Monday, December 1, 2008

On Into December

In reading different blogs today, I definitely see that we are now into the Christmas mood. I am just a tad behind as we just celebrated our Thanksgiving on Saturday. We have done it that way for years as it allows our children to celebrate Thanksgivings with their in-laws and families. My folks always did it that way and we have followed their lead.

It was truly a gorgeous, warm day filled with many wonderful memories. We have been so very blessed in our lives and it is nice to pause and show appreciation for all that we have been given.

Three of the grandchildren came over to help me set up and do a little prep work. It was wonderful to have them help. They have really become good helpers over the years and now see what needs to be done. Of course that was all lost once the babies started arriving. Somehow those precious little individuals were much more interesting.
An added Thanksgiving decoration made by the grands with styrofoam balls.

Ms. M and A playing with A.J.

A.J. cleaned tray after his turkey dinner. He doesn't miss a meal.

Loved this "little boy" picture with a car tucked in his pocket! Don't let anyone ever tell you there is no difference between boys and girls at this young age.

Ms. A and the newest grandson. The shirt has a turkey on it which says "I'm stuffed." From the looks of those cheeks, I'd have to agree.

This is our family - our children and their children.

#3 son, his wife, daughter and #2 son's wife.

#4 son's wife, #4 son, my mother, #1 son's wife

The guys retiring after dinner for a little football.

Mr. J,B and P decorating my metal tree with magnets. I'm thinking it might work for a Christmas tree instead of the partridge and pears that I normally put on it. What do you think?

# 2 son and his wife.

Girls entertaining Great Grandma.

Thanksgiving day we watched four of our grandchildren while their parents ran a 5K race to provide funds for a local CHP officer who was struck by a driver last December. The kids (both males and females) love to use the sewing machines while they are here and asked if they could make some Christmas gifts. My granddaughter informed me that my sewing room was "full of wonders." I couldn't agree more. I'm glad she also feels that way.

Ms. M

Mr. N (also known as Mr. Tech-y). He can thread the machine faster than I can and loves all the computerized buttons.

The weekend was simply gorgeous as far as the weather was concerned. Yesterday the space shuttle landing was cancelled in Florida due to weather and sent to the desert in California. Edwards Air Force base is about an hour from us and with proper advance knowledge, one can go and watch the shuttle's return to earth. Such was the opportunity yesterday. Our #3 son took all of his children out to watch it land. It was a picture perfect day for it with temps in the upper 80s and crystal clear. Everyone loved it. I was so glad that it was a day when there was no work and no school for the kids to experience it. There was a time after September 11th that the base was closed to all visitors which was disappointing.

We always have the sonic booms here about 20 minutes before touchdown. Yesterday was no different. Although we were expecting them, the sound always startles me. The whole house shakes with two rapid, thunderous sounds. The indoor birds go crazy, the dogs bark and my heart skips a beat each time.

I took all of my children out for the very first landing -- way back in the "old" days. It was such a fabulous experience and to this day I am amazed when I see it land with such precision. To think of where it has been and realize that it can land on a sand runway in the middle of a desert, millions of miles from where it started still awes me. Since the Columbia was the first shuttle that we saw land, we took it's disaster even harder.

I have to share one more thing before I put you all to sleep. I have a dear friend, L, who is a graphic artist. Her rep recently had a piece put into a tapestry and L sent one to me. I have it hanging on the wall in my living room and absolutely love it. The colors are perfect and it is such a wonderful reminder of all the special moments that we have enjoyed together.

Now.....onto decorating for Christmas or at least getting my Thanksgiving things down and packed away. I will probably not start decorating until the end of the week when the painter finishes up. Meanwhile, I will check out all of your blogs and get in the mood. Have a wonderful week.


  1. I have a leftover post from Thanksgiving too. Come visit.

  2. What a wonderful post! I love seeing all of the pictures of your beautiful family!!!! Glad you had such a good day and that the girls helped you set up. That is such a big help. Glad some of the boys like to sew too. Cousin Kirk is getting a sewing machine for Christmas this year as he likes to sew with T and DIL.

