Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 10th already?

Please tell me that it isn't December 10th already. How can that be? I see that my last post was December 1st. Yikes! I do have a good reason, I hope.

There are so many delightful commitments at this time of the year and it does seem as though we are on the go all the time. As well, there are lots of projects that I have been trying to finish up for Christmas gifts. I know....I always say that I will start these in January. Does anyone else do the same thing? I guess I work better under stress.

Last week I was without my DSL connection and it was a frustrating week. It amazes me at how dependent I have become on this computer. I am shocked at how often I will go to the internet to check out a recipe, shop, communicate or research each day. It is only when it is down that you become aware of how addicting it can be. The modem failed on Monday and it wasn't until Friday that things were up and running again. I do have to say that it did allow me a lot of time to accomplish other things.

Although it was terrible timing, we had a painter in doing a lot of work that needed it badly. He finished up last Friday after two weeks of work. I think I have finally gotten the bedroom out of the living room and can now proceed with decorating for Christmas. Yeah!

The first thing that goes up in our home is our collection of Nativity sets. We have close to thirty sets that we have picked up through our travels and as gifts. The pictures that I will show you will include all the pieces, however, in reality there are no kings and infant in our sets until Christmas day. It gives us more of a sense of anticipation during the Advent season.

We will have two trees this year - a first for us. We "inherited" my in-laws Christmas tree after my FIL passed away last spring. My husband and I would always go over fix dinner and decorate their tree for them during the holidays. It will be a special tree for us this year and I like the idea of being able to have the tree up early and not worry about it drying out. My husband really wants a "real" tree with the smell filling the house so we will have two trees up.

We were at my mother's last weekend with my sister and BIL while we put her tree up, decorated her home and had dinner together. It, too, is another yearly tradition. Her tree is covered with mauve roses and small satin packages.

We have Christmas parties today and tomorrow. The office party is on Friday and Saturday is our big family dinner here.

Each year we have a lovely Christmas dinner party for our children, their spouses, and my husband's five brothers and their wives. It will be a little smaller this year without my FIL and his caretaker, but it is still a group of twenty two. It has always been a great way to celebrate the season as a family. Everyone lives close by so no one will have to travel too far to attend. My kitchen is ready for the cooking to begin.

In my next post I will show some of the projects that I have been working on while I was internet-less. Until then, continue to enjoy this beautiful season.


  1. Wow - I love your sets. They are lovely! And I love the tradition of waiting till Christmas Day to put Jesus on the scene.

    We are missing the work party this year because of Care Bear's first school Christmas program. Then parties at our house the next two Saturdays. Fun times, but lots of work!

  2. The Nativity sets are so beautiful! I, too, am very busy this time of year, and it was so refreshing to see your Christmas decorations because I felt the wonderful Christmas joy coming thru as I viewed your lovely Christmas tree and your nativity sets. Have a lovely Christmas, to and all your family!

  3. Glad I'm not the only one behind on my decorating! Today I am going to try to get some done as I don't have any appointments to go to. Took Mom shopping yesterday as she needed a warm coat. Not usually here this time of year so didn't have anything warm enough. We only went to one store and they didn't have a wheelchair!!!! I submitted a complaint and so did the two ladies in line behind me! Can you imagine in this day and age not having any wheelchairs? She did pretty well with her walker but got awfully tired. She did get the new coat, scarf and gloves and a new purse though so she was happy.

    Your Nativities are just lovely! I too like the idea of not putting baby Jesus and the Kings in till Christmas Day. Wonderful idea!

    Your kitchen looks so festive! How do you hook the bows onto the doors?

    I am so behind on getting around visiting everyone's blog but am going to try to read some of them this morning. I still don't have my new computer installed but as long as I have this old one I am happy. Like you I am lost without it!

    Yes, it was a very scary situation with that hunter! Yesterday one of the neighbors called me and said that someone just shot a gun behind her house up on the other cul de sac! I told her to call the police! I'm going to call her today and see what happened. Our quiet little neighborhood just isn't used to this kind of thing.

    D and T are coming after school on the bus today as DIL has an appointment. I think I will get T to try a new recipe and D to help me put more decorations on my nekkid trees! lol!

    Take care my dear friend and enjoy this special season!

  4. Hi Mary -

    Your kitchen looks so cheery and welcoming! How fun to decorate the cabinets.

    And your Nativity sets are beautiful. A good reminder of what the season is really all about.

    I can’t wait to see the projects you've been working on!

  5. You have many beautiful nativity sets and what a new idea to wrap your cupboard doors. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Your nativity sets are wonderful! Very nice collection. I love how you decorated the kitchen cabinets... Nice idea! You are much further ahead than we are here. Our tree has been sitting bare since last week. Maybe I'll decorate it tomorrow as I'm feeling better now (had a nasty cold).
    It must have been a long week without the computer! We really DO depend on them!
    Christmas will come whether we're ready or not actually. Maybe next year I'll do better?!!

  7. What a beautiful home you have and the decorations are so very nice!! Thanks for sharing them. It is nice to see different people's homes!! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  8. Your nativity sets are beautiful and I love the kitchen festive!

  9. You can never have too many Nativity sets. I have the Demdanco one like you, I love it.My mother in law doesnt put the kings in hers until Chrsitmas day , I didnt know other people did that too!!

    Im hoping for a snow day tomorrow so I can get some more baking done!!

    Stay warm ,

  10. We certainly do rely on our computers so much these days. Withdrawal symptons when they are down!.

    Very pretty and unusual decorations on your kitchen cupboards. The tree is pretty but reminds me of a wedding tree. You certainly have some nativity scenes.

  11. Awesome nativities! They are just beautiful! How do you find room for them all?