Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Birds are Running My Life

I am convinced that the birds are trying to take over my life.

We have a pair of cockatiels in a small aviary (large cage) in the back yard. They dote on each other all day long. Last week when I was tending to them, I apparently did not latch the door completely. Needless to say, the female managed to "fly the coop." I could hear them calling to each other as she flew freely about the yard landing in the very tops of the biggest trees. There was no way to catch her and her mate was so forlorn looking. This went on for four days. Finally she flew off and we heard nothing from her. This week as I was sitting in my sewing room within view of the aviary, a shadow passed in my vision. I looked over and, sure enough, she had flown home. I immediately went out and she jumped onto my finger and wanted back in the cage. Life is now back to normal. Perhaps she just needed a break from him.

Our nights really cool down here so each morning when we wake up we open the doors and windows to let the cool air fill the house. Tuesday was no different. However, when I went to close everything up to keep the cool air inside I found a female oriole sitting on the floor of the sunroom. I figured that it would be no problem as I could just encourage her to fly right back through the double doors. Who was I kidding? She took off flying - not outside, but right up to the high ceilings. Why do they always want to fly upwards? Naturally, I was trying to get out the door to go to my monthly quilt guild meeting so I was not in the mood for chasing orioles around the house. She managed to run out of steam eventually and dropped behind some blocks that are set in one of the high windows. I got a ladder, retrieved her, placed her on the feeder and CLOSED the doors. She sat there for a spell and then flew off. I assume she was none the worse for the adventure.

Caught at last.

A few feathers short on top of the head and a little stunned, but seemed fine after sitting a spell.

The quilt guild meeting this month had a wonderful speaker, Karen Combs. Not only is
she a charming gal, she is a very accomplished quilter. Her works are very three dimensional. She brought many samples of her beautiful quilts along with her and I would like to share a couple of photos of them. The look that she accomplishes by using diamond shapes and color shades is just amazing. It really makes me want to try one of them. She is doing Celtic quilts as well using just three block designs and changing their directions within the quilt. Those too, are stunning.

I love the tumbling blocks on the quilt below.

I had a wonderful day yesterday going to lunch and a movie with my eleven year old granddaughter. We went to see the American Girl, Kit Kittridge, movie. It was such a wonderful, wholesome, good morals movie and I highly recommend it to anyone with young girls. Bring a tissue because there are a couple of very touching parts in it. I do hope that the company will keep producing movies like this one about the other American Girl dolls.

Am I weird or has anyone else ever had a thought about what they would do if they saw a plane crash close to them? It has always been somewhere in my mind and I have no idea why. This week I came pretty close to experiencing it for real. I was leaving my mother's house and saw this crazy small plane towing a large banner right in front of me. It was so low that the banner was actually touching the trees. In my mind I was thinking that the banner was going to pull that plane down. The next morning I picked up the paper and saw where the plane had crash landed and flipped just a couple of blocks further up the road from where I saw it. Apparently, it had lost power and what I witnessed was it's descent into a more open area than the residential one. The pilot, I am glad to say, was able to walk away from the plane. Pretty crazy event though.

Lastly, I have to share what two of my granddaughters made for me this week. I always enjoy having the girls over for sewing and they love it as much as I do. The two girls spent the night at each other's home and sewed this all by themselves. They are six and seven years old and I think they did a great job with no pattern and a great imagination. They told me that I cannot eat that delicious looking cookie pocket. Too bad! Thank you Ms. M&M.


  1. I so enjoyed this post:-) I guess birds are like humans, we all need to get away from our mates once in a while! hehe I'm glad to hear the female came back, though! As for the Oriole who flew into your sunroom, I'm sure she thought she'd found a new home! lol Don't these things always happen, though, when you're in a hurry to leave?!!

    Omigosh, I can see why you love Karen Combs' quilting work...I've never seen them done in 3 dimensional like that before, how awesome!! I wish I had learned how to quilt but it's not something anyone in my family ever did.

    I can't wait to have my own grandchild to bring to the movies:-) Sounds like a fun time!!

    Oh wow, I can imagine how surprised you were to learn that the small plane you had seen flying so low had crash landed! Thank goodness the pilot was ok!! I've never experienced anything like that...don't think I want to! lol

    What a darling apron the girls made for you...quite impressive considering their ages! I'm sure you will treasure it always:-) xoxo

  2. I enjoyed reading about your bird capers. I must say that our orioles are so skittish. Perhaps it's because Vincent gives them the eye through the slider!
    That plane crash was a little too close for comfort. I've never actually seen one go down, but it happens from time to time at the airport about 15 miles from us.
    Your granddaughters did such a great job on that apron. I know you'll cherish it always!

