a difficult time leaving the warmth of Key Largo! Can you tell I'm pining for some warm beachy weather? ha!

    Hard to get much stitching in when spending time with family, but glad you were able to add a few stitches to your cross stitch project.

  10. Lovely holiday pics, what fun! I wish I could roll in that snow now, Its so hot here.

  11. What an amazing time. And your cross stitch project is lookin better all the time

  12. Your vacations sounded amazing , lucky you :-)

  13. Both look like great time spent with family...
    The cross stitch is looking really good..

  14. I'd like an extreme swing in the warmer direction right now. So very tired of the cold and snow. Gorgeous water photos. I'm trying to feel the warmth of the sun.

  15. thats cool about the shark eating the fish then the barracuda finishing it off

  16. thats cool about the shark eating the fish then the barracuda finishing it off

  17. Both those trips sound like fun! I told my husband about your fishing adventure. How crazy your fish was devoured by other fish.

    The snowman your family made is so picturesque. We have had a lot of snow for here, but not enough to make a snowman like that!

  18. Oh Mary - that reminds me of our trip to Marco Island in Florida! Wish we were there, now! How much fun to time with family in the warm and cold weather! Good luck on the "cabin" - I'm going for the HGTV Dream Home in Lake Tahoe!

  19. What a fun trip to the keys...neither hubby or I have been and have it on our list!!! What a fishing story too...and Frankie Valle too!!!!!

  20. Lovely extremes in your vacations! Where in the Sierras were you? I grew up in Reno, Nevada and spent a great deal of time hiking the Sierras!! Love those mountains :)

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  22. Oh I'm so jealous of the tropical pictures. It would be heaven to be there right now. I'm so ready for spring.

  23. Wow - you've had some wonderful trips! I love the thought of some warm temperatures but the snow pictures were beautiful. blessings, marlene

  24. Wow - two vacations to two such different climates - perfect!!! Looks like you had a blast and got a lot of very valuable family time in the process :)

  25. What a great photo of you with the fish.....I think it sounds a little scary....a shark and a barracuda! You always seem to have such a wonderful time in the snow with your family and wow.....what a neat log cabin!

  26. The fishing must have been fun and a little bit scary. Loved the close up photo of you Mary especially blown up. You are looking good.
    Great scenery in the mountains.

  27. What a fun few weeks! I love the pics of all the kids. That must be such an anticipated tradition for them. The "no snow" safe haven - ha! Good thinking.

    Looks like they were fantastic trips!

  28. I always love seeing pictures of your family. And your nativity piece is coming along so very nicely.

  29. You have been very busy travelling around. I LOVE your cross stitch. What a treasure you are making.
    xo jan

  30. What fun to catch your own fish. The best I ever did was catch a 'flat fish' in a pool left by the tide in Nova Scotia.

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