    How amazing it must be to see the shuttle landings! Yes, I can see why the Columbia incident must have been especially hard for all of you.

    LOVE the picture of your grandson with the little car in his pocket! I agree conpletely, there IS a difference, I don't care what they try to tell us!

    Bobby (our yard man) has been here all day putting up the outside decorations for me. It's cold and rainy and I really didn't think I should be out in it for hours. Tomorrow he is going to help me take all of the fall decorations to the basement and then I will pack them in their totes. Then he will carry some of the Christmas stuff up for me and I will start putting everything in place. It's a lot of stairs to climb over and over so I am glad to have a helper.

    Time to get dinner going. Take care my dear friend!!! xoxo

  3. Fabulous photos! You have had such fun together! What an interesting family you have, and I just love the fact that the children love to sew. I have taught mixed teenage classes sewing (well, textiles) and the boys especially, just loved the embroidery machines! I am interested to know what machines you use? I hope you don't mind me asking! I have a Bernina artista, and would just love one the Berninas with the stitch regulator. I think there is a new version out next year with a much wider sewing arm, for quilting. My embroidery machine is a Brother, but uses the Bernina cards. I love it!

  4. Such a beautiful family you have and you are so blessed that you can all get together for holidays like this. I only have my mom near me, everyone else is scattered all over! Your grandchildren are all so precious and I can well imagine how much they liven up a house:-)

    Seems funny to read that it's so warm over there...we had another snowstorm overnight and now have tons of snow on top of what we had already!! The temperatures have pretty much been staying between 20f and 25f. It sure does look pretty, though:-)

    It must be truly awesome to see a shuttle landing. To actually feel and hear the sonic boom would be a bit unsettling, for sure! We have underground mines here and every night at 11 p.m. they blast and you can hear the rumble as well as feel the whole house shake. I've gotten so use to it, though, I barely notice it anymore! lol

    That tapestry your friend sent you is just gorgeous! xoxo

  5. What a great idea to have Thanksgiving on Saturday so your whole family can be there! I'll have to remember that for when mine start leaving home. Looks like you had a marvelous time. Family is truely one of God's greatest creations.

  6. awww. looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving... Bunches of hugs.. I'm gettin ready for Christmas!

  7. YOu have a lovely family. And you're right about the boy/girl thing - I'll never forget discovering that really early in the life of Kristen.

    Watching a space landing must be awesome! How fortunate that you had such an opportunity this week-end.

    I'm about finished decorating - it's such a big job - but mine is not nearly as big as some do!

  8. What a blessed Grandmother you are. Such a beautiful family.
    The children seem to light the magnetic decorations.

  9. Next time you get to Estes Park, let me know! We're down at the bottom of the hill, just 30 miles (but an hour drive). That would be awesome!

    You're right about all the birthdays - two on January 7. Can you believe it??

  10. I have enjoyed viewing all of your family pictures... your mom is like me .. gray hair and a glass of wine!! You have such a beautiful family.I wish I knew how to sew.. people make such wonderful items ..
    Have a great day. Baba

  11. You have a lovely family! Especially those cute grandsons:) Thanks for entering my Gingerbread Giveaway!


  12. What a wonderful family you have..Such good looking ones too!! Smile. I was hoping that I could make your family picture bigger but I could not. You have a wonderful family and that is such a blessing!!

  13. What a beautiful Family and wonderful post! You must be proud! loved and enjoyed all the smiling faces! Looks like a fantastic Thanksgiving, now onto the next Holiday!
    Cannot wait to see all you do for that!;)

  14. Lovely! You always amaze me with the number of children and grand children in you family. I just think it's wonderful! Keep well!

  15. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! Beautiful pictures!

  16. Loved all your photos of your family. Got a kick out of the boys at the sewing machine. Two of my grandsons were interested in sewing when they were about 10. They made Achey Breakys for themselves and even sold to their friends. What is an A.B.?? Sew a 12X12, 9X15 (any size) fabric bag and fill with field (not pop)corn. Heat in the micro and Oh, it feels sooo good! My only problem was traning one grandson to say thread instead of string.

  17. I just got my tree decorated today so don't feel bad! :) Your family is beautiful!