  3. My knowledge of birds is dire. Sadly lacking. And even though I love seeing them, I would prefer not to have to evict them from my house! I love those blocks, by the way. Can we see a complete picture?
    We have a small airfield close by and often I see planes flying very low and wonder too. It is a training centre too, and lots of microlights fly there. Thank heavens the pilot managed to avoid the homes nearby, and was ok.

    The apron is just beautiful. What clever girls they are! You must treasure it!

  4. Hi Mary -

    I didn’t know you’d had a close encounter of the avian kind before our guild meeting! My goodness, what a way to start the day!

    I love watching the orioles at our feeder. They're so beautiful. And we almost had a mourning dove come in the front door last night!

    Love the photos you took of Karen’s quilts. Her work is amazing, and you're amazing for remembering to bring your camera!

    Oh, what a lucky grandma you are to have little ones who'll make such a cute apron for you! They must be pretty special indeed.

    Have a good week. Stay cool!

  5. I enjoyed your post , the little bird story is so cute, we all need an escape from the ordinary once in a while I guess birds do too.That plane crash would have shook me up,wow.
    That is such a cute apron !!!

  6. It sounds like your birds are keeping you busy...whew! Such beautiful quilts and the apron is too cute!

  7. Funny birds!
    I love the tumbling block quilts. They really do look 3-D.

  8. adorable apron!

    Those quilts are amazing!!!!!

    wowzers to the birds! Hehehe

  9. Those 3D blocks fascinate me! One day...
    You realise bird stories, like all stories, occur in threes-so keep a close watch for a big eagle coming through the window. But on second thought, maybe it was winged things stories and it did come in threes if you count the plane!!
    Love the apron! Tracey

  10. O my , I cant believe it came back ! What a happy ending :)

  11. I love it that your cockatiel returned home! And the quilts from your quilt guild! Oh my, how do those blocks work to look like that!
    The apron is a work of art and love from those little granddaughters. I know you will keep it always.

  12. What a strange thought you had about the plane and then what happened. I don't know quite what I'd do, I guess the adrenalin would kick in very fast

  13. I so enjoyed hearing about the cockatiels and the oriole. Will have to go see Kit Kittredge w/ my daughter, sounds good.I am so impressed with the apron!

  14. Amazing stories of the birds - I'm glad they're all back where they belong!

    The quilts are amazing - I have been reading Jennifer Chiaverini's books lately and love them, but since I don't speak "quiltese" some of it escapes me.

    I'm so far behind - trying to catch up with my friends - I'm glad that pilot escaped. How scary!

  15. PS - the pron - just precious!!

  16. Re your comment today - I can see myself spending 4 months getting everything de-cluttered! The basement alone could take a month!

  17. Oh my goodness! That was quite an adventure for your cockatiel! It's just amazing that she survived being out on her own for that long, I would have thought maybe a bigger bird would have gone after her. :o( I'm glad she made it home safe and sound and landed on your finger! I didn't know you had birds. Also glad you got the oriole out without her slamming into the windows! When we first moved here we had trouble with birds coming down our chimneys and getting loose in the house. We finally had a screened thing built over the top of the chimneys so they can't get in there. I got tired of chasing pigeons and blackbirds!

    Karen Coombs work is just spectacular! I just can't imagine having the creativity to come with such beautiful patterns! I have been so bad this summer and just haven't done any sewing. Just too much yard and barn work to do plus the grands are here a lot which I love! They are here now and are painting on the kitchen table. I think D has more paint on him then on his paper! lol!

    T hasn't seen the American Girl movie yet so that may be something we can do if we ever get a rainy day. I'm sure she would love it. When you guys were on the WRB trip in NYC R went to the American Girl store and was just amazed! Three floors of dolls and all the accessories! Huge prices, he didn't buy anything there! ha! Actually she's not much of a doll gal, would rather be in the barn with the horses!

    We may not be with you in Key Largo this year. Got an e-mail from the former president of Aca*dia and he said that was a possibility. WRB is tightening up on things and we may be left in the dust. We've been there many years so can't complain but I will miss my yearly visit with you and E! xoxox