Friday, July 18, 2008

A Random Week

I am sure that most everyone has a week where nothing seems to be in sync. This has been my week. I just seem to have been pulled in a million different directions and end up feeling as though a decent job was not done on any of it. My mind was in so many places.

Our week started off with very sad news from our friends whom we just visited in Colorado Springs. He was diagnosed with lung cancer. News like that always hits like a ton of bricks. They have had such a difficult year and now they receive this news. Please keep them in your prayers. My thoughts have been with them since we heard the news and it is difficult to focus on much else.

We traveled to Lompoc, CA. on Wednesday to attend a Little League tournament game that our grandson's team played. It was such an exciting game as they came back in the last inning to win the championship with a three run home run. It was a chilly game as the fog had rolled in and the winds were really blowing. I was glad to have had a blanket in the car.

Coming home along the beach with a full moon was a delightful part of the trip. I loved how the moon was shinning on the ocean.

Lompoc is about two and a half hours from us and the drive is beautiful. The area is well known for growing seeds for companies such a s Bur*pee. There are fields of flowers that will produce the seeds that they use in their packets. This is one of marigolds. You can see the fog coming in behind the mountains. This is also an area where they grow a lot of pinot noir grapes for wines.

Thursday I took six more of the grandchildren to see the American G*irl movie. It was such a great movie and each one of them loved it. Afterwards we went for lunch at the local pizza parlor. I know that I enjoyed the day as much as they did.

I have managed to get a few hours of sewing time in this week. There was a great looking quilt in one of the magazines this month and I thought it would be perfect for this fall. I managed to get it pieced and ready for a backing and quilting.

As I mentioned before, our quilt guild is very generous with providing quilts to our community. There is a Veteran's home currently being built and the guild is providing a patriotic quilt for each bed. At the last meeting I picked up a packet with a quilt pattern and fabrics to work on one. It is now pinned, layered and ready for the quilting. It would not be my choice of fabrics or pattern, but it will fit the need perfectly. I need to remember "scrappy."

We have a busy weekend ahead for us. Our son and DIL are in Hawaii for their anniversary and their ten children will come tomorrow morning and stay until Tuesday when their parents get back. I have been busy setting up the inflatable beds and sleeping bags as well as grocery shopping for their arrival. It will be busy but delightful at the same time. So if I do not check in on blogs for the next few days, I am sure that everyone will understand. Right?

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. I am so sorry about your friend. I don't know about his case, but it seems that there is more and more non-smoker's lung cancer happening all the time.

    The outing with your granddaughters looks like so much fun!

    Ten grands for the week?! Wow, talk about Super Grandma! How many grands did you tell us you have altogether?

    Have a great time - and we'll certainly understand if you're not around much this week. It's nice that they are getting to go to Hawaii.

    Thanks for stopping by the random show and tell - the pic of the twins "playing" was just a serendipity for me!

  2. You are going to be very busy this weekend! But what a wonderful time you will have with 10 grandchildren! I love the photos of the outing with the 6 to the movie!
    The quilts are beautiful. I am amazed you have managed to do so much amidst everything else going on!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love reading random posts as I feel we've just had a nice catch up chat. So very sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis. I've said a prayer for him.
    I know how tiring two grands can be, but I can't imagine how you deal with 10! You must be super Grandma and a real blessing to your son and DIL!!
    Love the flowers at Lompoc.
    I know you won't have much time for blogging next week. My next week is busy too. We'll visit when we can, right?

  4. I to am terribly sorry to hear about your friend! I hate this kind of news! I pray he gets through this!

    Loved all the quilts and the kiddos! You are a busy lady! you must have lots of energy;)

  5. You're amazing, Mary! Not one but TWO quilt tops, on top of everything else you've had going on! And no, I haven’t even opened the package I brought home from the guild meeting. :-/

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend’s illness. I'll send good thoughts and prayers his way. I'm glad you got to visit with him.

    Your grand daughters look like they're having WAY too much fun, out with Grandma. How blessed you are! I hope you're enjoying all your little houseguests this week.

    Take care.

  6. I absolutely love your fall quilt, the colors are wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful time with family.

  7. Moon light over the sea is one of my favourite sights.
    Beautiful girls and amazing quilts.

  8. Sorry about your friend. We lost a friend to lung cancer (and she didn't smoke) earlier this year).

    sounds like you are busy.
    I am tagging you for a meme!

  9. So sorry about your friend. That is such hard news to receive and like you say it's all you can think about. You will be busy with all ten of the kiddos! What fun though and they will always remember the times they spent with you and E! That picture of the moon over the water is just so pretty. I'm always amazed at your beautiful beaches, ours are mostly rocks! We do have some but nothing compared to what you have.
    It's been really weird here today with rain, wind and tornado warnings. I have been in and out of the barn 10 times at least keeping an eye on the horses. They don't like weird weather and one of them wouldn't even go outside! They are tucked in for the night now so I hope this all quiets down overnight.
    When do you find time to quilt?! I have been so bad this summer, I have so many projects to tackle and I haven't done anything. Hopefully once fall is here and the boys are back at the stable I will have more time.
    What cute pictures of your granddaughters! They look like they are having such a wonderful time! T an D are supposed to go to a water slide party tomorrow, I hope the weather clears up! Plus they are having friends in for dinner that have eight children and they want to use the pool. Today sure wasn't pool weather.
    Take care my friend and have fun with those dear grandchildren!!!

  10. So sorry to read about your friend. Lovely quilt! Wow, 10 grand kids? That's a handful! Enjoy your time!

  11. YOu must have had a very busy week! Missing you.

  12. Oh my goodness, what sad news. I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

    I must say, you are quite a brave woman - having 10 grandchildren to care for all at once?! You are superwoman! The picture of your granddaughters at the movie was adorable! And your quilts are gorgeous! The picture you took of the moon on the ocean was so pretty. It made me miss the beach...hardly anything prettier than a beach picture, day or night.

    May this week be a GOOD week!...
    Kathy (

  13. Oh my! I am in love with your quilts! I am still struggling with learning! I love your posts and the pictures are so awesome! Very sweet and cute granddaughters! I know you had fun together.
    I am sorry to hear about your friend.
    Hope you have a great week!