Monday, February 9, 2009


Our week has shown us great contrasts in our beautiful country. I am certain that our forefathers could never have imagined that one would be able to experience such different climates within a weeks span.

This was the view from our balcony just a week ago last Thursday as we enjoyed a wonderful business meeting in the Florida Keys.
Midlife Mom and I were able to reconnect and share some wonderful time visiting with each other during our few short days together there. It is always so much fun to chat in person. She has several wonderful posts about the resort and has some great pictures as well so pop over and see how lucky we were to visit.
We were home for three days and then off again for our annual family trip to the Sierras. This is the view from our balcony this past weekend. It's a bit of a difference I believe. Both were equally beautiful.
We arrived right before the first flakes fell from a new storm that hit while we were there. Over the next few days we enjoyed several feet of fresh snow and it was gorgeous. There was no wind and the giant flakes fell with such quiet. We were all able to enjoy many hours of sledding and snow play. Several of the gang went skiing and they, too, enjoyed their days.
It is always such fun to see all the kids and grandkids enjoying each other's company. There were always games to play, cooking to be done, meals to be enjoyed and many laughs to be shared.
"'s too snowy to look at the camera."
Just chillin'
Grandma and Grandpa enjoying the fun.
The girls hanging out.
Youngest son, wife and grandson.
Glad I didn't run into him in the dark!
A Californian snowman!!
Daughter, SIL and grandson.
Three sons and their wives.
Boggle game in progress.
Adult Boggle too!
Lunch in shifts.
DILs hanging out too.
The boys at Scrabble.
Double fisted eater.
Arriving home after such a delightful weekend brought us back to reality in a hurry. Water was coming out from under the garage door due to a broken water heater. Of course it's a Sunday! Tomorrow we are having it replaced with a tankless water heater. I am in no mood to have that happen again. Meanwhile the laundry and dishes await some hot water.
Our warm temperatures have switched to cool and wet days forecast for the foreseeable future. It is nice to get some moisture as it is what we have been needing for some time now. I doubt that it will make up for what we need, but it is certainly making a good effort at it. Today the skies simply opened up on us.
Life should be back to normal for a while now and I am looking forward to it. My mother continues to improve daily and is happy to be regaining her strength. I will perhaps be able to get into my sewing room later this week and do something other than mend on the fly.
Life is good.

As an addition to my post please check out this blog that Tracey has posted for quilted 12" blocks to help the Australian fire victims. We can all help these people in such great need.


  1. It is amazing, isn't it - the variety and beauty in our land - and that you can get into a snowstorm in California. Sorry about the water heater! Yuck - what a thing to come home to after two wonderful trips.

  2. Sounds like you had two really fun (but very different) getaways!
    Loved seeing all the pictures. Your family very obviously enjoys their together time..
    Looks like there was plenty of snow in the mountains. Maybe we'll be able to avoid a drought?
    Our rainfall has only amounted to a slight drizzle over the last few days. Quite disappointing.
    What a mess to come home a leaking hot water heater. Our son has the tankless time and really likes it.

  3. What a contrast between Florida Keys and SNOW! You look as if you're having great fun and making memories. I'm glad to hear that your mom is doing better.

  4. looks like some great family times!!!

  5. Both places are so beautiful! It is amazing to me how a plane or car ride ride can take you to such different climates! The water heater???? Oh, that's not good! Sorry and hope it's being fixed right now...replaced I mean!

  6. What beautiful pictures of your 'winter' vacation! Glad you got new snow while you were there, it's always so beautiful when if comes down softly without wind lashing at you. Even though I see it a lot it never ceases to thrill me with the beauty of freshly fallen snow.

    Sorry you had to come home to a mess. That's always the pits. We had power go off at 10:30 the other night, the generator came on but then didn't go off when power was restored! It ran all night and I didn't have a clue who to call. R was out of town. So finally I got R at 5 AM and he told me who to call. They came right over and turned it off but don't have a clue as to why it didn't shut itself off. Well see what happens next time.....

    So glad your Mom continues to improve! She really amazes me with her spunk and determination. I hope I would have half as much under the same conditions.

    The painters are here so my kitchen, dining area, dining room and hallway are all torn up. Guess I should be taking some pictures for future posts!

    Just looked up the resort for the next convention and it is really nice. It's in Puerto Rico and it's called The Conquistador Resort and Golden Door Spa. Check it out! I'm looking forward to a nice massage!

    Well the cleaning gal just came and we are going to tackle the basement and all the Christmas stuff that isn't packed away in bins. HUGE job!

    Take care dear friend! xoxo

  7. Your 2 contrasting weekends must have been such a delight! I love all the family photos in the snow, and everyone looks like they are having a brilliant time together!

    I have been to see Midlife mom and her photos, and they also look great. So much fun!
    I hope your water heater is sorted now and things can get back to normal for a while. Welcome home, anyway!

  8. What a wonderful time you all seem to be having. How blessed you are.

    Glad your Mum is being discharged too. She must have plenty of family to visit her.

  9. I saw Midlife Mom's lovely photos of the two of you. What a beautiful place to get away for a few days, and great to have some time visiting together.
    Yes, what a contrast the mountain retreat is. It looks gorgeous there, and what fun to have the family all together. I always love seeing your family pics.
    So glad to hear your mom is doing so much better.
    I hope you manage to get some time in your sewing room...a little quiet time :)

  10. Love the family pictures!!Thanks for the compliment on the quilt I am enjoying making it.

  11. Love the photos, the gorgeous and different scenery and your family pics. Wonderful family!

  12. I was glad to your post. Beautiful pictures. I want to hear about the tankless water heater when you get it. We have been wondering how it works. I enjoyed all the family pictures too. You have a beautiful family.

  13. What beautiful photos. It looks like your family had a blast in the snow.
    Sorry to hear about the water heater but please let us know how you like it. We have been thinking about them also.
    So glad to hear that your mom is doing well.
    God bless

  14. My what a fun time you have been having. I love all the pictures of your family. How priceless

  15. Florida looks gorgeous but better yet is your family vacation!!! You do this annually?? I'm so jealous. You are blessed. And again as for the two views, God has given us such beauty in nature hasn't he?

  16. Oh, my but you had a busy time. Such contrasting trips but both so wonderful. Loved all the family pics too. Such a bummer to come home after a trip and find a water problem.

  17. wow! A change in temps for sure! I am loving that palm tree photo! It would be so hard for me to move from that spot!

    Your winter pics look awesome too! Great family shots there!

  18. Happy V-Day from the Valentine Capital of the World! Come on over for my greeting!

  19. What beautiful scenery!! And it looks like your family had a fantastic time together!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. Sounds like you had a great time visiting with "midlife Mom" and later with your family!You have such a close bond with your family...that's wonderful!

  21. What a fun getaway and so much snow! It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.

  22. What great photo's and how much fun to have all your family together in such a beautiful place. You are a wonderful Mum and Grandma!!!

  23. Variety is the spice of life, so you definitely have a lot of spice, lol, life can be very very good. :)