Thursday, June 19, 2008

On the Road....

Our journey this week has been absolutely fabulous. The sights that we have seen are enough to take one's breath away. We left Southern California and traveled north through Oregon, Washington and into British Columbia. From there we crossed into Alberta where our travels then turned south. Driving across Montana and the furthest northern area of North Dakota, we are spending the night in Fargo, North Dakota. Tomorrow we will cross into Minnesota and descend into Iowa, our destination.

The drive has been an easy one as both my husband and I love to explore the small roads. We take the Interstates only when there is no other way from point A to point B. This makes the trip eventful in some cases as many of the areas are open ranges. It is always challenging to round a curve to cattle, deer, elk or wild horses.
I am amazed at how late spring has come to some of the areas where we have visited. The flowers have been beautiful - spring flowers that bloomed long ago at home. The peonies have filled the night air with the most heavenly scents. I am in awe of the breathtaking flower bowls that we have seen throughout Canada, including these in Calgary.
This is a picture of the gorgeous Banff Fairmont Hotel. They call it the castle.
The Canadian Rockies were covered with snow and the temps in the area were in the 30s. I can't remember what that equates to in C. It is something like multiplying 1.8 and adding 32 for F.
Glacier National Park in Montana was also sporting lots of snow at this time of the year.
All in all it has been a terrific vacation and I look forward to arriving in Iowa tomorrow and seeing all of my relatives again.


  1. Welcome Home! I'm going to go back and read through your travelogue.

  2. Your trip looks wonderful so far. You've certainly seen some gorgeous areas!
    Travel safe and enjoy seeing your family.

  3. Enjoyed this tour and hope there will be more before yur trip is over.

    Your poysenberries look like our blackberries except they come in September.

  4. I agree Canada is so beautiful!!
    Have a good weekend,
    Diane at Crafty Passions

  5. Those pics are great and looks like you are having a great time! Wish I was there with you, lol !!
    Enjoy :)

  6. You took a wonderful route - I remember when we "talked" about your not coming through Colorado this time to miss the DNC!! I hope your relatives are all fine in Iowa. We still have snow in our high country, too - lots of it. It's good - water all summer down here!

  7. Sure sounds like you are having a wonderful trip! I hope your relatives in Iowa are okay and that the flooding has stopped. It is back to being hot here after so much rain. We need the sun though as the plants need a boost.
    Love the picture of the wild horse in the road! I think I would fall out of my seat if I came around a corner and there was a horse!
    That hotel does look like a castle. Did you stay there?
    R. is out on the tractor moving some sand for me out of the riding ring. It's just too deep for the horses and I'm afraid they will pull a tendon or something. T is supposed to come over sometime this afternoon and go on another trail ride with me. I hope it cools off a bit.
    I'm so glad you are having such a good time! Take care and keep to those back roads!! xoxoxo

  8. This sounds like a great trip!! I have always wanted to go up into those states that you went too.. Maybe someday!! I have already been to places I never thought I would get to go..
    Stop by and see what happened at our house today.

  9. I wish I was with you!!! lol I, too, love exploring while I'm many side roads you can take and discover new things you wouldn't otherwise when taking the main highway. I've been to fact, my two older brothers live in I know what you mean about how beautiful it is over there. The Rockies are awesome, aren't they!! Stay safe and looking forward to seeing more pictures of your travels:-) xoxo

  10. Wild horses in the middle of the road? I never really considered that a possibility.

    That hotel is gorgeous!

  11. Welcome back! Such a beautiful place to visit! Thanks for sharing!

  12. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful trip - I've never tried crocheting in the car! Too bad your Colorado jaunt didn't include the northern part of the state! Maybe next time.

  13. sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!!
    Always be safe, relax and enjoy!:)

  14. You are seeing some wonderful sights....what a great way to get interesting photos.
    keep safe and enjoy !!

  15. looks like a wonderful road trip! where are you visiting in Iowa?

  16. I'm so glad you posted some photos from your trip. It looks lovely! Has anything you've seen so far inspired a quilt design?? ;-)

    I hope you two are having a great time, and that your family gatherings in Iowa are fun - and dry!

    Be safe in the rest of your travels.

  17. Welcome Back! I love that hosre
    The others are great too. Glad you had fun..

  18. Hope your trip is going well and that your Iowa family hasn't been too badly effected by the flooding.Your pictures are great.