Thursday, November 3, 2011


The days are definitely shorter and darker.  From the weather channel it sounds like it has been an early winter for many across the states.  This morning I was out wandering in the gardens and noticed several plants that are very un-fallish.  I have a couple of iris that are typically spring bloomers showing their pretty colors this autumn.

I am looking forward to next year's bloom as I have added a few more to the plantings.  Alice was digging up some of her plants and asked me if I would like some.  I look forward to seeing them come to life and bring fond thoughts as I remember her each year.

As well the roses are putting out what will probably be their last flush of blooms before I prune them next month. 

The bougainvillea is also gorgeous along the fence right now.  These are definitely great drought plants as the less water they get, the more they bloom.

Halloween was exceptionally quiet this year.  I doubt that we even had ten trick or treaters and half of those were a bit old to be out.  There is just something about handing out candy to kids with beard stubbles that does not make my day!!!  We always have our children and grandchildren over for soup and chili dogs before they head off to a few of the neighbors who know them.  It's tough to get a picture of all of them as everyone is too excited about getting out or eating their stash. 

I received my ALQS6 swap mini quilt in the mail this week.  It came from Misha (no blog) in Washington state.  I absolutely love it.  The colors are fantastic and her work is just spectacular.  The irregular shape is so wonderful.  I wish she had a blog so we could all follow her.

Also in the mail I received a package from Jill of some great novelty prints and some selvages.  Slowly, but surely I am getting enough selvages for a good selvage project.  There are so many wonderful things to be done with them and I am excited about giving them a go.

I had picked up a kit at the last guild meeting and finished it up this week so I can return it this week.  It is all flannel and so soft.  Some little one will love it.

As well I had a Christmas panel from Timeless Treasures that I made into a lap quilt for the Christmas season.  I will donate this one to the grandchildren's school for their auction later this month.

The week has flown by again and it is hard to imagine that we are already into November.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is right behind.  Do we all have a million projects left to finish before then??????


  1. Wow, what beautiful blooms. Where do you live? In the southwest, we usually have nice blooms until late January. Lucky you to have family close enough to come by for Halloween and photos. What a busy lady you've been! Lovely projects you're working on and finishing.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your lovely flowers and that rather large ladybug:) Today I picked the blooms off my marigolds to dry the seeds for next years crop. It's always sad to see the end of summer.

  3. Gorgeous flowers, I love the roses and have tried to grow them here but it's just not working for me.
    Those little trick or treaters of yours are just so cute.

  4. LOL, at least a million projects to finish~ or more! :-) I love your iris's! Beautiful roses and bougainvillea too. Looks like the grands had a great Halloween. You are keeping plenty busy!~ love the quilts. Have a great weekend!

  5. What beautiful roses, I can smell them from here.
    Your Granndies all look gorgeous dressed for Trick or Treating!!
    You have been busy stitching . Love the bright Noah's Ark Quilt.

  6. Strange to see irises in fall! Glad to see the children were having fun with the tricks-a-treats on Halloween. I should think of Christmas as well. It's going to be here in a flash - Hugs Nat

  7. Oh yes, we do have a million projects to start/finish/dream up! I love this time of the year, don't you?

    My roses are still blooming too. I am never quite sure when to prune them here - some say to wait till February, but I usually hack back with enthusiasm in November. If the snow doesn't come. What ever I did last year worked. Now if I could just remember exactly what it was!

    I love your tradition of having the grandchildren round for a supper before they go out - you get to see how gorgeous they look too! And your quilts are so beautiful - I love the flannel kiddies' one!

  8. What a lovely photo of the family. It must be wonderful for them all to grow up with so many cousins around.

  9. Beautiful flowers ... and a million projects? Yes! I might try an all homemade Christmas this year, which is probably too ambitious a plan but fun to think about. I am curious to see what you make with your selvages!!

  10. Those two quilt panels, although very different, are beautiful.

  11. love the blooming flowers...and all the grand kids...WOW

  12. those roses are stunning!!!
    we had a quiet Halloween too, only about 10 trick or treaters...your little ones are darling!!!!
    that donut fabirc is making me hungry!!!!

  13. You, my friend are so blessed with all that family!!! Just wonderful!

  14. I'm sooooo envious of your gorgeous flowers, nothing growing around here, not even any leaves on the trees! lol I have a really hard time growing roses, most of the bushes I had bought a couple of years ago have died on me. I can grow veggies and other flowers, but not roses! lol

    Your grandchildren looked awesome in their Halloween costumes and seeing them on the floor going through their goodies reminded me so much of my boys when they would do that too:-) Oh yes, I know what you mean about the older "kids" trick or treating...I had a few come to my door too and I don't mind so much when they've made the effort to dress up but some aren't, all they want is candy.

