Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Pictures Today

I believe that the flu season must have also spread to computers. I have read of so many bloggers with computer problems this week. Perhaps we need a "flu index" for computers like they present for outbreaks of the flu.

Anyhow......my desktop computer died. It really, really died - won't even turn on anymore. I can't say that I am surprised because it has been temperamental for the last few weeks. However, that is where I do most all of my work. I feel somewhat at peace because I had subscribed to that Carbon*ite program and it will hopefully restore all my files, etc. At any rate, I have nothing but words to share today because I am using the computer that I need for my sewing machine.

I read that everyone seemed to enjoy Valentine's Day. We are not big on going out for dinner or celebrating in any special way, but we did enjoy the day. My dear husband got up and washed all the windows in the house!!!! He has NEVER done that before so it was a complete surprise for me. Of course it poured down rain right after he finished. Poor soul! I really did LOVE the sweet thought and action.

One of the granddaughters came over and sewed some doll clothing during the day while her brothers were off to a basketball tournament. Then in the evening our daughter and her baby came over to enjoy dinner with us while her husband worked. We had a delicious dinner of Osso Bucco, mushroom risotto, salad and cream puffs for dessert. It was a stormy, cold, and rainy evening so we all enjoyed a nice fire and a little television after dinner.

The past week was filled with follow up appointments for my mom with the different doctors she saw while in the hospital. We also spent the better part of the day in the emergency room yesterday as they ruled out a blood clot in her leg. They decided that it was merely an inflammatory reaction to the recent sepsis in her hip. Thank heavens!

I have managed to get some sewing done this week as well. I have finished all of my hand sewn nosegay blocks and will assemble them soon. I also made a small quilt and a school uniform for an auction at the children's school this weekend. I wish I could share the pictures of them with you, but that will have to wait until my new computer arrives.

Now it is back to the cleaning and laundry.......


  1. I"m glad you could at least "talk" to us...even if we can't "see" anything you are talking about. Computers are great but they can also get us very frustrated, can't they?

  2. Blogger has been a bit "beasty" lately.
    How wonderful that your hubby washed all the windows for you. Now that's a special gift.
    We're getting some nice steady rain, but the weather people keep saying its not nearly enough to avoid drought conditions.
    Too bad about your desktop dying. I'm not familiar with the Carbon*ite program but glad you have something to restore your files.
    You mentioned the school uniform you made for the auction. Has it already been a year since you last did this, (or is it another auction) Time just gets away from me!
    Have a great week:)

  3. Computers have a way of just dying when you are not expecting it.
    Thanks for stopping by today!! I so appreciate it.
    I love looking at the pictures of your trip..what fun and what a contrast in weather..
    Take care..

  4. I know how you feel about your computer. I had one last year to do the same thing! It was the power supply, and upon checking for repair, I could buy a new computer just as easily.
    I am glad your Mom did not have a blood clot! I pray for her recovery, and for you as her caregiver.
    Wow, sounds like you got a lot of sewing done, can't wait to see the results!

  5. See how much sewing you get done with the computer down?

  6. I am so glad you had your computer backed up and saved.. I have heard of that program and how great it is!! What kind of computer are you buying to replace the old one??

    Your husband sounds like a sweetheart to wash all of the windows for you...a wonderful Valentine gift...
    Hugs, Baba

  7. Sounds like oyu have been abusy bee. Sorry about the computer, haven't actually thought about what I would do if this PC died?!

  8. Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a sweet comment. I have glanced back through your blog and you have the most wonderful family full of grandkids too. What a blessing they are. Mine are coming in a few hours so I will be back and read more about you tomorrow. Have a blessed day.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie

  9. cleaning and laundry are never ending;)

    I hate having computer issues! I hope yours is ok!
    I do hope your household is healthy!

  10. I'm glad your Mom is better and it wasn't a blood clot. and I'm sorry your computer died. I had to put a new antivirus on and I did add some memory RAM.. Washing the windows is a hard job..I know we need some rain too. I am so ready to Spring clean at our house. I love those days! Have a wonderful week.. Bunches of hugs..

  11. Can't wait for your new computer. Look forward to pics of all your lovely work. Must say all windows washed sounds like a pretty great Valentines gift to me.

  12. Even though we live in LOVEland where V-Day is HUGE, we don't do much about it. We celebrate Kev's birthday on the 13th and it takes precedence.

    Sorry about your computer. I had the human, nasty, horrible flu yesterday - 24 hours, thank the Lord. It was AWFUL!

  13. Oh don't you hate computer problems?! Blogger was being rather slow a few days ago and I thought I would go crazy! Sometimes when we have storms it is terribly slow. It's back to it's old self again today though so I am happy.

    I'm going to tell R that E did all of your windows and now I think R should do all of mine!!! lol! R would probably send E off an e-mail telling him NOT to do that again! Actually I have to have a service come in as those second story windows are very high. When we replace our windows next summer I would like to look into the kind that tip in so that I could do them myself. Wait a minute........what am I thinking?!!!

    My sewing has taken such a backseat to my blogging. I really should set up a schedule where I sew the same amount of time that I blog and I'd really get a lot done. Am anxious to see all of your projects.

    Glad your Mom didn't have a blood clot! Those are scary things! She's so blessed to have a nurse for a daughter as you know what to look for.

    Yes, has it been a year since you made a uniform? Time just flies doesn't it?

    We had a pretty good snow storm today. Got about 4 or 5 inches and they say more is headed our way on Sunday. Wish we would get a nice 10-12 inches to pad the trails.

    T spent the night last night and went home after dinner tonight. She kept me hopping! We had fun but I am pooped! I've had them a lot this week due to vacation and it has been wonderful.

    Guess that's it for tonight. Take care dear friend!!! xoxo

  14. Sorry to hear about your computer. Hopefully you'll get lots of sewing done!

  15. Very frustrating for you but at least you can still write. Computers are wonderful but can also be a pain. Did we ever think we would become so reliant on them - no!
    Hope all gets fixed quickly.
    What I have noticed recently with blogger is that it is not loading some sidebar photos and profile photos.