    Mary, that Christmas lap quilt you made is absolutely gorgeous. Whoever wins it in the school raffle will definitely be lucky:-)

    Hope your weekend is going well my friend. xoxox

  15. I love your ALQS6 swap mini quilt that Misha made, and great time on Halloween, I'm sure!

  16. Hallo Mary,

    your miniquilt is wonderful! But mine is great!!! ;-)
    Your quilt arrived yesterday and I love this miniquilt. I will post it tomorrow at my blog. Thank you so much!

    Viele Grüße

  17. As usual, your blooms are beautiful. I loved looking at your pics of Halloween. Ours was cancelled this year (due to the storm) so I did not get to see the little kids dressed up. It's great to catch up with what you have been up to.

  18. Those irises are such a pretty surprise this time of year.

  19. wow! such gorgeous flowers!!!
    LOVE THE AMAZING QUILTS!!! Thanks for sharing!
    the costumes are adorable! How fun! The candy looks good too;)

  20. Yes the year is just flying by.
    Your garden is very colourful Mary and the roses beautiful.

    Getting cold early over there and warm late here. Weather still not cold.

    The grands having fun as usual when they visit Grandma.

    Will have mine over this weekend for Alan's 80th birthday party.

  21. Lovely flowers and pretty quilts as always.

  22. Your flowers are just gorgeous! How blessed you are to have them so late in the season to enjoy. I can almost smell the roses, they are beautiful. If I lived where it is warm I would have tons of bougainvillea ??, it us so pretty and lush! That's one of the things that I enjoyed in CA was so much of that growing!

    Your little ghosts and goblins look like they got a good stash of candy! I wish I had gotten rid of all of mine,,,,,,,,,I did put a lot of the non melting kind in the shoebox that I did for Samaritan's Purse that will be sent overseas to children that don't have much of anything. They will enjoy it.

    No my quilt kit hasn't come yet. Doesn't look like I will get it done for Christmas this year does it? I have way too much going on for Christmas and quite a bit of sewing for the Christmas pageant. Had a meeting today on all the decorating and the pageant. It's going to be lots of work but will be well worth it.

    That quite is gorgeous that Misha made for you! Yes, I would love to see more of her work!

    I did piping for the first time today. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I'm making a cover for my sewing machine that is in the sunroom.

    We leave on Thursday morning early and will get to Tenn about 9 am. We are going to drive around and see the sights. Check in isn't until 4 so we will have plenty of time and then our first function is at 6 or 7. I'm excited about doing some horseback riding there and it should be much cooler then the last time we were there. I'm going to take my Ipad so that I can keep up with my e-mail and read blogs. I love that thing, it is just like having my computer with me. Also can use it on the jet if they have wifi once we are above 10,000 feet.

    Wish you and E were going to be on this trip with us!!!! Would you go riding with me????????? xoxoxo

  23. Hi Mary,

    Love seeing pictures of your family!

    Great look quilts too.... so fun to visit you, there's always so much to read! :)

  24. Your flowers are gorgeous!!! We have snow here. Looks like Halloween was a great time the grandkids are so cute.

  25. I always miss the flowers! We had our first snow but my roses are still blooming.....

  26. Those Iris are lovely!Your gardens are just beautiful!We still have the Knockouts blooming despite the freeze/frosts we have had which nipped DH's kale and mustard greens.Oh my all those grands! Seems to me that was more then the rest of us in Trick or Treaters period! hahaha!

  27. lovely flowers!
    I usually grow the fake kind ;)
    Cannot keep anything green here in Arizona, it seems.
    Have a great day!

  28. Your flowers are beautiful for this time of year.Ours have been gone for several weeks now.
    You sure do have a house full of cute trick or treaters.
    I love that Christmas quilt, wish I could be that crafty. ALL THUMBS in that area.LOL

  29. Beautiful blooms you've got there!! Here, we have snow now... :(

    That looks like quite the Halloween group you had there! Fun stuff! ;)

    The Mini from Misha is a wonderful piece! Lucky you!

    Your 2 panel quilts are wonderful! You've been busy!!

    Happy stitching!

  30. have been busy with your lovely family and your quilting!!
    Your flowers are still so pretty. It is interesting how different our weather/seasons are here in the USA.

    Really like Misha's mini quilt technique too.


  31. I really admire your green thumb. A fall iris is indeed a special treat!

    Looks like Halloween at Grandma's house is a very special tradition. They will treasure those memories! I hope they shared their spoils with you. I agree with you.....I asked my sixth grader to stay in because he is too old, and then we proceeded to give candy to kids much older and bigger than him!

    I'm not a huge fan of panels typically, but I absolutely LOVE that lap quilt. You remember where you found that panel by any chance?? It will make a great profit for the auction!